[3.1] The INVINCIBLE Sunder/Cleave Glad: Safe/Cheap (~10c), do all content, and map fast. HC Viable.

Is this build dead?
Hey, the build is not dead. I would say it's arguably even stronger than before.

The changes to the ascendency now allows the build to get 82% block chance, which is stupidly good.

However, this requires us to pass on versatile combatant i.e. the spell block because gratuitous violence is too good of a node to give up.

But there is a way around this, if we switch the shield to a perfect rathpith globe for 60% block chance applied to spells, use 2 reckless defense jewels, we will have 100% block chance applied to spells.

Unfortunately, those item are not in the cheap category. Perfect rath costs ~15-20c, and reckless defense goes anywhere between 7-40c depending on the rolls. For this build, I don't think the additional block chance benefits much because versatile combatant stacks so much block chance and will put you at max block in less than a second when you're mapping.

This means we have 82% phys/spell block and the only thing that can really hurt the build is degens like chaos damage/poison.

The downside of getting crit more from reckless defense is not that bad if you're using belt of the deceiver which reduces the crit multiplier of monsters by 30% (Also take into consideration, we will almost never be getting hit anyway).

I am still working on the build and testing, but I'll be happy to update the thread for anyone interested in still playing this build.

However, I decided to forgo bringer of rain for my new build because I had a budget to buy a decent 6L and I wanted to make a crimson dance gladiator for boss killing rather than mapping. You can run this build with BOR, and it will be good, just not as good for boss killing as a 6L setup if you're using crimson dance.

With that said, I might create a new thread alltogether because the core tree and item build is so drastically different from this one and it wouldn't necessarily be a 'budget' build either because rathpith and reckless both bring the build over the 10c budget as advertised XD
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Playing HC atm, very safe (my health never been lower than 70%) build with enough damage for yellow maps, still need dmg nodes and last ascendancy.

In ho, no charges and buffs

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I updated the guide for 3.2, I will update the guide again for 3.3.
Well good to see the build is still alive and going strong. Been playing it for a couple of years now and mine is close to being optimized. I am dubious as to using Gratuitous Violence though?
Also use Damage on Full Life support instead of Brutality support. Simply because it gives my sheet D.P.S. a 15k boost and i do spend most of my fights on full life. Taking Discipline and Training would also be a good idea for those with the patience to hit high lvl 90's. Soul taker as a starter weapon is also a very good choice as it allows 3 auras - 100% mana to be used. Arctic Armor, Determination and Hatred being the 3 i used. Now i go defence or offence. Can get to 270k ho DPS.
Cheers all.

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