[3.1] The INVINCIBLE Sunder/Cleave Glad: Safe/Cheap (~10c), do all content, and map fast. HC Viable.

Thanks for the build I'm having a good time with it.

I'm wondering if Versatile Combatant is really useful though, spells usually don't seem to be a big deal in this game. Do you take it for the 2% block on the way or do you think it really helps ?
I guess in a way it's a similar question as to whether you want to take Phase Acrobatics after Acrobatics for evasion builds.
VC is worthwhile, while spells aren't as common as physical attacks, they are still a threat and things like ice spears can freeze lock you.
Hello mate!
Cleared 125/154 Maps so far, everything up to T12, and some T12-13-14-15s.

Just wondering on some tips for my build: )?

Atm i'm using Grace/Vaal Haste during Combat, any tips to what i can change theese with ? That uses STR instead. Since i would need atleast 150Dex to acculy get them to a "level" where they are good in combat.

Thinking About Changing out the Ammulet With a 4%block.
And BOR With 6L + Helm.
Made myself atleast 10Ex the past week farming maps! So i feel it's time to take build to "New Heights".

Tips on what kind of rolls to look for on a Astral plate / Helmet ? And any tips to A helm / body ?

I took the extra step in pouring some currency into this build for I really enjoyed it & it is my first league character (2nd POE char)

I purchased 541 DPS elder axe with Culling Strike against bleeding enemies. I have 54% chance to inflict bleeding from my main hand hits

I purchased an elder spiked glove with 5% chance to block. It has phy damage, AS & increased melee damage rolled on it

I purchased 30% movement speed boots with cold, lightning & fire resistance together with life on it. I slammed boot which resulted in 90% increased armour evasion which is good for the build.

My hideout DPS without any buffs or ancestral protector increased to 126k. My hideout DPS with ancestral protector is 151k.

Here are the final defenses with Bloodgrip:

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Would you trade Concentraded Effect for Ruthless?
And why do you keep BR at lvl 8?
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hows this build for running and farming the uber lab? trying to prepare for my next league starter build and this looks promising.

Looks like some changes are incoming. RIP on-death 10% aoe.

Any suggestions how to ascend and gear in 3.2 ?
3.2 changes to the ascendancy is interesting. Any suggestions for ascending now? You cannot get all of the nodes previously.
RIP Gladiator Changes.

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