2.6.1 Patch Notes

Patch failed again I take it.
Thanks for all you do, GGG. Such an amazing game and just keeps getting better!

A few hiccups here and there are not going to deter me from being exited for all the upcoming content.

Thanks for working so hard on it!
Thank you for continually trying to roll this out, most of us remain patient and understand the task at hand. I look forward to the new MTX and beta, even if it's a bumpy process!
LOL, take it as a sign 3.0 is going to crash the player base. Not the content changes, the draconian incoming nerfs.
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Looks like the beta isn't gonna get the MTX change when it starts.
Necromance if you want to
We can bring your friends to life
But your friends aren't dead
And if they're not dead
Then they're no friends of mine
Path Rip!!!
Keep up the good work!
awave wrote:
just a thought that occurred to me upon reading the patch notes... please give a warning when attempting to delete a character who has jewels equipped. we should all make a habit of checking, but its such an easy mistake to make. i lost at least one legacy energy from within jewel this way.

I'd go a step further and have the warning include any items at all.
Cut the craps and tell us who is playing with the vaal orbs in the office??
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