3.0.1 Patch Notes

Yeah, ya really improved harbinger shard drops. Went from getting at least 1-3 chaos shards per kill to getting none. Thanks!
3 maps didn't see one harbinger mob
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I'm not the type pf person to complain about game balance that much in general and I've especially avoided doing so with PoE. Sans performance issues I usually just go with the flow and if and when I stop enjoying the ride, I stop playing.

I'm going to make an exception to the rule this time though. Harbinger League has been awful. One of the worst experiences I've had playing Path of Exile, the worst non-performance related one probably. In fact, the only reason I've mustered together the willpower to continue playing was because of the expansion, not having played the beta I hadn't experienced it yet. However, considering the awful issues with the NPC dialogue being mismatched, not properly balanced (one is at 5% of my music volume, another is at 200%), etc, it begs the question if I should just stop and come back when you've got that worked out.

The issues with the campaign dialogue isn't why I'm making this post though. I'm making this post because this is the first time playing any League in PoE where the League mechanic is so irritating that it's actively pissing me off and making me want to not play. We aren't talking about like what happened to me in Talisman where I just didn't find it compelling enough to play, no, this mechanic is actively making me not care about the expansion content and making me want to stop.

The loot drops seem like not only are they not better, but they might in fact be worse. Out of the 8 or so Harbinger mobs I've killed since the patch 4 may have been the worst loot wise I've killed all League and from the other 4 only one dropped a Chaos Shard and besides that I got 2-3 Ancient and Harbinger Shards. I get it, you guys have the code and statistics next to you and I don't, but that is not an improvement for me. It should've been a noticeable buff.

But that isn't what gets me, you then after side grading the loot take an already annoying mob whose only pro on the pro/con list is that it isn't shining bright gold and blinding me and make it flame dash groups of mobs on top of me. Have I died to this? No. Is it annoying as shit? Yes. I don't even want to kill these mobs, they aren't worth it, let me avoid them. Stop having mobs that are more annoying than release Invasion mobs spawn groups of enemies on top of you and teleport them after you as they chase you across the map while you try to avoid them because killing them is going to take 30-45 seconds for an alch equivalent worth of loot that's going to clog up your inventory.

If Harbinger mobs don't get fixed I'm out. This is in contrast to a few days ago when I was first experiencing act 6 and having about as much fun as ever in PoE. Harbinger is that bad.
GG on breaking all old chars and still not fixing the bandit messup. If you don't fix this Im done with the game, if Im not done already, since I didnt play the game since 3.0 for one minute (apart from checking the bandit thingy over and over).

6 new acts + console version was obviously a bit too much to handle in this short timeframe but you still went through it. Lets see if you and the game can survive these decisions. Breaking all existing chars is definetly a no-go and a good reason not to invest more time in new chars. I suggest you get your act together and do it fast.
My standard character's atlas got screwed up during the legacy merge. My Vinktar Square progress got reset and I refinished it. It gave me a T10 shaper orb but I can't use it. It reset one of my T10 shaper orb progress on the atlas but it didn't remove either of my T10 shapes. If I drop the shaper orb it resets my Vinktar Square progress on the atlas. If I try to use the shaper orb it just gives me an error because I already have 2 shapes. So I'm stuck carrying around a shaper orb or having un-finishable Vinktar Square atlas progress. I contacted support about this and went through 3 replies but they stopped responding about it days ago.
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Gotta say... Killing Harbingers and getting a minimal amount of low level currency shards(before patch 3.0.1) was better than killing a Harbinger and getting absolutely zero shards(after patch 3.0.1).
Just was Nugi running Harbinger maps and all the boss drops are shards and 2 rares. (not counting lootfilter trash) On top i was 2 ex-shards and sone ancient ones. Rest was low tier shards.
I was hyped to do those maps once in can run red maps. Now I don't think its worth the fight, wait and hope for a fix.

Edit: and one Weapon Shard
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Higorvilpon wrote:
Why they removed the patch of bandit quest?
Still buged, fix it GGG.

Can we please have an ETA about the aimed progress on this issue?!
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I cannot use my Convocation, its working before the patch with the same set-up. Is it just me?

Turns out my convocation is higher than my CWDT. Fixed! :)
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Completed 6 ChallengesBlarggle wrote:
Gotta say... Killing Harbingers and getting a minimal amount of low level currency shards(before patch 3.0.1) was better than killing a Harbinger and getting absolutely zero shards(after patch 3.0.1).

same for me.. Harbringer absolut useless now for me... wish i could skip this trashpacks :-(
and for me this is the worst league so far

PS: right now i go into a fkn good T12 map and the Latency getting between 20 and 1000 -.-
unplayable .. only thing i can do is clothing this great map .. god damn it
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