3.0.0b Patch Notes

Damn spoke too soon.
Game still crashing, even tried DX 9ex/9 same issue.
Undo this patch.

un-check the "dynamic resolution" button. Fixed the issue for me as well.

This stupid patch made the game unplayable due to random crashes instantaneous
It was fine before then.

"Fixed an instance crash related to Storm Burst."
More like the opposite.
Using channelled lightning skills will no longer trigger Orb of Storms.

wtf why you f*** my build this is disgusting there was no need at all im not happy EVERYTIME i find a good build you f***** break it im sick of this s*** f*** NOT buying the supporter pack when it comes out, why support you when you keep f****** me and many overs other personally. f*** this s****!


edit: nevermind my orb of storms/storm burst char while chanelling still works so fuck knows what thats meant to mean.
Last edited by cosacee on Aug 7, 2017 6:58:27 PM

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