The Harbinger Challenge League

Really hope that the currency stash tab has evolved with the input of new orbs, and not as i suspect hasn't with the advent of a 'New purchasable Harbringer currency tab'

Call me an old pessimistic cynic.

And yer effects looks under-polished. Guess we see.
Hm the only thing that is interesting is mirror shard. What other good reasons would be to go for this league? I guess since its 3.0 it be cool to just start in league but league itself is not sure how to evaluate it..
Poe 2.0 new trailers when?
Mr_Cee wrote:
fred84 wrote:
What I don't understand is if the new orbs are league-only (I guess that for the shards that's a strong "yes")

Since it seems they extend the currency tab for this new parts, it would be strange/silly to dump them away after 3 month?

well, the wiki says that everything is league only, so

1. we won't get drops on the parent leagues
2. *maybe* we will get them included in the core game at the end of the league

would be nice to get a comment from GGG, but seriously, as a casual I feel left out :/
Sooooo where is the new harbinger supporter packs?
Where are the Harbinger Supporter packs that were promised on 3.0 release?! I really want to buy the $60 one now but it's still unavailable..please GGG let us buy the packs today or sometime within the next 24 hours. I'm praying to Chris Wilson that we get the packs today!
First time checking back since my previous post in this thread. I see I'm not missing much. MxM's community is CONSIDERABLY less childish and rude, and overall the game is less disappointing than PoE has been in recent months.

Firefly00 wrote:
TheLastZica wrote:
Since I won't be logging in most likely, well... some of you have my email. Those that don't, you can likely still find me on Master X Master under the same username for the forseeable future. I'm finding it far more promising that PoE so far, though it's not without its own issues.

I'll agree - yes, it's fun; but yes, it has some puzzling issues. One major example is the idea of making non-random stage selection require a cash shop item (the dispatch ticket).

Thing is, you get like 6+ free tickets a week just from login rewards, and the random stage thing works well anyways because it reduces the tendency to just farm one zone (HELLO DRIED LAKE AND SHAPED STRAND) incessantly until it's utterly mindnumbingly boring. And that cash shop? I have 5940 X-Coin unspent currently without ever paying real money, after buying a bunch of inventory space expansions with X-Coin as well - you can get a very fair quantity of the premium currency just doing logins and certain daily/weekly/monthly missions. More than enough to buy a premium skin every month at the least.
People who don't like the Labyrinth are not a minority: Be heard - say you don't like it in your signature. Don't leave complaining about lab to others - GGG needs to see how many people dislike it. Ascendancy must be gated on true ARPG content, not a poorly-crafted internet Legend of Zelda wannabe.
Where are the supporter packs i keep money for them since announce of harbinger league
I heard, that was a nice league.
Bad thing I was serving in army that time, had no chances to try a smell fresh breeze of beachhead of that time...
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