3.0.1d Patch Notes

Nice work GGG!
But still many crash and DC
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With tech. support forum (strange naming, BTW, when GGG stuff only reads reddit) overflowing with messages 'bout:
'unexpected' dcs,
strange 'can not load/create/extract <put in what you like> messages,
in game errors/bugs of any kind,
I do find it extremely ridiculous to 'fix an incorrect dialogue at end of act8' as top Prio.

I'd like GGG to get rid of the word 'unexpected' in log file messages 'bout dc, maybe as Top 1 in 3.0.1.e. READ IT, GGG: 'No single DC in PoE 3.0.X is unexpected any longer.'! Next to this rerolling 2.6 and giving 3.0 a bug reduced relauch next January looks like a nice idea.

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