Path of Exile at E3

VironLaw wrote:
**Edit1:** When PS4? =P

GGG is probably prevented from giving an official reply to this.

All told, there's likely some sort of confidential agreement with Microsoft, hence why the game is appearing on the less-selling console exclusively. Microsoft has started ramping up its efforts to try and remedy its weaker sales figures vs. the PS4, and this has included the relatively aggressive Xbox One X, and, it would appear, an exclusivity agreement with GGG.

It seems they're taking a page from Sony, which has, for a few years, been trying to aggressively recruit and back more "independent" titles to make it stand out. This can make sense, given that it's been many years since the AAA crowd tried playing favorites; the 7th gen kinda dissuaded most of them from any route other than cross-platform, leaving just a handful.

So, a PS4 version of Path is almost certain; the hardware architecture is identical on both the Xbox One and PS4, so porting to the other will be a LOT easier once one done. The only question is when the exclusivity agreement expires; most of them seem to last about 6 months to a year after release, so I might keep my eyes peeled in 2018.

RectumJuice wrote:
Are we going to be able to link and transfer our PC accounts to console? Or do we have to start directly from scratch?

As I recall, they did state they'd be an entirely separate set of realms, with absolutely no transfer between them. E.g, the "Xbox standard" economy would exist with absolutely no pre-3.0.0 legacies.

ripnburn69 wrote:
If it will run at 60fps on xbox, why not my pc?

It's more a relative/hyping term. Games can and do lag on the console in spite of their best efforts to control all variables.

So yes, it'll get 60FPS most of the time; that's that that hard to achieve. And I highly doubt any demo would be daring to show a party of 6 CoC'ers.

Hardware-wise, the X version will feature a GPU supposedly comparable to an RX480; while decidedly much weaker than a GTX 1080Ti, (the accepted standard for 60fps 4k in high-end games) Path's rather low GPU-intensity means that it'll be more than enough. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the much-weaker core in the first Xbox One would prove sufficient for that.

The CPU's another question, though; that's the loading that tends to cause instant drops when the effects start getting layered. I've not had the chance to experiment with how well the multithreading code works with AMD's Bulldozer architecture, but that would be key; in theory with really, really good thread distribution it could produce good power, but in most real-world (especially gaming) situations it falls quite short owing to its weird "modules" design, which is exasperated given the PS4/XBO (including their Pro/X refreshes) only use TWO modules for eight cores, instead of four like on the desktop. The X *does* up the clock rate by 31.4%, but it's still a matter of how well the code plays with those limitations.

Lastly, of course, how it handles the issues with loading (given that no Xbox uses a true SSD, and PoE loves to choke if it's asked to sit on a HDD) are anyone's guess, though I'd love to hear that GGG has developed a fix for the game to run fine without requiring it be installed onto a SSD.
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nadnerb wrote:
great now fix beta mtx system

Hahaha YES! :)
Whenever a game adds console option it completely ruins the whole game and poe servers are already pure crap. good bye poe. RIP!
2 hours to port PoE to Xbox, 4 years and counting to fix Raise Spectre. :P
madmessiah wrote:
Whenever a game adds console option it completely ruins the whole game and poe servers are already pure crap. good bye poe. RIP!

Hi ProjectPT.
"the xbox version will in no way effect the pc version" OMEGALUL
That Twinfinite article was excellent.
VironLaw wrote:
Natalia, will you update this post when there's new post from other game journalist? Thanks!

**Edit1:** When PS4? =P

Xb1 exclusive only dude srry
When they give word of the xb1 beta,I'll be happy GGG take my money here you can even have the monkey. HYPE HYPE Xbox one x Path of Exile Xbox one version Hype. I'm just to pumped. Give us a date!!!
Originally read the one title as "took one hour to Port poe to Xbox." Was going to start laughing at all the people that complained about the Xbox port being paid for by pc donations until I reread it.

Not that I don't laugh at people who complain anyway until we see if Xbox was worth the time and effort or not. I'm willing to bet it will be.
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