3.0.0b Patch Notes

Where is the 3.0.0A patch notes?
GGG,so u know that this fix didnt fixed crashes totally???they are still here...and u can see it from forum messages. Fix pls more =___= 14 hours from launch - still crashes,wtf.
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no fix to the crashes that amd users experiance in every single underground area in the game when using directx 11. There are like 100 posts in the bug report forum 1 with a ggg reply that says you know whats wrong and have fixed it but nothing in the patch notes.

as a gamer you dont use amd. you use intel and nvidia. period. end of topic. may as well play on a console using amd. amd has had problems for years and years now with many games, thats on their end.


he's 95% right...
But what about a bug that crashes the game after the loading screen? Or are you going to take another month of inaction and steal some random player's solution like you did the last time?
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Qarl, will these get fixed too or is this intended? Because it's a fucking joke if this is intended.

2% skeleton attack speed OP.
hello ^^

great thanks for having repaired the minions giving uniques ! i really needed that^^

but what about the others changes to uniques previewed into the patch note but that weren't done in game ?

i am using Hyaon's Fury with my build on my duelist and it hasn't changed to the actual version :

Hyaon's Fury
Legion Sword
One Hand Swords
Quality: +20%

Physical Damage: 63.6–117.6
Elemental Damage: 1–(550 to 650)
Critical Strike Chance: 5.00%
Attacks per Second: (1.28 to 1.32)
Weapon Range: 9Requires Level 62, 122 Str, 104 Dex
40% increased Accuracy Rating

Adds 1 to (550-650) Lightning Damage
(7-10)% increased Attack Speed
1% increased Damage taken per Frenzy Charge
12% increased Lightning Damage per Frenzy Charge
+20 Life gained on Kill per Frenzy Charge
Plays Wolf Call sound on Kill (Hidden)

Actually, it still displays 3% increased Damage taken per Frenzy Charge instead of the 1% told into the patch note.

one other little thing being it doesn't play the Wolf Call sound on Kill. i never heard that sound being played ^^' sadness as i have a build themed over wolves for the fun.

i can't do the cathedral quest and can't access the area " cathedral Rooftop " at all neither in the Act 5 because all the quest has been " completed " but the quest " Ravenous god " says " quest Failed " for some obscure reason.

thank you GGG and keep going !
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Meanwhile the Bandits rewards system is still bugged out, priorities yeah?
Hail Thor-show thy might, Let thunder roar and lightning strike! Hurl thy hammer into the fray, And let thine enemies know fear this day!
How are bandits bugged?
They don't drop their amulets.
Hail Thor-show thy might, Let thunder roar and lightning strike! Hurl thy hammer into the fray, And let thine enemies know fear this day!

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