0.10.1g Patch Notes


You just don't get it do you? Even though Chris directly responded to you in the last patch thread and to another others in this one today...
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boof6 wrote:

lol you even got a personal explanation in yesterday's thread from Chris as to what's going on, and here you are again. How a piece of shit like you isn't banned yet I have no idea.

Whingers gonna whinge
PM me if i win!

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Glad to see the continued <$10 pricing on skill effects. It is the type of customization I always want to be "in reach". Now if only I used one of these skills. . .
Chris wrote:
Added three new purchasable cosmetic microtransactions. Thanks for your continued support!

I hope in one day we will see new skill effects for the attacks(Really want new skill effect for ground slam and cleave) ,not only for spells. :)

P.S Spiders is awesome.
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I see extra gore in one of the new videos
Great stuff, keep it up. I've been buying a lot of the items in the cash shop and I have one small suggestion that "seems easy" and would get me buying more in a heartbeat. You have the basic different glow effects which roughly match the colors of the class (blue, red, purple, etc..) but only 2 colors for the head items. If you offered the head items in the same colors as the weapon glows so I could match them up... way more cash coming from my wallet to yours.
I just love the spark effect! I like the Etheral Knives one. I think the skill is too fast to see them spinning tho
haloja wrote:
I see extra gore in one of the new videos

That's actually the default gore level soon!
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i feel an EK and Spark build coming >.<

(buys the skills)

I need more purple titles
Ground Slam Microtransaction:

Wave of Spikes. (like the ones that block the road in Act 1.)

Make it happen and all my moneys will be yours.

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