3.0.1d Patch Notes

cock x
nice ty
still no fix for bandit quests in permanent leagues?
Proud Standard League Player.
Spiffy. Now to fix the general client crashes that crept in with 3.0, the typo in Enlighten's text, and how increased % spell damage mods are showing up as % increased cold damage on some wands. :-D
Still no fix to 50% flask effectivness not removing bleed??
IGN - Imgur
This is all that you have fixed in the past 12 days??????????????
Fornicate You, Fornicate You, Fornicate You very fornicating much, GGG, for pouring sopping wet feces over
the 99.99% of YOUR solo playerbase that want to get just ONE (1) character to level 100... with YOUR
mother-fornicating continuous XP nerfs and your feces-spewingly designed high tier maps!
Another patch without fixes for Standard bugged quests and bandits.

I bet it must be hard getting things done when everyone is working on Xbox over at GGG.

I'm starting to really regret that supporter pack I bought shortly before the Xbox announcement.
Still waiting for GGG to admit that they made mistakes and actually work on fixing them.

You'll find me when pigs start flying.

no change to Rampage? wow

Does that mean it is not an exploit?

Would be awesome :D

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