3.0.0b Patch Notes

fried got this after update
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Still no fix for the "Eramir not offering me a book to reset my bandits" bug? Shame on you.
Any fix for bandits in standard?
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3.0.0b Patch Notesa


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[li]Fixed a bug with the "Defeat Map Bosses" Harbinger Challenge where non-map bosses would count.[/li]

Aww, now i actually have to play through the game :c
I'm playing the Steam version of the game, and patch 3.0.0B doesn't download for me.

When double clicking the .exe the patch starts to download, but finishes at 0 bytes / 0 bytes when I check my Steam downloads. Upon launching the game I get the error message when trying to log in that a new patch is required to play.

Anyone having the same problem?

EDIT: verified integrity of game files (no errors)
EDIT 2: version says 3.0.0B when I launch the game though, but can't log in
EDIT 3: fixed, complete reinstall did the job
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Blasphemy is not affected by reduced mana reservation.



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Still can't even get to login screen.
Just that GGG gears animation and then PoE stop work.

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Oh damn! ._.
I'm still gonna have to wait until they fix the bug with the game freezing, pinging out, and booting me to the login screen. It does it most often right when I'm loading up my character into Highgate (or any other area, really), or when I go to The Ascent, or sometimes at random when I'm in The Ascent (when I'm lucky enough for it to not freeze before then).

I can't help but think it has something to do with the fact that the game now takes approximately 5/8-3/4 of my total RAM.
iam literally downloading this patch at 16 kb/s that's nuts fix ur servers , is there anyway to speed this up or download it seperatlley

Edit: downloading now at full speed ,
Pls Fix ur servers pls pls pls ......
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Constantly getting booted. Yesterday it was at random points with both my standard character and harginger character. Today I can't get past the loading screen after choosing which character I want to play.

Edit, made it to lioneyes watch after 5 attempts. Is this a bug issue or is my computer not handling the update? How do I fix?

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