[3.4] ELE CLAW INQUISITOR | Farm Shaper on 3Link! + UberElder, UberAtziri | very Budget friendly!

NewsFlash - latest Build changes

I will as promised long ago. Pretty much do a full makeover of the build guide. This is due to me revisiting this as my own starter build.

Many ideas have been dwelling inside me that could improve this build. My goal is to greatly improve the defensive performance of the ECI. Nothing is final yet. But I keep you in touch as I progress.

I want to appogize for keeping the guide in such a bad shape for a long time.
For now the build still reamains unnerfed and works like it always did.

If you wanna have a little chit chat about poe in general or the build itself, dont hesitate to join my Discord Server. If you see me in one of the public channels you can always join-in and ask me stuff, share some suggestions or improvements.


Changelog (Updated 1.9.2018)

- Updated Trees
- Updated texts in "How to gear your character"
- added my Abyss Character as PoB reference
- 3.2 Patch Notes are here!
- The Vaal Pact version has been discontinued for now. The instant leech from Claws is more than enough to keep us alive
- Highlighted the importance of "Life gained on Hit" on Weapons in "how to gear your character" section
- added the wachters eye combo in the weapon section
- added wrath as alternative to heralds
- added Gornodd Lootfilter
- added both Molten Strike Setups to the "Gems and Links Section"
- added a picture to showcase single target with AC to the "Gems and Links Section"
- added the newsflash for the latest build updates
- changed the main links for Molten Strike
- added Abyss Jewel Info to the Jewel Stats TierList
- added a "How to Gearcheck yourself" section to the guide
- corrected Lycosidae information in "How to gear your character"
- added full support for a passive Tree without Vaal Pact due to popular demand. The version without VP has slightly more damage and life(5% more dmg and 100 more life in my gear) but ofc doesnt have as much Life Leech, however the Life Gain on Hit from Claws for most people is enough. A respec costs about 28 respect points if you wanna try it out
- added Wasp-Nest as an cheap-alternative endgame weapon with Wasp-Nest-Tree in the "How to gear your Character Section". READ THE INFO FIRST!
- added all the dedicated passive trees under "Passive-Trees, Ascendecies, Pantheons and Bandits"
- added info for new Abyss Item Tombfist to the "How to gear your Character Section"
- updated the "how to gear your character" section with correct Gloves information
- added a little bit of color here and there :)
- added FAQ section right at the top of the guide
- Added Info for Swords as an Alternative
- Added some new GiF's
- fixed a bug where items in the build guide got randomly swapped around
- added detailed tier-list for jewels in the "how to gear your character" section
- reworked the budget build section. ITS BACK with even crappier gear!
- I restored the most important info for all people who really wanna stick with Blade Flurry
- added videos for most of red tier Elder Guarians and Elder
- The Build now features Molten Strike instead of Blade Flurry as the Main Attack
- Added entirely new video content for Molten Strike
- complete reword of the leveling guide for Molten Strike
- Budget Section is gone for now but will return soon
- added alot of info to the level guide
- fixed leveling trees
- fixed final 93 tree
- added the latest changes and latest gear to PoB-Pastebin
- Reworked the Leveling for 3.1
- Reworked the Gems and Links for 3.1
- Bonus builds are gone for now (I will rework some)
- Mirror Section is gone for now
- new passive tree for level 93 in 3.1
- added another level of clearspeed to the clearspeed section
- added rare gloves to the items section
- changed some nodes on all passive trees to squeeze out more of everything
- added a advertising section for really good mirror items
- moved all Bonus Build Videos to Video section
- added 3L Shaper Video to Tempest Bonus Build
- added Alluring Abyss run to Tempest Bonus Build
- updated the PoE Pastebin
- updated my gear in standard league to match this thread
- did some clarification to prevent users still going for ruthless
- added some items to the leveling section
- added Hybrid Tempest Inquisitor Bonus Build
- added content to the Clearspeed Section
- added Items to the Leveling section
- added Clearspeed section
- updated Gems and Links Section
- corrected some spelling mistakes

What is this Build and what can it do?

This build is made to perfectly curve out pretty much from the first level to the absolute endgame. Its made to be a all around feelgood-build. I picked up many ideas from popular other builds on other classes and incorporated them into the very strong foundation of the Inqusitor Class. This build has almost no limitations. For example, it can kill "The Shaper" on a 3L setup and with a white level 0 claw.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I will NOT(!) respond to private messages. I will rarely do gearchecks in this thread, but others can help you in this thread. I can not respond to everyone, but I will try my very best.

- 33.1 MILLION BULLSHIT DPS and 12 Million actual-dps (in my actual gear)
- high map-clearing-speed
- strong defenses that make the build hardcore-viable
- cheap and smooth to start into a new League
- insane scaling with high-end-gear
- no League-specific or Legacy-Items needed
- Fast Uber-Lab farmer

- interactions require careful(!) reading of the guide
- killing the hardest content requires about 5ex investment
- ele-reflect maps need to be rerolled (when not using anti reflect gear/Pantheons)

Path of Building Pastebin (for advanced users who dont require a full guide):

All Video Content (Shaper etc.):

How Offense and Defense works!


The biggest strenght of this builds are its amazing synergies. Inquisitor provides a PERFECT foundation for Elemental-Attack-Builds. "Inevitable Judgement" allows us to scale Elemental-Damage purely on Crit-Multiplier and %#Elemental Dmg. Claws provide this multiplier and give us great leeching capabilites at the same time.

The Main source of damage in this build comes from the big "stat-sticks" in your gem setup, Herald of Ice, Herald of Thunder and Added Lightning. Both have a big "flat" amount of elemental damage. Other sources of this flat damage come from rings or your weapon, amulet etc.

However the stats from those, are rather small in comparison to those from gems. A 220 EDPS claw like mine only has about 115 average elemental Damage, this is half as much as a lvl 21 "added lightning" damage. The weapon only is the 3rd best "stat stick" in your arsenal and has the least importance! It can be the most neglected if your on a tight budget, since its the most expensive.

BUT( !)your weapon is the still the main tool to scale those "stat sticks".

The attack speed of your weapon represents the multiplier by wich all of those stats get upscaled. As well as the base by wich all your "attack speed" increases upscale your final hit rate.

The base crit of your weapon is the multiplier by wich all your entire crit-chance is scaled with "global multipiers".


This Build has some MASSIVE defensive power going on actually. Here I run Enfeeble on Blasphemy. This is quite INSANE for Evasion builds since it reduces the enemy acurracy by 37%. This with 30% Evaion, 40% Dodge, 30% spelldodge, 10% Projectile Dodge, 5% Evade after Savage-Hit and 20% Block. On top of getting 30% Less Damage overall from enfeeble. Also there is 8% Less from Elemental (Inquis) together with Panthoeon 8% Physical Mitigation. In comparison to a normal evasion build that has no mitigation my 5,7k life are more like 7,4k. Thats why I can tank yellow or purple orbs from shaper. The extremly high damage of the Build also provide us enough leeching power to keep us topped.

How to deal with Reflect:

This build, due to its raw hard hitting elemental damage is vulnerable to reflect. To Mitigate this you need to use Yugol's Pantheon Power. This alone might not be enough so you need to always keep your leech flasks rolling.

I advise you to roll a reflect map from time to time and carefully test your damage with reduced links on a isolated trash mob. Then adjust your damage accoringly. Never release a fully stacked Flurry onto a random rare-mob. This build has more than enough damage to oneshot any trash mob up to T16 anyways. So dont overdo your damage!

You can also use the "Sibyl's Lament" Ring, wich I strongly recommend for Hardcore players. It has very good Stats for this build anyways and the reduced rarity can be refilled on some other item.

Budget Gear Section 3.1:

I put together a examplary set of gear for you guys who cant believe you can farm the game without lycosidae. I wont put a price tag on this budget gear section this times, cause the prices may vary quite alot. But I can pretty much say that none of the pieces will break your budget. I succesfully killed all the guardians and shaper with this (I stupidy died 2 times at shaper for no reason). Here are the Videos of shaper and a full guardian run:

Full Hydra Run

Weapon and Shield:

I chose to use Ornament and a good Evasion shield I baught for another build in mid Harbinger league for 15 chaos. Evasion Shield tend to be extremly cheap. Your doesnt need to be this good. Anything above 1k Eva is fine

6L White armour are often rather cheap in comparison to uniques but can achieve almost as good stats sometimes. I picked this up for 10chaos in mid Breach league and spent about 8c to roll those stats (a bit lucky).

Both rings where lying around in my 2c sale tab in standard. One for 3years and the other for 2years and noone baught those.

Maligaros and Starkonyas in tend to be rather cheap if you dont have a good enchant on either of those.

Rather solid belt and some better boots. None of those is anything exceptional and should be available for around 5-10c each.

My Flasks. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Some rather bad jewels mostly just for the %life and some offensives on there.

My Gear and Stats:

Off Stats in Hideout with 3R3B Setup, Double Herald, Conc, EleFocus, Golem up. No Instruments procced, no Flasks popped. Also note that thes spiked gloves came from the old blade-flurry build and increase the tooltip dps (wich other gloves like tombfist or gripped gloves dont).

Def Stats in Hideout:

How to Gear your character:

In General you should aim to always get your life values as high as possible on any piece of gear. With my gear I was able to achieve 5,7k HP. Survivability is the most important factor of your enjoyment. Your resistances should be at 109%, so you can safely run Maps with the "Elemental Weakness" mod.

How to gearcheck YOURSELF!

The reason for this section is, that I really want to encourage everyone to become a better player and stack some kndowledge about this build and the game itself. The more you learn the wiser and efficient your decisions become.

Learn to use Path of Building:

This is the most powerful way to find out what Item would give you the biggest boost in damage and defense. If youre wondering why your dps is so low you need to understand what actually does increase your dps the most. You cant see the real dps ingame and thats why I highly recommend using Path of Puilding. You can download the installer there. To learn how to use this AMAZING TOOL I recommend this FANTASTIC video by Engeneering Eternity.

Gear Power Levels:

Tooltip vs Actual DPS. The ingame tooltip is only increased by specific stats. I give you a list of stats that represent the most optimal item and stats that strictly increase your ingame tooltip dps.
However the actual dps is increased by more than just those.

Tooltip DPS:

At least level 93

lvl 21 added lightning
lvl 21 heralds
20/20 gems in main setup
20/20 Ancestral Protector
3x Power Charges from Orb Setup

Tier1/2 - % Eledmg, FlatEle on Opal/Diamond Ring Bases
Tier1/2 - % Eledmg, Crit Multi, Crit, FlatEle on Amulet
Tier1/2 - % Eledmg on Belt
Double/Triple Crit Multi on Jewels - the more multi the better

Weapon and Shield:
350+ EleDdmg with 1.9+ and 8% Crit Claw

1-160 if havent killed recently boot enchant

Essence of Loathing crafted with 25% Crit, AS, FlatEle
Tombfist is better but has no tooltip dps :)

Rat's Nest with high Crit

Actual DPS:

Additional Projectiles: Helmet, Dying Sun, Wildfire Jewels
Projectile Damage: Passives, Gripped Gloves, Jewels
Multistrike: Additional Swings create three times as many Projectiles
Area Damage: From Gems and Jewels


Pretty much stack as much life and evasion as you can, on every possible item!


This build really has alot of versatility when it comes to chosing the correct weapon for every man and womens budget. Read this section carefully!

If you buy a rare claw, NEVER EVER buy a base without "+XX Life Gained for each enemy hit by attacks" with a value above +30 Life gained. This is the majority of our leech and HIGHLY IMPORTANT!!!!!

Budget Combo for Starters:

Ornament and a solid rare shield with high Evasion is a strong defensive combo for the small wallet to pretty kill all of the game, even Shaper. The in itself is quite bad but the "hits cant be evaded" stat is really powerful and pretty much doubles your dps. The effect is local on the claw so you cant dual-wield it with another claw in the offhand. A rare shield can have good evasion, high life and some resists to help you getting startet in maps.

Ele Claws:

It should of course be a claw. As it stands, claws prove to be the Tier-1 choice for elemental based builds for their great leech and crit multiplier (from passive tree). The Most important stat is Attack Speed above everything else, followed by Crit-Chance. The elemental damage values are not as important as you might think. A claw with 200 Ele-Dps is perfectly fine if it has very high AS and Crit. Crit-Multiplier is a very good bonus but proves to be very expensive.

Phys Claws:

Phys claws require some kind of conversion. Molten Strike already converts 60% to fire and you need another 40% somewhere else. The best way to do that is "Wachters Eye" in combination with Wrath (instead of heralds). Another way is to spend 4 points for "Winter Spirit" in the passive tree. This is a big investment and shouldnt be used over aquiring the Jewel.

Wasp Nest is solid entry but require lycosidae in the offhand, its a cheap starter early-league starts when eleclaws are really expensive. It is pretty much as good as a 160Edsp/1.9AS/8%Crit Claw.
A well rolled Phys claw can even surpass an elemental claw in top-end damage. Those are highly volatile in price span and you need to sometimes hunt for a solid model for quite a while.

Are Swords also viable? YES!

Since I have been asked so many times I put together I sword passive tree. You will Vaal Pact to get good leech. Damage wise its not much behind claws.

Heres the final passive tree for Level 93


Lycosidae is hands down one of the strongest items in the game. It saves us from stacking Accuracy-Rating and makes Rings and Amulets much easier to obtain. It recently became much rarer, but still is worth every pretty penny. You should save up for this as one of your first big upgrades.


Starkonyas is the currently Best in Slot Helmet with the +3 Molten Proj enchant. The enchant can be rather expesive but also is a very high dmg boost. To clear the endgame you wont really need the enchant. 40% Increased Molten Strike dmg is a OK budget alternative. Rat's Nest also is viable and has qquite a bit more dmg but is missing the most important stat, LIFE! A good rare Helmet is quite good for up to ~120Life and resists.


Both are great. I would prefer Belly of the Beast for its great overall value. Lightning Coil is hard to balance, but exceptionally strong if you do so. I only recommend Lightning Coil for advanced users.


Maligaros provides a massive boost to your offense. Well rolled Gripped Gloves are even better. You can try to craft them with "Essence of Loathing" for some additional crit chance, but this is more of a high-tier goal. Tombfist with one or two sockets are currently Best in Slot but are more on the expesive side.


Movespeed is a pretty important tool for suvival. Otherwise get stats like life and resist. The Enchant of my choice and is very nice for Boss Killing. Its a big flat amount in Shaper or Uber fights.

Rings, Belt, Amulet:

The in 3.2 introduced "Mark of the Elder" is an amazing ring for its great offensive power. It even has a solid life bonus and the pretty cool Hentai Tencatles. Just make sure your other ring is Shaper Based for the full Attack Bonus.
To know how to value those all those stats heres a List of what to prefer
Life > Resistances > Crit Multiplier > Ele with Attacks > Attack Speed > Flat Elemental Dmg > Crit Chance > % Fire/Lightning/Cold Dmg


The Wildfire Jewels are the most important ones. Those greaty boost your dmg and clear. Dont forget to put them into the correct sockets (with strenght around them).

Rate jewels can be used to get more life and resists. When it comes to damage you should look for these stats. Crit Multiplier (FireSkills, ElementalSkills, OneHanded, Multi).
Heres a detailed list of jewel stats in diffrent tiers of power:
Tier 1 Stats:
%Resistances (if below 109%)
Flatlife (Abyss only)
Blind on hit with Attacks (on Abyss Jewels only) - need only ONE of those with 4-6%, its really good!

Tier2 Stats:
Critical Strike Multiplier with Fire Skills
Critical Strike Multiplier with One Handed Melee Weapons
Critical Strike Multiplier with Elemental Skills
Critical Strike Multiplier (avail. on Abyss and normal)

Lightning/Fire/Cold Damage to (Claw) Attacks (Abyss only)

Tier 3 Stats:
Increased Attack Speed while holding a Shield
Increased Attack Speed with Claws
Increased Attack and Cast Speed
Increased Attack Speed
Increased Damage
Increased Area Damage
Increased Projectile Damage
Increased Melee Damage
Increased Critical Strike Chance with Fire Skills
Increased Critical Strike Chance with Elemental Skills
Increased Critical Strike Chance with One Handed Melee Weapons
Increased Critical Strike Global Chance (avail. on Abyss and normal)
Increased Melee Critical Strike Chance
Increased Critical Strike Chance if you haven't dealt a Critical Strike recently (Abyss only)
Increased Attack Speed if you've dealt a Critical Strike Recently (Abyss only)

Tier 4 Stats:
Increased Lightning Damage
Increased Evasion Rating
Flat Evasion Rating
Chance to Dodge Attacks and Spells if you've been Hit Recently (Abyss only)


Those flasks are a very important tool for the build, since vinktars and atziris provide a good portion of our leech. The diamond flask however is the highest damage boost we have. You first get a diamond, then atziri and vinktars last (since its the most expensive).

Passive-Trees, Ascendecies, Pantheons and Bandits:

Endgame Passive Trees:

3.4 Delving Tree: www.poeurl.com/b3NN


Order: Istruments of Virtue > Righteous Providence > Inevitable Judgement > Augury of Penitence

Bandits: Kill All = 2 Passive Points


Soul of Lunaris: Works great for mapping and provides some "real" phys-mitigation that Evasion builds didnt have before.

Soul of Garukhan or Soul of Yugol:

Both serve their purposes. On HC I would definately go with Yugol

Gems and Links:

Molten Strike:

There are two possible Molten Strike Setups. One with 4Red and 2Blue Sockets and one with 3Red and 3Blue Sockets in a 6L Setup. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

4Red2Blue Setup:

This is the most conventient setup for general mapping. However it requires some player Skill to on some Bosses cause you need to master the Ancestral Call Trick. I made this little picture to clarify how you optimally utilize Ancestral Call for Single target DPS. In theory and with perfect exection this setup is as strong as the 3R3B Setup, but requires less swapping of gems and more conventient mapping with better aoe.

[20/20] Molten Strike
[20/20] Multistrike Support
[20/20] Ancestral Call Support
[20/20] Elemental Damage with Attacks Support
[21/20] Added Lightning Damage Support
[20/20] Concentrated Effect Support/Increased Area of Effect Support

For Single Target you swap Increased Area of Effect for Concentrated Effect

3Blue3Red Setup:

This setup offers the most care-free single target kill potential, no special placement is needed. However it requires some more swapping of gems. You need to swap two gems instead of one.

[20/20] Molten Strike
[20/20] Multistrike Support
[21/20] Added Lightning Damage Support
[20/20] Elemental Damage with Attacks Support/Ancestral Call Support
[20/20] Elemental Focus Support/Increased Area of Effect Support
[20/20] Concentrated Effect Support

Single target you swap Ancestral Call with Elemental Damage with Attacks and Increased Area of Effect for Elemental Focus.

Heralds or Wrath:

[21/20] Herald of Ice
[21/20] Herald of Thunder

Especially Herald of Ice is a great tool for buffing your clearspeed. Herald of Thunder is just here for the additional Flat Lightning Damage.

Tipp: You can add a [21/20]Innervate to your Herald of Ice Setup for addtional clearing power. However you will need a [3/0] Enlighten linked to as many mana-reserving auras as possible to have enough mana to properly attack with Molten Strike.

[21/20] Wrath

Using Wrath instead of double Heralds provides more raw damage but lacks the addititonal clearspeed. This howevery enables you to use the "Watchers Eye" jewels with conversion of physical damage for using phys claw instead of elemental ones.


[20/20] Enfeeble
[20/20] Blasphemy Support

We run Enfeeble on Blasphemy. This setup is one of the CORE defensive pillars of this build. Enfeeble greatly lesses the incoming damage as well as debuffing the enemys ability to even hit us. This is quite strong for any Evasion build.


[20/20] Blood Rage
[20/20] Ancestral Protector

Blood Rage Boosts your damage and stacks frenzy charges while clearing. Ancestral Protector is Amazing for its 20% More Attack speed and deals some reasonable single target damage on his own.

CWDT Setup:

[20/0] Cast when damage taken Support
[20/0] Immortal Call
[20/20] Summing Lightning Golem

Lazy mans golem setup with the "good old" cwdt-immortal call. Immortal Call is rather strong even without endurance charges. The Base duration is enough to leech us from 1Hp to Full life. You can downscale the setup to your liking. I prefer level 20 CWDT for the high Golem Life.


[20/0] Shield Charge
[20/20] Faster Attacks Support
[20/0] Fortify Support Support
[20/0] Blood Magic Support

Shield charge in itself deals alot of damage in this build and is linked to blood magic so it can be spammned in no-regen maps. Fority procs alot with AoE builds since "you always hit something".

Orb of Storms Setup:

[1/0] Orb of Storms
[20/20] Power Charge on Critical Support

This is "Core" to the build since it provides us with power charges and procs our "Instruments of Virtue Ascendency" to greatly boost our damage.

OPEN Sockets:

Right now there remain 3 open sockets. Those can be used for a variety of things. Abyss League intruduced new items like Tombfist that can be socketed with Abyss Jewels. Those are really good and you should consider adding some of those. Other Options are Vaal Haste, Vaal Lightning Strike, Vaal Lightning Trap, Innervate linked to Herald of Ice + Enlighten, Portal and all the things I forgot.

Leveling your Character:

Recommended Leveling Uniques

Those are really good for this build. Tabula is always amazing. Until you can use Thiefs Torment you can use the Amulet to help with mana problems. Belt is a nice dmg boost. The boots are pretty much viable until the endgame. Goldrim and Houp are classics for fixing your resists. Brightbeak is amazing with Sunder. Ondars is a solid dmg boost.

General Informations:

The Build Starts with Molten Strike immediately and you get "Ancestral Call" right after completing the Mercy Mission quest in Act1. From there use the folloing supports:

Molten Strike > Ancestral Call > Added Lightning Dmg > MultiStrike > Elemental Dmg with Attacks > Increased Area of Effect.

This is the best setup for leveling. You will use Multistrike over Ele With Attacks if you only have a 4L. However Multistrike becomes available at level 38, so you wil use Ele with Attacks before that.

We get some jewel sockets early or dont if you dont find anything useful. Its important to get Enfeeble+Blasphemy ASAP wich will turn you rather tanky early on, you also protects you from getting stunned by quite a bit.

HINT! If your having trouble with Stun try use "Soul of the Brine King Pantheon" as soon as available. In the lategame you will barely even be hit and stun becomes a non-issue.

Legacy Blade Flurry Build

Gear: Exactly the same as the Main Build
Level93 Tree


Main Setup

Blade Flurry:

[20/20] Blade Flurry
[21/20] Added Lightning Damage Support - pref level 21
[20/20] Elemental Damage with Attacks Support
[20/20] Increased Critical Strikes Support/Elemental Focus Support
[21/20] Added Cold Damage Support
[20/20] Increased Area of Effect Support/Concentrated Effect

ATTENTION!!! For clearing maps you need to swap Ele Focus with Crit Strikes Support to allow your Herald of Ice setup to have the full effect cause it wont work if you dont apply Elemental Ailments (wich Ele Focus prevents from happening). For Boss Killing you also want to swap in Conc Effect alongside Ele Focus for MAXIMUM POWER!


This is the new 3.1 Leveling Guide

26 Points

We start off with Spark and Orb of Storms to get the first levels behind us. As soon as you find a decent 1H Axe/Mace Weapon or (best Brightbeak) you should immediately switch to Sunder and get to Resolute Technique to skip stacking Accuracy while leveling. Also start using Double Herealds (Ice and Lightning) and/or Clarity if you have Mana Problems. If you find good Physical Weapon you should run Herald of Ash and Hatred for the time beeing.

For Sunder use the following links while leveling in this order:

Sunder > Added Lightning Damage > Weapon Elemental Damage with Attacks > Concentrated Effekt > Added Cold Dmg > Faster Attacks

Sunder drops off while leveling around LvL 35-48 if you dont have enough links and a bad weapon. For good Elemental Weapons always look for high attacks speed (as the most important stat) followed by crit and ele-dps.

At Level 38 you should swap over to Blade Flurry. BF feels a bit worse than sunder early but it greatly scales the increased area of effect gem wich is available at this level. Your links should be:

Blade Flurry > Increased Area of Effect(conc for bosses) > Added Lightning Dmg > Weapon Elemental Damage with Attacks > Increased Critical Strikes (if you transitiond already) > Added Cold Dmg

52 Points

Theres a lot of boring traveling going on. We get some jewel sockets early or dont if you dont find anything useful. We still get some life along the way. This is a good time to get Enfeeble+Blasphemy wich will turn you rather tanky early on, you also protects you from getting stunned by quite a bit. If your having trouble with Stun try use "Sould of the Brine King" Pantheon as soon as available. In the lategame you will barely even be hit and stun becomes a non-issue.

87 Points

Time for some go for some juicy keystones. We dont take Vaal Pact for now and instead take Vitality and Spirit Void to help sustain better. We take Acrobatics and transition into using claws alongside Blade Flurry(if you dont already). Also this is just before we transition into crit. This is fine for early mapping but the true power of the build is about to unveil very soon.

103 points

At this point you should farm early maps and stark stacking crit nodes. Work your gear and finish the passive tree at level 93. Also you should really look into completing the full gems and aura setup. Level all gems you cant fit into your main gear into the secondary weapong set.

116 Points - Final Level 93 Tree

Level 93! This is where I call the build finished. We get the rest of the jewels and respec some points here and there.

Gornodd/Highwind Lootfilter

Fully non-strict highly Modified Highwind Lootfilter with Focus on farming and selling shaped maps.
"MediaFire Link"

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Can I do this as a raider? I have lvl 89 raider and I don't want to level another character.
hyrt wrote:
Can I do this as a raider? I have lvl 89 raider and I don't want to level another character.

That would be a totally different build, without Inquisitor it makes no sense.
There are some sick ass jewelries and jewels there.
hyrt wrote:
Can I do this as a raider? I have lvl 89 raider and I don't want to level another character.

Raider cant reach such high numbers with dmg and life. Inqusitor outshines Raider when it comes to Blade Flurry by quite a bit. Raiders works very well with Projectile Based Builds.

Origin wrote:
There are some sick ass jewelries and jewels there.

I have some quality pieces sure. But overall this doesnt make the biggest diffrence overall. Most of the damage from the Build comes from Crit-Multiplier.

Stats like "Elemental Damage with Attacks" doesnt really provide such a big diffrence. Just look for Rings with this and Life + an open Prefix + some resistance. Then craft it with "Flat Ele Dmg"

Also its actually just my amulet that really was expensive. The Diamond Ring was like 20c and the other 5c. They lack accuracy wich we dont need to make them expensive.
Hi Buddy,

last season I played your Totem build, and enjoyed it much! First tests with your new build are very promising. I killed Hillock in 1st try with a one-socket-nailed fist! Now i am on my way to endgame! :P

Jokes aside, thank you for another great guide!

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Necronos777 wrote:
Hi Buddy,

last season I played your Totem build, and enjoyed it much! First tests with your new build are very promising. I killed Hillock in 1st try with a one-socket-nailed fist! Now i am on my way to endgame! :P

Jokes aside, thank you for another great guide!

Thanks buddy. I was sad when they stomped my Totem Build. However I can say that this build is possibly my best build so far and the best I have ever played myself.

I really hope you have fun.
only problem is the levelling.... urgs... so boring
Would a more tanky and less glass-canon version, but still shaper viable, of this be possible?
Jesus christ this build is nutty.

decent survivability with insane dps

leveling templar right now. ty sir

we can swap conc for inc aoe for faster map clearing right?
"Good thing they nerfed the carto, it wasn't fun to find one in every map." - Haborym
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