[3.0 HC/SC] The ORIGINAL Hybrid HoWA ST Raider [ALL CONTENT] [2:45 Shaper Run][Vids Included]

I have a question.

What’s the benefit of using two claws compared to claw and shield? Is it just the damage that’s local? Like will you get more attack speed and the % to I tell and dex from both?
Dual Wield has the hidden increase to attack speed and attack damage. Along with the 25% inc ele dame with attacks on each claw. Not sure about the dex though.

Also, I am fairly bad at making skill trees. Can op maybe put an alternate skill tree for bf? Rest looks pretty dope though. Will give this a try asap as I did not really try howa last league or even the one before that.
hi any hints on what I should try to upgrade next other than getting a 6 link? I'm guessing jewellery but it can be hard trying to cap resistance while using an astramentis. Are there also any poe.trade searches you can help with? Thanks!

Loving this build so far, thanks for a great guide and idea. I pretty much have my gear up to snuff but I'm debating on whether or not I should spec out of MoM. Big hits or several rapid hits I take depletes my mana pool and then I'm a sitting duck not leeching. I've had a handful of deaths from this while only running wrath + level 3 enlighten. I just stuck in a clarity gem to see if it helps as it only takes an additional 200 mana. Hoping it's worth it for the extra mana regen which can help get off that one attack or whirling blades I need to survive.

Overall the build feels great and the single target damage is very nice. Clear speed is not quite as fast as my ST pathfinder or Mjolner Discharge Zerker but its up there.

EDIT: Just ran a handful of maps with a lvl 15 discipline and it feels smoother for sure. I even did a T12 ele reflect map by accident and cleared it rather easily. Cool stuff! Feels good to be somewhat tanky and still dish out decent dps.
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i'm rather interested in this build and i was wondering if you think its doable in the 10 day race?

My plan would be start out as sunder then farm up enough currency to use hyaons fury or a decent foil until lategame pick up some claws. Probably do sunder til mapping then swap to ST at that point. By day 3 i'd assume howa would be rather common due to breaches spawning a lot and be able to at least afford a claw and and foil until 2nd claw.

Ideally use a hybrid es/ life chest, maybe some thunderfists instead of shaper's touch but I think i'd have accuracy issues if i used fertile mind without shaper's touch so most likely use static electricities and pick up generic claw or one handed attack speed jewels with life resist type stuff.

Just trying to hit lv 90+ and not kms with a boring build lol. huge fan of ST characters and love the playstyle of them. Goal would be maybe up to t13 level of maps. Also curious whats good enough gmp dps for t13 level content cause thats basically as high as i'd expect it to go for me. At least if I can get an understanding of what my DPS would have to be then I could plan it out a bit better. I'm not a major noob at this game but i've only ever done howa once so i might not know all the tips/tricks for setting up the build for success xD.

edit: would you say 120k gmp and 250k slower proj is good enough for ST on PoB? (PoB wasn't common when i played howa almost a year ago) non shaper damage without vinktars rather cheap gear/obtainable imo.


took trickster cause im thinking about maybe making a more hybrid character in the long run than using MoM and i am kinda bored of raider played a lot of raider builds in the last year xD been enjoying trickster lately tho and it will be naturally tankier with ES to leech into than a budget ranger with slightly better damage.

I enabled killed recently took away intimidation and a bunch of other stuff so to me this is what I should be able to achieve in less than 5 days assuming the sunder/ foil swap would work out for me. but all it takes is one good farm session with breaches or boxes to roll in the money on these races (i hit lv 96 in mayhem on my flicker slayer 'data per second' gear on that character was acquired in that race, yes i got acuities and retch in that race with less than 4 days total gameplay and dropped out cause 3rd place slayer day 4 playing solo couldn't keep up with parties). Walk the aether doesn't show up in tooltip dps on pob so thats also not full clearing potential even if its like a 5% difference in damage it should be up 95% of the time. The attack speed difference between raider and trickster is non existent imo due to trickster's attack speed on most of the nodes/ walk the aether until you get into 7+ frenzies. I'll have 100% uptime of EO while mapping due to power charges. no frenzies for most bosses but i don't care about endgame content with this setup just tanky meaty life/ es pool. I theory crafted with gg gear 6k life 5k ES with about 150k less damage on shaper with gg gear no frenzy no power charge. Basalt instead of vinktar with freeze immunity. Just want to survive all the bullshit that we will experience in yellow maps and up, and red maps will be cancer. but don't think i'll hit this sort of endgame gg gear setup and by then probs use vinktar anyways and drop curse immunity for freeze to boost damage up.

if you read this all ty if you reply with feedback, ty! i know its probs a long wall of text xD
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Incredible and overpowered build, surprised not being so popular ... Cleared all content without any problem, just skip ele reflect, rest is rapeable. Time for another build test

Selling all my stuff @Kanarxd, feel free on adding if you want to buy the stuff.

Thanks Invalesco!
Tablesturning wrote:
I have a question.

What’s the benefit of using two claws compared to claw and shield? Is it just the damage that’s local? Like will you get more attack speed and the % to I tell and dex from both?

The 12% int(the other stuff contribute too but to a much lesser extent) is the difference maker between shield of dual wield. You just get so much from it.
Great guide but I kinda lack strength for my red gems and don't see you picking up strength on gear or anywhere.. where does it come from?
You mentioned that the old HoWA is better.. Please explain why? Because the only things I can see are buffs on them e.g. 1-6 lightning damage per 10 int increased to 1-10 lightning damage and even the implicit life gained on hit was buffed from 25 to 46 in 3.0.1.. So where's the nerf? Is it the nerf to ES and vaal pact not working on ES anymore or what? What am I missing?
Hey Invalesco thank you a lot for this build guide!
Made me come back to harbinger and give this build a chance.

Even though it's already late in the league I took a video of me doing shaper with this build and the dps was rather impressive. Sacrificed some hp nodes for extra jewel slot and point blank to get some extra dps for the fight.

I'm using 40% ST dmg enchant on my helm even though I have better one with the deceleration enchant. I don't know if this is just preference but I didn't like the deceleration enchant for bossing. Not sure if I'm positioning myself wrong but I can't reach this kinda dps with it at all.

Spend probably around 75-100 exalts on gear.

Link for the video:

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