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3.2 Update: Buff -> We now gain 3 flask charges every 3 seconds. Nerf -> Reduced Elemental Damage Taken down from 8% to 6%. LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE (jk). The core build remains the same, I will be updating another variant of the build which I currently play using Elder Astral, 1 Doomfletch, and Abyss Jewels. However, this is just a variant and can still be played as the original.
Min-Maxed Shaper Gif

☑ 4 BiS Items are inexpensive uniques
☑ Great for Chaining Maps
☑ Melts Bosses
☑ No Vinktar
☑ No Mirrored Weapon needed
☑ Change your 6L colours whenever you'd like
☑ Weapon Swap for Single Target Barrage

-More Videos + Gifs at bottom of thread-
-Please reference the (a)FAQ at bottom of thread-


Shout out to BadBuild, Thottbot, and Mortalo for giving me feedback/input on this build!


This build guide was made in standard. But you can definitely do league-based/cheaper iterations and still achieve great damage.

Please read the FAQ below, and check out the pages on this very thread as your question is probably answered! Please do not PM me in game with questions, instead post here in this thread so others can read as well!

My Builds List:
WavesDontDie - That Doomfletch Life - Customizable Tornado Shot/Lightning Arrow/Ice Shot/Shrapnel Shot/Barrage Pathfinder 3.1 Video Guide ONLINE!

AhfackNoPants - Pants On Fire! - Low Life Righteous Fire Scorching Ray Guardian 3.1 Video Guide ONLINE!

Ahfack - Crimson Cyclone - 100% Pure Physical Cyclone Slayer
3.1 Video Guide ONLINE!

Ahfackme - AhPackt - MoM 10k eHP+ Dark Pact High Regen Berserker (Under Construction)

What's the point m8?

A GG Life-based bow build utilizing 4 inexpensive uniques. Excels in boss farming, chaining maps, and gains great amount of damage from upgrading jewelry and gloves.

Ya, but how?

We scale flat phys wherever we can, compliment it with Projectile/Multi scailing, and finish it off with global penetration of all elements while keeping a healthy-sized life pool.

Oi! Why don't I just buy a mirrored bow if I want to do GG damage?

Yes, Mirrored weapons are awesome, but you can't change their colours if you change your mind about what skill you'd like to use. The great thing about using Doomfletch is all of your GG/mirrored gear is jewelery/gloves/boots, so if any new attack skills come out, simply recolour your 6L to your liking and you can always switch it up! GGG releases new skills and new support gems ever so often, and being able to change your colours of your main 6L to see what you like best is a great part of playing this game!

Get on with it already! I'm about to fall asleep, play PUBG, or beat it to some weird internet stuff...




v1.0 Original Build: GG/Endgame Gear Overview Click-->

v2.0 Variant: GG/Endgame Gear Overview Click-->

Gear Detail Click-->

Even after GGG's nerf, Doomfletch Prism still remains one of the best bows in the game, especially among all the uniques. Physical damage gained as extra elemental damage of each element is where the power comes from.

Drillneck +1 arrow, even after GG's "nerf" to it is still arguably one of the best quivers out there when used properly. I put a mirrored legacy multi quiver on this build in PoB and actually got less damage than I did with +1 drillneck. At the time of putting this build guide out, drillneck +1's were 1-4ex, depending on the roll you'd like. Insanely cheap for the damage they deal.

Abyssus doesn't even have to be legacy because we don't benefit at all from the Multiplier. For boss farming, get whatever roll you can find with a barrage enchant in the low 40% physical dmg range. For mapping, you can use a +2 Tornado Shot projectile (or whatever clearing skill you prefer: LA/Split Arrow etc...) +2 Barrage is now legacy, but +1 Barrage is still the enchant you want. For boss farming, projectile weakness curse effect could also be really good.

Lightpoacher is another great choice for a helm. Being able to socket 2 more abyssus jewel with dual flat phys is a great choice for us. I would recommend this helmet for anyone doing HC or people that feel too squishy. It combines great survivability with really good damage for us. Abyssus will always be substantially more damage, but I'd say this one is definitely 2nd place. I actually have swapped to this helm permanently for mapping. So get a good clearing enchant.

Non-Legacy Kaom's is great. Get a good fire damage roll for some nice damage increase, or if you're rich/an old-timer, just use a legacy kaoms for 1.3k more life. For v1.0, I use a regular kaoms. For v2.0 I use an Elder Astral with life%/phys as fire/crit.

Gripped gloves with high life roll, the res you need to help balance wise oak, and of course IAS. Flat phys is another really good mod to get on these gloves if possible. If you cannot get gripped gloves, Commandment of Fury is a really good enchant for us. It shoots projectiles out in a half-nova around us, dealing phys/fire dmg.

Tri-Res boots with move/life, an open prefix for 12%wed craft, and 10%pen boot enchant is exactly what you want. I prefer t1 chaos res on boots if possible because you won't be using atziri flask, and you will not be able to get any sort of chaos res anywhere else for this character. Boots should bring significant damage, high mobility, and great survivability to this build.

A GG Stygian Vise with all the juicy mods. Hysteria Penetration, Dual Res, WED, life, and Movement speed is what you want. Remember, Pen > WED no matter what your tooltip says (I recommend using Path of Building with this build to help calculate damage correctly). A Good Abyss Jewel should have flat phys, and any other offensive mods that could suit you such as flat ele, phys% to fire dmg, onslaught on kill, or even some more life.

Steel Rings with all offensive mods/stats are incredibly important for this build. Essence of Scorn provides crit multi which is one of the biggest ways to scale our damage, 2nd only to flat phys. This build needs at least 191 strength in order to equip kaom's heart, and you can't even equip an abyssus without 138 Strength. Jewel sockets are extremely important for this build, so you don't want to waste passives collecting strength on the tree.

Prioritize t1 phys (flaring) roll on a neck. The ideal endgame amulet would also have crit chance, crit multi, and life on them. WED/flat ele dmg would be the 5th most important, followed by whatever useful suffix you need. A useful stat or more accuracy is the best choice here. For absolute min-maxing, an Elder amulet with phys-to-fire and non-chaos dmg as extra chaos damage should be used. These mods are substantially more damage than flat Ele/Wed.

Leveling Advice / Leveling Trees

96: http://poeurl.com/bHLN
91: http://poeurl.com/bJ97
84: http://poeurl.com/bJ98
80: http://poeurl.com/bKaa
75: http://poeurl.com/bKae
70: http://poeurl.com/bKaf

Leveling tips by BokkoTheBunny! Well said, sir :)
BokkoTheBunny wrote:
Leveling is rather easy, just use meginords and storm cloud till 28 grab basic doomfletch then at 40 you get upgraded doomfletch and Pierce cluster with drill neck. And damage is good until maps. Takes like 4-5 hours to level with twinked gear. Also run onslaught support for extra speeds the whole way you're gonna one shot everything anyways.

Leveling with a raider and different gear:

Ahfack wrote:
BokkoTheBunny wrote:
So one thing I've noticed while playing a raider version of this build (Mainly for leveling purposes) is that, if you don't use PoB while following this guide you will become extremely fucked on gearing in one way or another. What I mean is that looking at his PoB and all the calcs with the amazingly good gear he has certain things will scale his damage better than they will yours with peasant gear.

Essentially without ToH, Kaom's, Abyssus +2, Drillneck +1, 6-link, insane steel rings, insane DPS ammy, DS, perfectly balanced Wise Oak, GG jewels, AND levels you don't wanna go PF. Both other ascendancys offer more survival or more damage and in almost every case more of each than PF. THIS IS NOT TO SAY THE BUILD DOESN'T WORK, merely as a self progressed first or second character without all the required OP as fuck gear you need to be smart or let PoB be smart for you. I have 4.7k HP and no Abyssus yet I can run some T14-T15 maps with stupid mods and not get rekt as hard as the guy with almost 6k and an abyssus because I'm focusing on buffing my defenses and offenses equally while I farm to be able to afford the full build.

All I'm saying is in this thread a lot of people post their unoptomised gear complaining about DPS using support gems that are inefficient because they don't have the same gear as Ahfack, while simultaneously forgoing most defense other than raw HP for deeps. For instance I'm using chance to bleed support (Gives raw phys that I lack cause no steel rings yet) in my setup with icebite as a raider, going the onslaught route for full defense and offense. I don't have a ToH or balanced wise oak (well its balanced for cold cause Ice bite.) and I have yet to get one shot in a T15, it's a matter of time I'm sure, but my point is if you don't have balanced oak, ToH, Kaom's, GG fucking gear, and GG Jewels, try out other options for yourself, which is hard as the tool tip is broken with doomfletch, but that's what PoB is for.

My 2 cents after a full day of upgrading my character and smashing maps all day yesterday.

For Reference My "peasant" gear.

And a single jewel which offer crit multi and 7% life

As well as a rot gut for perma onslaught on bosses with no adds. Also thinking of switching to starkonja's as I'm not trying to die and my DPS is already good enough that I can stand to loose 50% crit chance.

GREAT POST!! This is exactly the kind of feedback/progression story I like seeing. I will add this to the main page under leveling etc... I appreciate all honest feedback with thought put into it like this, so don't feel like you're out of place at all. I welcome this!

current tree perma-link:

More great advice on leveling from xMustard!

xMustard wrote:
ya. people this build can be run in new league. i used it as my league starter.
the most expensive thing i've bought so far was doomfletch prism itself @ 40 chaos. they are slightly more expensive now it seems, but its still a pretty good deal for a complete end game bow that your build is based on.

where im at my next upgrade will be to get an abyssus and a 5L on my barrage. so i need to 5-6 socket my doomfletch prism which means i gotta level vorici (f that).
abyssus is around 30 chaos.

now im running maps though, and i just did my first t6 map without an issue. even on a 4L without great gear, as long as you have doomfletch prism, you can wreck bosses. i've died here and there but its because im used to play standard and being so godly that i just play lazy.
so right now farming it up im getting chaos recipes done and it won't be too long before i have 2x 5L, abyssus, and gonna start on upgrading my rings.

the hardest thing i've found so far is maxing resistances and getting decent life. my 5L chest is great because its 5L but its stats are not good so it will have to be upgraded too, eventually. farming t6 and lower maps will get me the currency needed for all of these things, easily.

a tip for getting doomfletch prism. a great place to farm is act 8 the imperial fields. you can get rain of chaos cards, to get chaos, as well as farm that place for div cards that give 2x exalted, which sell for chaos or you can save them and get exalts.
also you can farm the high gardens for the currency div cards, that give 5 currency, if you feel lucky

Budget Build recommendations

Doomfletch Prism, Drillneck, non-leg Kaom's, and non-leg abyssus are already pretty cheap as far as GG builds go.

If you want, you could level with a belly to have your barrage in to be more tanky.

If you are too squishy with abyssus/belly while leveling try this chest instead of abyssus. It will give you more crit/some flat phys, but won't be as much damage. Good one to try! (Shout out to salty for recommending it)

A good belt for leveling is Meginord's girdle, as it gives you flat phys, life%, strength, and a little bit of cold res. A legacy one is even better, but don't spend too much, as it won't be your permanent belt. A hysteria Rustic with the res we need will be the endgame belt.

This is my hobo belt, I got it for 1ex because it helps balance out wise oak before I got my final Hysteria Belt.

Boots should have life, move, and resistances to help balance out your wise oak. A free prefix for wed craft is nice, and (as mentioned previously) a 10%pen encahnt is the best.

Gloves should have life, flat phys, resistances to help balance out your wise oak, and a free spot for 12% ias is always nice.

I bought this ammy in talisman for 6ex and crafted crit to it when I was doing bleed spectral throw. Perfect league ammy for this build:

Jewelry should all be steel rings as soon as you can get them, as they are irreplaceable. If you are not leveled enough to use steel rings (lvl 80), use diamonds, if you cannot use diamonds (lvl 67), use a prismatic or coral ring base. Try to get life/strength/flat phys/accuracy on your Jewelery.

Same thing with your amulet. Prioritize flat phys/crit/multi/life/wed, in that order.


Extra projectiles, fire res, and max fire res is GG for us. This flask doesn't even need to be a legacy one, as AoE doesn't really matter to us.

Legacy Wise oak for 20% pen is GG, even if you can't afford a legacy one, a regular 15% one is still OP. I will go into detail about balancing your wise oak in a section below.

ToH is great because it acts as both an offensive and defensive flask. Since we wear abyssus, we take at least 40% increased physical damage. This flask mitigates up to 30% of that damage, displacing it as cold damage taken. With this flask up, our max cold res is 82%.

An Alchemist Quicksilver flask of Adrenaline is great for us. WANNAGOFAST! You could also grab one with increased duration instead.

Diamond flask with bleed immunity is a must. Especially since we wear Abyssus, we don't want to be caught by surprise with pesky bleed, which is all physical damage over time.


Viridian Jewels:

If you are wearing Kaoms, you want 7% life on all jewels, followed by other mods. Prioritize in this order: Life%, Proj dmg, Attack Speed with bows, Phys dmg with bows, Crit Multi, Attack Speed, physical damage, stats you might need (str/int), and res to help balance wise oak.

Abyss Jewels:

Very self-explanatory here. Flat phys is the most important damage mod for us, flat life is really good to have, especially if you are opting for a non-kaoms chest. Other good mods are (in this order): ias if you've crit recently, ias, multi, extra fire, stats you might need (str/int), or res to help balance your wise oak.

For crit/leech claw nodes:

We use Lioneye's Fall jewel in order to transform claw nodes into bow nodes. Soul Raker is all the leech we need on the tree with this jewel. It also brings really good damage for us.

Watcher's Eye:

The Crit Hatred roll boosts our damage significantly. It essentially brings the doomfletch up to the point it was at before GGG nerfed the crit roll. This is expensive for a lot of players, but I would make this jewel a huge priority if you plan on boss farming and doing all endgame content comfortably, especially in league with the nerfed version of the bow. The conversion mod is better than the cold pen mod for our build up to around 5%. Pen is still really good though. Again, the crit hatred roll is the most important. Even if you can only afford that single mod, it's worth getting!

Balancing Wise Oak

PATHFINDER UPDATE (Math does not apply to raiders, sorry)

hey guys,

Here's where I'm at pre-flask. Again, this is just what I have with glove/belt/boot/jewels. You don't need this much res, but they must all be within equal distance of mine. Fire/Cold must be completely equal, then lightning 60% above Fire/Cold. I'm 29/29/89.


With Dying sun/ToH/Wise Oak all up, your UNCAPPED res should all be the same amount in order to get full functionality out of your wise oak flask. Jewels/gloves/belt/boots are great spots to ensure this happens. When it's said and done, you might have to re-buy some items or use a good amount of divine orbs, but it's worth it!

Screenshots with each flask active:

Pathfinder things. Pathfinder OP

Here, it's just easier to do this:
Right click, open in new tab. To view full sized

1. Dying Sun

2. Dying Sun + Wise Oak

3. Dying Sun + Wise Oak + Taste of Hate



Doomfletch 1

When it's all said and done, you will have 2 doomfletches and 2 drillneck +1's

This is your main map-clearing skill. I prefer Tornado shot or Lightning Arrow:

^Priotiized in that order so:

4L: "Clearing skill - TS/LA/etc.."/WED/PPAD/GMP
5L: Chance To Bleed
6L: Mirage Archer/Pierce

Mirage Archer Vs. Pierce. Obviously Pierce does more single x-y damage to your targets, but Mirage Archer is very nice to help when clearing maps, especially with Lightning Arrow.

Doomfletch 2

For Barrage, your single target skill you will have:

^Prioritized in that order

In 3.1, we've dropped Slower Projectiles and replaced it with Mirage Archer

Gloves/Utility 1

Gotta have that blink arrow/faster attacks for supreme mobility.

Ice Golem and Vaal Haste are must-haves as well.

Helm/utility 2

For boss farming, I use:

Yes, it takes up 4 gem slots, but this procs our power charges for us rather quickly and we just set it once and forget it, which is very important. You could try frenzy also if you wanted, but (especially on guardians/shaper) I prefer to just set it once, and go HAM. In order to get a 4 off-colour Abyssus use "the jeweler method" of crafting. Click here for a video of how to recolour this way. (not my vid)

For mapping/not doing bosses, you could use cwdt/imm call/inc duration or whatever other utility you prefer to use.


For boss farming:

Projectile Weakness beats out any other curse, including elemental weakness.

For pure mapping I like using:

This will give us our power charges, and up our crit to swiftly breeze through the maps. Truthfully, if you have everything setup you really don't even need the crit/power charges but hey it's the same colours and an easy gem swapout if you're just going to run maps for a while. Hatred could be replaced with Haste if you want a bit faster clear speed, or you could put Herald of Ash but that would require recolouring.



Pantheon Powers:

Boss farming mode

Soul of Solaris with either Lady Stormflay's option or Penitentiary Incarcerator.

Soul of Gruthkul to counteract wearing abyssus. Great defensive choice for us!

Running Meeps

Soul of Lunaris. Extra phys damage reduction is great for us since we wear abyssus. I personally like Capture Master of the Blade.

Same as above, extra physical dmg reduction is very useful for us - keep this on for both modes..

Bandit Choice:
For endgame, 2 passives because jewel slots are amazing for us. 7% Life and 2 damage mods (including multi) is where it's at. For leveling, Alira is pretty legit since it gives you Multi/All res.

Current Tree - Level 97 Pathfinder - Including Ascendancy Choices (click the little arrow in between int/str on the ranger wheel)



That Doomfletch Life 3.2 Path of Building Export:

This damage is also with Slower Projectiles instead of Mirage Archer. Mirage Archer will give us even more damage, but PoB doesn't calculate it properly

10.029M Dmg vs Shaper/Guardians::


VIDEOS/Gifs (All from ~3.0 when damage was ~4M)

Keep in mind, I'm usually a Hardcore League player. I generally take my time and pick up things rather than speed running. I'm not the fastest mapper ever, and I don't have move speed on my belt, so there's lots of room for improvement of clearing maps. Take this as more casual mapping rather than showcasing/speedrunning.

Complete Deathless Shaper run, only using Barrage, no weapon swap https://youtu.be/6S9UJXb5sqs

Deathless Uber Atziri - TS + Barrage

T15 Courtyard https://youtu.be/-4Lw-BzmsLs

T15 Lightning Arrow https://youtu.be/Mu0FWpKdoLo

T15 Ice Shot https://youtu.be/FihU4keoD48

T15 Gorge (Zana) https://youtu.be/V9iWrqyNUXA

T15 Colonnade https://youtu.be/OXr7RRuugUY

T15 Dark Forest Boss (lol) https://youtu.be/D9dOyO-SktI

T16 Minotaur https://youtu.be/8WVown1-B2c

Stay Tuned! More to come...

3.0 to 3.1 Changelog
Moved FAQ to 2nd post/Reviews section due to post length exceeding 500k characters
Changes from 3.0 to 3.1:

Chance to Bleed will now be utilized 100% of the time over Inc Critical Strikes to better implement the build across temp and Standard league.
Repathing for new Vaal Pact location
Picked up Vitality void for survivability since we are no longer leeching instantly with VP. 1.6% Attack Damage Leech, 3% Max Life per second to max life leech rate, and 40% increased life leeched per second. I think is is very much needed for survivability. If you do not feel you need it, sacrifice a proj node from the start and grab Forces of Nature.
Life leech on gloves could be a useful master craft. Even though we are mostly elemental damage, any leech will help in our survivability.
Because, from the very beginning, this build was made in standard I have included both the standard PoB readout and the new league readout. I have custom-made the nerfed version of doomfletch (hope it's accurate), to better reflect the damage achievable with non-legacy doomfletch/barrage enchant. They are within the PoB and labeled "New Abyssus" and "New Doomfletch Prism
Fucking Mirage Arrow lol

We will most likely replace "Slower Projectiles" in our Barrage 6L for this. PoB doesn't have the gem in yet, so I can't calculate damage, but I imagine it will be very good with Barrage. Might even make up for the +1 barrage projectile we will miss from the enchant.

Memories <3
🎆🎆 www.youtube.com/c/Ahfack
🎆🎆 NEW #1 LLRF Helm -> 30% MORE|25CON|25BURN|-12fire|352es
🎆🎆 #1 Phys/Impale Leg 70% Multi Amulet + #1 Phys Rings!
🎆🎆 ^^Free 7L Fortify Cyclone!
🎆🎆 https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/534134
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Ahfack's (a)FAQ

4L? 5L? What should I use?


4L: "Clearing skill - TS/LA/etc.."/WED/PPAD/GMP
5L: Chance To Bleed
6L: Pierce

Will add this to FAQ

How would this be for a league starter?
Ahfack wrote:
Pharcri wrote:
how would this be for a league starter?

Please check budget build section, above

What items are vital to start this build?
joemcloe wrote:
AbdulJafreeze wrote:
What items would you say are vital for this build to do end-game content relatively easily? GOt 20ex on harbinger atm and want to run this but need to know what is worth investing in first as I doubt I can get 2 6linked doomfletch, 2 good enchanted abyssus etc.

I have this build in standard.

To be comfortable, i would prioritize 1 6L bow, then perhaps a 5L (i would do clear skill in 5L and boss kill in 6L due to boss more HP, but can be how you like)
After the bow, i would get kaoms, then rings. On the rings if you cant get phys/life steels, get phys/life irons. It is far too important to have plenty of HP and phys damage to not get both on both rings IMO. after this you can flesh out the rest of the gears. quiver should be cheap (unless you must have +1 arrow) the rares can get expensive but you can use semi budget rares if you have run out of currency by this point.

Just to highlight a big reason to get life on rings and ammy as well as other gears.....it drops the advertised HP of this build a LOT. my inquis has about 5k life because i have no life on my rings. It is just massive. I am missing a few HP nodes in tree but not many, im closer to 180 life instead of 200, but im not as levelled either.

Anyway, hope this helps.

What should I use in a 4L? And Order of Ascendancy points?
Ahfack wrote:
kawaiiy wrote:
Hey Ahfack thanks for the the amazing guide man.

I have just a couple of questions

1-Can you say the gem priotiy for the Tornado and Barrage abilities (For example if i only have 4link what should i prioritize)

2-Can you say your order in the ascendancy tree (which one's you picked up first)

Thanks, Kawaii.

I'll add that to the guide under the FAQ, thanks!


2 - Nature's Boon, Master Alchemist, Veteran Bowyer, then Nature's Adrenaline

What should my last link in my 6l be for both setups?
What should the last 6 link be on both setups? I am probably not able to afford 6 link for some time if not getting lucky.atm i am holding crit strikes as 6th.

Ahfack wrote:
You got it man!

Your last link in 6L barrage if you are NOT point blank, should be slower proj, if you ARE point blank, then inc crit strikes.

Your last link in 6L TS should be Crit strikes.

What Gems should I quality first?
Ahfack wrote:
JokeY321 wrote:
Quick question Ahfack , which Gems should i start to quaility first ?

Great question! Barrage and slower proj because projectile damage double/triple/quadruple dips

Res not capped without flasks?
Dollwin wrote:
Hello I noticed in your pastebin for your doomfletch build that your resists aren't capped unless flasks are active. Do you feel this is safe for mapping and bosses and is it easy to keep flasks up consistently?

For maps, you never run out of charges EVER. Flasks last so damn long with Pathfinder ascendancy. Combine that with Druidic Rite, they last even longer and replenish pretty much instantly, always.

Again, this is pathfinder only, as I made this build specifically for pathfinder. However, many people are going Raider and capping their res pre-flask.

The only time you'll ever have trouble is during certain bosses with no adds if you're not dealing enough damage yet. Work on flask management, and don't spam flasks while other ones are up. Wait until your flasks are ALMOST up before 12345'ing again. Also keep in mind your Alchemist quicksilver will ALWAYS run out before the rest of your flasks. So just because you're going slow doesn't mean the rest of your flasks are out yet. You'll learn to juggle this, and it's a big part of making the build work.

Can I do T15 maps with budget items?
Ahfack wrote:
Jezzi wrote:
Can I doing t15 maps with budget items?

Depends what you mean by budget items? The most important flask is the cheapest, The Wise Oak, looks to be about 10c right now in harbinger. 2nd most important is ToH which looks to be over 100c currently. then the 3rd most important is the most expensive by far which is Dying Sun. Dying sun matters more for bosses than general map clearing.

You need to get as much life as possible and as much flat phys as possible as soon as possible. Check under buget build recommendations. You need to get at least gear that looks like that.

ToH combined with a pantheon power really helps offset the abyssus inc phys dmg taken a good amount, so that one is really important. But in order to get GG damage from what you currently have, you always need to try to balance your wise oak as much as possible. Refer to that section about balancing your wise oak.

What about mods on Jewels
Exzentrile wrote:
Aight thanks again

What about the jewels? whats the 3rd and maybe 4th best stat after life, crit, "?", "?"

in this order:

phys dmg bows
ias bows
phys dmg

Why Claw Nodes?

Ahfack wrote:
ImmortalAD wrote:
why the claw nodes ? what am i missing ?

Ya OP nodes for us

What are my leech options if I can't afford a Lioneye's jewel?
xMustard wrote:
TwRBugzBunny wrote:
Would taking the King of the Hill crit nodes and the duelist leech nodes be viable on a budget over the claw nodes? Lioneye's Fall jewels are pretty pricey in harbinger, curious on how it would compare. Great build though

king of the hill and duelist leech is actually really great for starting out. you save 5 passives and don't have to buy that expensive jewel.
once it isn't an issue though, yes the claw nodes are very efficient for the stats they give.

this is my current lvl 70 tree

NOTE im cleaning up my pathing, which is why top looks so inefficient.

i still don't have a doomfletch prism yet, but i will be getting it probably over the weekend, which will be a huge boost in my dmg. im basically doing my own bow build with this bow because i have a different playstyle.

but anyway, OP you should mention that chance to bleed is a BiS support as long as you don't have mirrored BiS steel rings and such.
in the league, especially while playing SSF or something, it will be super tough to get so much flat phys on your other gear that chance to bleed is the best support gem you can use.

i personally am going to be running lightning arrow, gmp, chance to bleed, ppad, WED, inc crit. probably dropping wed or ppad, whichever gives less dmg, for a 5L setup.
i just love lightning arrow for clear. i've never liked tornado shot, and i love LAs sound. it sounds so powerful and great. also i have gore LA mtx so my char looks so badass right now.

Damage on Full life Gem?
Doe wrote:
Ahfack wrote:
Doe wrote:

Yo Ahfack, you should do some test with this gem in ur barrage setup. It works aswell and is another 50% more.

Hey brother. I have given it plenty of thought and I just really don't think it's reliable enough. I come from a melee background where this gem has worked since it came out, and the consistency that I prefer to have is not there. For clearing maps with ts/whatever is fine since we're one-shotting everything anyway, but I like Inc crit for that moree reliable shatter (porcupines etc).

I could be wrong, but my opinion dmg on full life is really aimed more at the PoB warrior rather than an applied, real- world type scenario

That's why i put in barrage only. I don't run it on my aoe aswell. For bossfights it's insane tbh. Not sure about PoB (since iam not using it for any build 4Head), some1 told me it's bugged, but ingame it feels better than e.g. slower projectiles or physical projectile gem. Tho it requires heavy offcolouring (running 5 offs on my barrage).

Great feedback Doe! I'll put this convo in the FAQ for people to consider using it on barrage if they like. I always appreciate your opinion and am open to suggestions.

Is Raider okay while leveling? Chance to bleed while leveling?
Ahfack wrote:
Really gotto hand it to you for a well-written and well-made build guide. Really liked it and I've decided to give this a run because Doomfletch seems like a really fun unique to play around with.

Got a question that I don't think you covered in the guide. Would you say that Pathfinder is superior to Raider even though you don't have any unique flasks?

edit: Another question, what is your opinion on switching out the Pierce gem for Chance to Bleed for the extra flat added physical for Tornado Shot?


Hey thanks man! Hope you enjoy :)

Raider can be really good, and pretty tanky as well. I think it's a fine idea to pick Raider if you don't think you'll get your flasks for a while. However, since this build is centered around pathfinder utilizing flasks and flasks always being up to make Wise Oak operate effectively, the endgame will always be more desirable to be a pathfinder.

Just remember that a lot of Raider's damage comes from attack speed, and I think this build (especially map clearing) is more desirable to have high x-y with pathfinder pen on tree and extra pen from flasks/belt.

Re: chance to bleed. I think chance to bleed is great while leveling, and depending on how you're geared it might even be better than pierce and/or slow proj. You'll really have to put yoru build through PoB and check for yoruself, or throw your gems in a tabula/whatever and look at your tooltip (even though tooltip is complete bullshit with this build)

Hope this helps!

You can get moar damage if you choose Inquisitor, I can send POB Codes lmao

Ahfack wrote:
Rupenus wrote:
you can get waaay more damage with inquisitor btw. i can send pob codes

Yes, as stated in this very thread you can get more dmg with inquisitor but you will be full glass cannon in comparison, due to flasks not always being up and status immunity. What flask would you give up for anti freeze? What flask would you give for anti shock?

PF can reliably pull off an abyssus, inquisitor cannot.

What about Chance to Bleed/Maim Gems?
Ahfack wrote:
Jesikaparker wrote:
Why are you not using Chance to Bleed gem? Or at least mentioning it as a valid option? It also has some synergy with Deadeye Rupture.

Please read the guide. This is under "Doomfletch 2" and is still marginally less damage than slower proj at 21/20, but might be nice to use as QoL since it comes close and doesn't slow your projs

Can I see a tooltip Comparison?
MYMeBriZeiS wrote:
Hello , sorry if this has already come up somwhere , haven't found an answer on this post yet tho.
have you tried or why not considering using the new chance to bleed gem? its a 110%abyssus dmg boost (44-66flat dmg)-> in the cost of 1 gem slot of course.
Also , could you please post some screen shots from tooltip DPS? buffed/unbuffed etc like all other builds do--- i am currently playing this on Harbringer and i know tooltip doesn't matter with Doomfletch build but its a great way (if not the only:P) to compare my stats to yours. like how much is ur tooltip physical dmg, crit/multi etc ! For the perfect answer , becoz i searched for this a lot but im still not sure how it goes , it would be great if you can post ur *REAL* elemental dmg as well -- like : if ur tooltip is 1000phys dmg with these gems , then u have X , X , X ele dmg !
Thanks in advance !
Build goes amazingly btw , im asking so i can go invest my currency on maxing this !

Yes, we talk abotu chance to bleed. Chance to bleed is good while leveling/if you don't have good flat phys on other stuff, but slower proj always beats it at high levels, marginally.

Okay, I'll show basic jewelry first, then my GG jewelry.


The "basic bitch jewelry" tooltip NO AURAS:
This is just shit I had laying around in tabs




What about Physical Mitigation? What are my options?
Ahfack wrote:
Snoozles wrote:
Hello there

I wanted to comment on the guide. Really well made.

I do have a question though about the physical mitigation of this build. It seems to me like it takes care of business pretty well. But i feel (or maybe i have misterunderstood something) that it doesnt seem to mitigate physical dmg really well. And since we got PB we are mostly standing close to bosses i assume, when attacking them, leaving us vulernable to a big melee hit, even with a huge life bool

Hey man thanks!

Yes, you are correct, big physical hits is something that we have to be aware of. I rely on 3 things to help with this: Large life pool, acro, and pantheon powers. I used life pool/acro on my 2H guy for a long time and it worked quite well. The one thing we have to be careful of is being 1-shot. The biggest thing in this game that could 1-shot 7k+ life while just clearing maps is being shocked. Thankfully for us, we're pathfinder so because our flasks are always up, we are never shocked so that takes care of that.

The pantheon powers are also quite nice. There are 2 you can take that stack:

Combining these two give you up to 13% physical dmg reduction.

If you wanted more options, you have 2 more routes to take. Instead of running assassin's mark while running maps, you could run Enfeeble - this is IMO the best defensive curse (even better than TC). Because straight off the bat, you're making the neemy do 30%less damage. In player-character-skill-lingo, you're making their 6L a 5L straight away, then you also RIP their accuracy/crit etc... on top of that, which is amazing.

You could also take out vaal haste and just put an enduring cry in and cast that every once and a while. Since we have high strength from running kaoms/abyssus, this shouldn't be a problem.

Anyway, those are my 2cents about phys mitigation. But if you're going upwards 7k life and have ToH running 100% uptime and never stop attacking/leeching, you should be in good shape. If you are doing lab, run it without abyssus. If you are doing Chimera fight with the smoke-phase, you might take that out as well and run a life flask instead of your quicksilver.

How do I make my Implicit 24% WED?
gangwars90 wrote:
hallo, i wanna try your build but there are in the moment no doomfletch bows with 24% ele damage. i see many with 12% ele damage on it. Is the damage difference big between 12% and 24% bows? should i buy a 12% bow and use it till i can buy a 24% later sometimes?

Hey man! Good question. Simply use a blessed orb over and over on it until the implicit gets to 24% the new range is 20-24%

Good luck!

Can I level with a raider since I don't have OP flasks yet?
Ahfack wrote:
BokkoTheBunny wrote:
So one thing I've noticed while playing a raider version of this build (Mainly for leveling purposes) is that, if you don't use PoB while following this guide you will become extremely fucked on gearing in one way or another. What I mean is that looking at his PoB and all the calcs with the amazingly good gear he has certain things will scale his damage better than they will yours with peasant gear.

Essentially without ToH, Kaom's, Abyssus +2, Drillneck +1, 6-link, insane steel rings, insane DPS ammy, DS, perfectly balanced Wise Oak, GG jewels, AND levels you don't wanna go PF. Both other ascendancys offer more survival or more damage and in almost every case more of each than PF. THIS IS NOT TO SAY THE BUILD DOESN'T WORK, merely as a self progressed first or second character without all the required OP as fuck gear you need to be smart or let PoB be smart for you. I have 4.7k HP and no Abyssus yet I can run some T14-T15 maps with stupid mods and not get rekt as hard as the guy with almost 6k and an abyssus because I'm focusing on buffing my defenses and offenses equally while I farm to be able to afford the full build.

All I'm saying is in this thread a lot of people post their unoptomised gear complaining about DPS using support gems that are inefficient because they don't have the same gear as Ahfack, while simultaneously forgoing most defense other than raw HP for deeps. For instance I'm using chance to bleed support (Gives raw phys that I lack cause no steel rings yet) in my setup with icebite as a raider, going the onslaught route for full defense and offense. I don't have a ToH or balanced wise oak (well its balanced for cold cause Ice bite.) and I have yet to get one shot in a T15, it's a matter of time I'm sure, but my point is if you don't have balanced oak, ToH, Kaom's, GG fucking gear, and GG Jewels, try out other options for yourself, which is hard as the tool tip is broken with doomfletch, but that's what PoB is for.

My 2 cents after a full day of upgrading my character and smashing maps all day yesterday.

For Reference My "peasant" gear.

And a single jewel which offer crit multi and 7% life

As well as a rot gut for perma onslaught on bosses with no adds. Also thinking of switching to starkonja's as I'm not trying to die and my DPS is already good enough that I can stand to loose 50% crit chance.

GREAT POST!! This is exactly the kind of feedback/progression story I like seeing. I will add this to the main page under leveling etc... I appreciate all honest feedback with thought put into it like this, so don't feel like you're out of place at all. I welcome this!

Your current tree perma-link:

Can I use different map clearing skills?
Sure! Just drop in Lightning Arrow or Shrapnel Shot or Ice Shot, or pretty much whatever you want. See the below section for videos/gifs!

What are the downsides to this build?
The only downsides I can really think of is being vaal pact.

As is with all Vaal Pact builds, it's smart to spec out of vaal pact when running lab. AND/OR carry a couple life flasks with you. You might even ditch Abyssus while running lab because you probably don't need it anyway. Be sure to replace it with a nice armour/life/strength helmet with no res on it so it doesn't mess with your wise oak balance.

Same goes for Chimera guardian's "smoke phase" there's nothing to leech off of while he's in the smoke phase, so you mighit replace your quicksilver with an instant divine life flask.
The new 'BULLSHIT BUILDS' / Reviews section HI REDDIT! :)

HI REDDIT! :) Lots of people talking about this build because I use my own self-crafted GG rings, amulet, and belt in this build. In this section you will find me doing a shaper run with a 1ex belt, and rings/ammy I had laying around my stash. You will also find well over a dozen reviews by league players that don't have access to any mirrored items, and a video of shaper getting completely obliberated 2nd week into harbinger league (obviously with no mirorred gear week 2 of harbinger).

Anyone saying "You need mirrored gear to make this build work" is, in every sense, incorrect. However, you do need to put work into this build balancing your res, getting top flat phys on all gear, and you need to know how to look for the right kind of items. Learn how to livesearch on poe.trade. Don't buy from flippers. It is possible to get good deals. Don't expect to find exactly what you want just by looking on poe.trade one time and buying whatever you can find - that's not how you play the game. If you are playing the game like that, you're most likely making bad purchases and paying too much. That is not the build's fault.

Click Below for 2nd week Harbinger Shaper Deletion


Read below for the question of, "Can I beat shaper on a 30ex budget?" being answered by another player, "You can beat him in under 17ex"
cartouche_2 wrote:
Jihax wrote:
Hi guys,

Thinking abt starting this build how far would 30ex get me?

Can i do guardians & Shaper with that kind of investment ?

I spent 14 EX on my toon, and i have double steel ring t1-t2 flat phys, double 6L bow, kaoms, abyssus and i can clear t16 /. shaper.

You have more than enough

I bought a corrupted one with the right colours for 238c, a normal 6l for 5 ex, kaoms heart was 235c by buying the cards.
Abyssus was 1c ...
One steel ring 20c the other 35c, Ammu 8c.
Gloves\boots from my wander im reusing them all characters for the whole league.

Altogether that's 14 ex roughly.

I had the flasks leftover from my wander, but for flasks count another 3 ex making it 17 ex everything included. Well under the 30ex he has.

You totally don't need 6l for tornado shot btw,I was clearing up to t15 including beachhead on 5l just fine.

Just make sure you get the life leech enchant or the 80% stun immunity enchant from lab on boots.

Click below for
[3.0] That Doomfletch Life - Basic Bitch Jewelery/Belt Complete Shaper Run

Click Below for....

Harbinger League: Killed Shaper with a shitty 1c 4l chest armour and unbalanced Res
pigret wrote:
Killed Shaper tonight on Harbinger, here's my gear:

Yes that is a shitty 1c chest armour.

My resists are not at all balanced for Wise Oak, some of my gear is shitty, and I don't have any of the good enchants, but apparently it's enough to kill Shaper quite comfortably. When I can be bothered to fix my resists and run lab for at least the boot enchant I expect the kill to be as fast as HOWA once was.

Harbinger League: Easiest Shaper kill ever. All 4 Guardians DOWN
bitbite11 wrote:
All 4 guardians dead. Shaper dead.

just killed a phoenix with these mods

Quite possibly the easiest Shaper kill I have ever done. Used the Blasphemy with Proj Weakness setup, but didn't bother going for the PCoC setup as I don't have the money atm to 4B my abyssus.

Face tank beam no problem, face tank frostbolts no problem, kill him before flasks run out no problem.

Had one death to the Miscreated guy before shapers room because I wasn't paying attention (worst place to die).

Guardians all very easy, chimera was the one I thought I would have most trouble with but I rolled easy mods to help me out. Ended up doing it deathless.

Minotaur deathless, really easy.

Phoenix had deaths, but i had some insane mods (see my post like a page back with the picture).

Hydra easily deathless.

(Phoenix had the hardest map mods out of all of them, but hydra was not friendly at all and had a few harsh ones).

Was rewarded for my efforts with one of these :)

Thanks Ahfack, the build is amazing.

Harbinger League: Best bow build out there. 3Mil Dmg in league achievable
juerk wrote:
I've been playing a doomfletch character (currently halfway to lvl 90) after one of the usual leaguestarters and wanted to share some thoughts about my experience so far.

Lvling was quite smooth. I'd suggest to skip abyssus completely until the Kaom's setup is up and running. Ofc you get more dmg from it, but there's almost no way to get
the life buffer. As an example: I'm at 5.1k life with Belly, decent life rolls on the gear and only one life node from the tree missing. That's in no way safe - a couple of levels
earlier every second yellow-tier boss could have oneshot me with abyssus up.

I went with +2 devoto's and like it so far - the MS is nice for clear and the dexterity made up for the non-existant accuracy on my gear, until I managed to get that steel ring. As a REALLY budget option
(without +2) I'd probably use rat's nest / starkonja. The lvling + early mapping content is easy even without abyssus. The new pierce gem is absolutely massive QoL for both TS/LA - I rather feel more comfortable
clearing maps than last league, even with 1/5 of the damage. Tbh I'd skip abyssus completely before both Kaom's and ToH, but that's personal preference.

Things that went well:

-few deaths from 80-89.5
-couple of good purchases made for rather low cost (gloves, rings)

random ideas/suggestions:

- don't roll the maps too hard / feel free to skip the boss on rippy maps from time to time. This build doubledips with items and lvls, so just wait a lvl or two and you will destroy the content anyway.

- if you don't use abyssus (yet), chance to bleed is a must. The lvl 20 gem offers higher flat phys than abyssus and is a massive dmgincrease (1.48*multi or so for me).

- check out a +1 blackgleam as a budget alternative to drillneck. It may outclass a non- +1 -drillneck for barrage. Signalfire is underrated for this build as well.

- dmg on full life is great for barrage as a 6l, I'd pick a utility gem like ice bite for a TS-6l. How are you supposed to get a 6l in this league anyway?

- if you can get a high int and are missing the penetration from WO/boots, check out ele weakness instead of projweakness in PoB as a swap for bosses.

- lowish lvl CWDT-IC-enfeeble saved my life a couple of times.

- if you haven't got your kaom's yet, don't use the weaponswap for the 2. bow. Get jaws of agony / brinerot flag there and generate some power charges
before boss fights.

my gear so far:

a funny mixture of great, decent and terrible items but I'm slowly getting there^^

Any thoughts on this order?

what I like about the build:
Doomfletch Prism is probably the best bow build out there. Pathfinder is a great asscendacy pick as well. 3 Mill guardian dps with abyssus or 2+ Mill without shoud be easily achievable with a really good league gear and you get a nice utility on top. The playstyle is quite enjoyable and the buildup to the endgame gear is decent enough to clear the maps fast.
One of the best all-around-builds in PoE with endgame gear (single target/endgame/lab/mapping/everything-viable). The new pantheon system is actually a decent buff,
if solaris/lunaris are fixed. The life-flask pantheon is great for lab and Yugul vs reflect.

- forced nature of the tree and the item choices (due to the 3.0 balance changes) lead to the horrendous cost of the build and a bunch of flipping/market manipulation for certain items. I enjoy builds which scale well with investment but this build feels a bit like an economy challenge at time.
A large part of the dmg comes from Wise-Oak-balancing of all three res., which is a bit awkward (hand-picked endgame gear needed for balancing, 2 resistance flasks lead to res. undercap without flasks -> vulnerable to lag/missplays.

Harbinger League: 2 5L bows+Kaoms annihilate all bosses until shaper
bitbite11 wrote:

To anyone wondering if this is doable in a league, ontop of what everyone has already said:

1. You don't need two +1 drillnecks, I use one in barrage for bosses, for TS I use additional pierce. Map clearing has been fine, screens still get 1 shot up to and including t16 maps.

2. You don't need two 6 links. I am running two 5's atm and no issues at all up to guardians (only done mino so far but he was cake). When I get my first 6L it will 100% be for barrage. 5L TS still gibs packs up to t16.

3. You don't need enchants on your helm. Yes they are nice but again, up to t16 and even guardian fights feel very fine without them (barring crazy map mods) I am not even sure the TS enchant will ever be necessary, you clear so fast with dying sun up, herald shatters 90% of the screen each shot.

Those are some of the most expensive parts and imo are unecessary for general mapping if you don't have the budget (I don't either atm but am working on them!).

You won't annihilate shaper without these gears, but you will annihilate every boss up to him (minus guardians with crazy mods on them, but just roll the map a bit easier) I don't think ive ever seen kaom survive more than 5 seconds (t15 abyss) Even done twinned a few times and its the same thing.

So definitely awesome for this league, loving it thanks Ahfack, and as always thanks for the great replies. I know you have a few guides so its nice to see you reply a lot :)

Harbinger League: Had a blast, bosses are no problem in maps
noxilence1 wrote:

This is what i have gatherd just level'd to 90 had a blast bosses are no problem in maps

Harbinger League: Blast Rain single target, no abyssus, Uber Atziri/Shaper Easy
Darkith1546 wrote:

I changed the passive tree and some gear to fit my playstyle since I feel too squishy wearing an abyssus and Kaom's heart is way too expensive this league. I'm using blast rain for my single target since barrage enchant costs a fortune. Got the uber lab blast rain enchant for 5c on a starkonjas. Seemed to do Uber Atziri and Shaper easy enough.

I've been trying to 6-link a Yriel's Fosterting for almost a week now and still unlucky. Seems like the best chest for me and I'll switch from Carcass Jack to Yriel's when I can.

Harbinger League: 36 challenges in the first week, super fun build
noheal wrote:
Rolled this build as Scion to be inmune to reflect on harbringer all the 36 challange first week and super fun great guide

Harbinger League: Running this build in Harbinger, it does everything
DrLestatt wrote:
very good build overall.
I'm also running it in harbinger and it does everything.


Harbinger League: Very Detailed CHEAP RAIDER review! By BokkoTheBunny
BokkoTheBunny wrote:

Hi all I've been quiet in the thread for a while now been busy working and squeezing in play when I can, and wanted to give an update on my perspective, and take on the build. I have been receiving questions and what not from quite a few people seeing my post on the raider version and leveling the build.

I wanted to come here and give an update on my progress, as I have a few new things to add as well as I'm not sure if I'll play much tomorrow, and I'll be going ham on xbox with a few friends on Thursday for a while at least so I'll be MIA from the league (at least on PC) for an unknown time.

Personal shit aside I am here to share insight on my way to play this build, for broke ass hobos like me.

Why raider?

Fast, Cheap, MORE EVASION, Fast, DEEEEPS, Fast, FRENZY CHARGES YEEE, oh and uh it's FAST.

So I chose to level Ahfack's build as a raider knowing full well without god RNG I would never have the money for a Koam's, Dying Sun, 20ex helm enchant, ToH, GG Jewelry, and GG jewels.

After getting into T13s I noticed my DPS and survival being GOOD AS FUCK, regardless of missing all these components. What is the key to this? Evasion, and the fact that Prism is absolutely overtuned even with shit gear. One might say even Oh Pee.

As an example, take a look at my gear.

And sometimes,

Total Cost: 6-7 Exalts

Total cost is an estimate because I didn't track each piece and balancing wise oak I had to buy a new belt every time, but w/e.

I'd like to now say I have killed three of four guardians deathless (can you guess the one? Not gonna lie didn't even try...). Unfortunately (More like I just fucking suck) I failed my shaper attempt today, but got him to a quarter on the final phase before my ineptitude got me a violent thrashing of balls to the face ending my run. I will fully admit right now with my gear you could "Easily" kill shaper, at least as easily with trash gear as you can. ALL of my deaths were misplays and completely avoidable, I could kill him if I had a bit more time before xbox launch but so be it.

The main thing I would like to say about this is that if I had a 6L or a much better set of rings; meaning with only about 3-5ex and a handful of RNG with fuses I could probably face tank the beam, and laugh my way to a self farmed dying sun to shit on him harder with.

Raider is completely capable of tackling the highest of endgame, and is a viable alternative to people who like me have limited time to play or just don't know how to make phat stacks of GG shit I see so many people posting in this thread.

For those interested here is my tree...

I end up with just under 5K HP, and before challenging the end-est of game I used my last few points and grabbed duelist leech. Needed that shit to face tank as my damage wasn't good enough for VP to be safe with only 5K HP, and it gives effectively double the amount of leech allowing me to get away with things my bad play shouldn't have allowed me to. My PoB has me at 218k unbuffed, and 437k with all shit up on guardians/shaper.

A lot of the damage and survival comes from wise oak being balanced as well, kinda nice, you need to do it on this version of it as well, trust me just do it.

A few final things, thanks Ahfack for the guide! you opened my eyes to an item I didn't even know existed and gave me a base outline of OP shit to compliment it which allowed me to have great fun in the league so far. For anyone interested how I setup or did with raider in more detail feel free to PM me here or in game if I'm on I check back pretty frequently and am happy to help when I'm not busy. I'm also thinking of rolling this build on xbox as a second build so if I do I'll let you guys know how it is.

I'd like to also state that despite my self deprecation in this post a lot of my success came from knowledge of mechanics and knowing what I can, shouldn't, and most definitely CANNOT do. The only reason I know I can kill shaper is because I've killed him on other characters in the past and have a bit of experience fighting him so be ready rip some sets if you go raider and you never fought him before. Play smart and pay attention to all his shit and you should be good if you have mechanical skill.

Good luck everyone and most important have fun! I know I did.


Harbinger League: All 4 Guardians + Shaper Down for first time ever
JokeY321 wrote:
Doing all Guardians + Shaper now for the first time with this build.

My Gear

Resistances are unbalanced!

Boss : Easy (dodge big hits)
Map Monster : Super-easy
Map rolls :

Boss : Easiest (dunno just facetanked everything)
Map Monster : Super-easy
Map rolls :

Boss : Hard (phoenix adds fucked me up had to switch to LR to clear them)
Map Monster : Easy
Map rolls :

Boss : Hardest (cloudy things killed me 2 times)
Map Monster : Super-easy
Map rolls :

Boss : Medium (died 2 times cause i tested thing like what i can face tank and what not - no i can't facetank beam from shaper1+ balls from shaper2 :P)
Map 4 Bosses before entering : Super-super-easy
Drop :


Harbinger League: All Guardians Down, Farmed 20+ Shapers easy
noxilence1 wrote:

All guardians down

Been farming shaper 20 runs 2 ruby flasks :(

thinking about crafting some steel rings

Harbinger League: Advice for a noob/first-timer how to prioritize gearing
shadowraiden wrote:
emrecan0012 wrote:
Really well written and explained build. As a first time player i understood clearly but i would not recommend this build for first time player because at maps you need a lot of currency to make this build efficent which i could not and keep dying and can not progress. I need to make currency faster so i am not bored and quit the game.

it can be done on a budget. first thing i would recomend is pickup a cheap 5l and roll life+resist on it(pretty easy to do. you can socket TS in this.

pickup some cheap gear like im talking 1-2c each to cover your resists to be 75% with some life on them. you can most likely get some phys on them pretty cheaply for rings etc.

i would sell the witchfire flask as it doesnt do much for the build at all. run a suplhur flask or a atziri promise(a 1c flask) they will offer nice damage boosts.

people have been doing this setup very cheaply you just have to pick specifically what gear you want.

if you can when getting the cheap gear try and max your resists without the need of resists on your helmet.
this means when you have enough currency after upgrading you can pickup an abyssus for cheap which will be a huge dps boost.

that will carry you alone into red maps.

Harbinger League: Game was too easy, now I'm MF'ing with it :)
rel4us wrote:

I got a bit bored, game too EZ and shit, so I got now MFing,


with this gear:

I removed the life and mana leech node from the claw side, so i'll be able to use the flask.

it's not too bad :D

Harbinger League: Shaper DOWN first time ever. Usually quit playing now
Jellybee85 wrote:
Update. I finally killed Shaper. Deathless. Never had a build that could reach Shaper and I usually stopped playing so clearing Shaper finally felt great. However it was a very underwhelming fight. A lot easier than I hoped for.

I had no trouble with phoenix, hydra. Minotaur gave me a bit of trouble but once I figured out his pattern he's easy. Chimera is probably the roughest one.

As for my gear, I bought all of it and it took a lot of farming. Roughly took 2 weeks. Still lacking 6L on my TS bow, barrage/TS enchants, and dmg pen on boots. Also lookin to get better steel rings and need better jewels. There's also a few things I can min/max but for now it gets the work done.

First 3 are for balancing oak. Probably gonna need to find a better solution.

Thanks to Ahfack for this build to allow me to actually "beat" the game. Will most likely farm shaper and uber lab to get my enchants. Maybe hit 100?

Harbinger League: Different more defensive build variation
rel4us wrote:
hey guys,

I made a cool setup for this build:


very very very high DPS and defences,

the main point is the chest (and I use culling not maim for the HH, with good belt + maim, it will get to 5M)

🎆🎆 www.youtube.com/c/Ahfack
🎆🎆 NEW #1 LLRF Helm -> 30% MORE|25CON|25BURN|-12fire|352es
🎆🎆 #1 Phys/Impale Leg 70% Multi Amulet + #1 Phys Rings!
🎆🎆 ^^Free 7L Fortify Cyclone!
🎆🎆 https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/534134
Last edited by Ahfack on Dec 16, 2017, 10:28:15 PM
that's some juicy dmg on a 7.5k life bow build
+1 Build and Good guide :D

Worked on this char with him and a few people in discord although I run a bit more of a map running setup with Rat's nest/HH. Not as optimized, and a lot less damage for now but I'm too lazy to swap it up right now

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funny and well made guide GZ !

best part of guide is the use of pog champ tho
Last edited by Samir316 on Sep 8, 2017, 1:51:14 PM
Any particular reason you went flaskfinder? I went into PoB and the damage difference isn't much different from raider if you pick up a couple frenzy charges. Just wondering because I personally prefer raider to flaskfinder in most builds
Holy shit GG

Ahfack is a bow player now :>
Fake Temp League Elitists LUL
O_o ahfack playing pathfinder..... N BOW!!!!!!!!!

thats a nice build with low budgetwith high potential with the right investment
A day w/o dealing with stupid ppl is like....Never mind. Ill tell u if it ever happens

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