0.10.1f Patch Notes

Zulgohlan wrote:
Kel_Thuzad wrote:
Soo many obnoxious selfentitled kids.


Once again: good work GGG, i really appreciate your swift patching and ur high quality work.

Im satisfied <3

asskissing goes on

Well... 1rs : dont like reading this? dont read, 2nd i dont consider this, asskissing but encouraging devs to continu the hard work they are doing atm. Even if there are bug fixing and balencing that needs to be done its still playable and the patches are just flying to make the game better and better... for free (!)

Really a cant begin to fathom why ppl are complaining. Giving advises or guidance or whishes, ok. but whinning and complaining is just wrong. you play for free, get over yourself. if you supproted/support GGG with money and still get pissed then be patient or go and play another game.
work is being done so you can enjoy a enventualy good game. you might think you can do better, why dont you apply and try to help ?

sowus wrote:
I know that there are different people who make different things. The problem is (maybe I'm wrong) that GGG consists with around 20 people which makes bug-fixing a slow process :/

Well, have to wai for some time 'til the game'll be playable (the 3rd act is almost unplayable now).

Well i'm not sure if you know what programing is about. Well its a quite complicated work that requires some time depending on several criteria. Bugg fixing can be even longer because you have to review the program (it might be programed by someone else ... which is even more long and difficult) and try to find a flaw that you made the first time you tried to program it (which is why sometimes 2 ppl are actualy programing alternatively, so they can see each other's flaw from an "outsider's" point of view)

As for the act 3, i cant agree with that. it is definivly VERY hard compared to the other acts and might need balancing either on the mob and/or on the classes (e.g melee classes). but it is playable... finished it (i didnt get act3 merciless atm though)

To sum it up: i wont say that its a game that's finished and polished but as of now it is free and said (everywhere) to be in beta.
just a question, when there is roadwork in progess for a project that you know will be just so worth it.
yes it you want to go crazy in your car and shout as much as you physicaly can, but you dont yell at the workers on site to do things like puting one stone next to another in a wierd place, do you ?

looking forward to the game expending and getting even better ! kisses to everyone ;)

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