3.0.1e Patch Notes

Improvements have been made to minion pathfinding.

Minions have Path Finding?! Never would of guessed! "being sarcastic btw!" ...Every-time I do a map my minions get stuck around the corner, and I have to wait for convocation to come off its massive 8 sec cooldown so I can get them where they should be, with me! Would be great if you could lower convocations CD to 3.5sec minimum, why its 8 sec is beyond me! Not like the life regen it offers is anywhere near game breaking! Hell if its gets the CD lowered remove the life regen!

All this work on pathfinding and you could of just lowered the CD on convocation, don't mind using it to get them where they need to be, its not a hassle, the hassle is needing to use it and seeing it on CD cause they got stuck turning the corner before this corner, and they will get stuck on the next too! lol

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Fixed several other client crashes.

Gonna reiterate what I said in yesterday's XBox patch notes;

Thank you, GGG, for confirming my suspision that ya'll have over-extended yourselves, altho I am glad to see you are fixing broken shit......somewhere.

Altho I suppose I "should" be thankful for the few fixes ya'll did manage for the live realm...
Nice !
Just had a bug where Twice Blessed Darkshrine + Twice Enchanted Proph resulted in a grand total of TWO uses of the Divine font.

No fix for Darkshrines giving repeat Twice Blessed also which is useless?
Achievements: 120/120 Ascendancies Lv.90+: 18/19
Any eta on fix for bleed flasks not working once you have over 50% increased flask effect for pathfinder?
Now let's hope this fixes the 10 crashes we get a day...
"Improvements have been made to minion pathfinding."
Still nothing for broken flame surge mines.

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