The Harbinger Challenge League

yey, let's start right now - nuff waited
Can't wait to get the glowing eyes mtx.
4 days to win the lottery and to play poe
my english sux.
Man this looks badass!!
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I don't mind having new currency. But it can affect the economy if some it comes more often than what would normally happen right now. Think of players all of a sudden having a ton of mirrors.

I am wondering does this change mean that the currency tab is getting changed where it will be able to hold more currency or will we get a new currency tab to put this new currency on? With all of the shards and orbs there isn't enough room on the one currency tab we have right now.
Great league , but did they forget their promise about raise spectre ?
Again 1000+ maps...
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Was hoping it was standard galactic alphabet.

Was disapointed.
The harbinger looks like the final boss of smash 4

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