0.10.1g Patch Notes

Buzi wrote:
JohnChance wrote:
RedEarSlider wrote:
I knew this was coming sooner or later, but it hope you guys don't flood out this game with effects for every skill.

Twenty useless pets on my screen might be a bit distracting when I'm trying to identify the real enemy.

You probably hate summoners . I have a hard time soloing at times with my witch. Currentlyi
she has 6 zombies up and up to 9 skeletons (er, statues now) not counting 1 spectre.

Pity the fool melee that joins a party with more than 1 summoner running around.

Summoners are a different problem. It would be nice if I could "fade" summons into the background, or even shrink them down on my screen so they show up as just colored circles on the ground with images representing what critter was supposedly summoned, and maybe a health/mana bar to show the summoner the state of his/her critter.

Even in single player summons in this game become problematic. They really do a poor job of displaying the data efficiently and giving players the option as to how they wish to view their summon. Without hard data it's difficult for a player to know when to re-summon a creature short of it dying.

This also makes it hard to add in summon related support gems which have HUGE unexploited potential. Ideally a summoned "skeleton" could be enhanced with gems that give it different weapons, or skills that it could use it's manna to pull off. They could have enhanced hit points, damage, armor, energy shield, they could be given evasion, or life drain . . . it could be very flexible and amazing to see.

Yet a lot of work is required to get summons working properly. The last real progress I saw towards a "fix" was when they stopped us from having to re-summon our creatures every time we changed regions within the game.

Other things have taken precedence, but I hope summons will eventually stop being broken as they could be fixed so easily and become one of the more interesting aspects of the game.
Love when people use the new ek stars! going to get them if I can keep my 1 week race witch alive!
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