3.0.1e Patch Notes

Qarl wrote:
3.0.1e Patch Notes
  • Fixed several other client crashes.

Fixed a bug where Skeleton Mages were not supportable by the Iron Will Support.
Baron skeleton mages are real
Added several new variations to the White Fern Hideout Decoration and slightly increased their size.

Very important Update:D tyvm Kappa123
PvP in PoE ? Omegalul
Fixed a crash caused by the low life tutorial.

Wait, whut?

Immo_scion - Lv 100 solo - Playing in partys is too easy - solo for life :)
Still no fix for Lightning Warp + CWC?

I'm psyched about this one!
+ achievement fixes
++ minion pathing

Can we get some specifics about the pathing? I'd love to know where and when we can expect to see improvements.
Another pathetic patch. No fix for most of the major outstanding issues that were supposedly put on "high priority".

Better put more of those white knight "Valued Posters" to work on damage control around the forums.
Still waiting for GGG to admit that they made mistakes and actually work on fixing them.

You'll find me when pigs start flying.
Lol this guy ^^^

so just fixes and no nerfs thank god my build is safe lol
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Been said already, but echoing. Bleed fix please, eh? I know PvP isn't a big focus for you guys, but it's killing the PvP pretty hard. Unless that's the secret plan, haha. The last sentence is obvs' a joke, but yeah. As an avid PvPer, I'm turned off pretty hard by the unapproachable PvP as it currently is, whether high or low level. People climbing ladders on PvP too, like they're good, but really, just abusing a bug. C'mon now.

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