[3.0 HC/SC] The ORIGINAL Hybrid HoWA ST Raider [ALL CONTENT] [2:45 Shaper Run][Vids Included]

Sup Inval,

What do you make of the new Vaal Pact changes? Might work with ES now? ST might still be strong next league??
First off, I want to say thank you for the guide! :)

Was wondering if anyone is able to give me some advice on my gear/tree etc..etc..
I know I am missing my last 2 Labs, and still low lvl/still got some work to do on the tree.

But as of now, My damage feels meh. Not sure if it's something that I am doing wrong but I am having trouble on some low tier maps for what ever reason, I don't feel like I am clearing the pack of mobs fast either and stuff. I am most likely blind and missing something obvious but I always appreciate a second look! :)

No replies on this guide anymore? lol
seems that Invalesco took a break since he didnt start Abyss, waiting for any reply about VP, but we should be ok i think
Update to 3.1 plsss

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