2.6.0m Patch Notes

skill trees reset for this one?
Qarl wrote:

[li]Added support for upcoming races.[/li]


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Yqnnik wrote:
skill trees reset for this one?

For patch 2.6.0m? No.

Skill tree resets occur between challenge leagues, but not between minor patches.
Should have add a countdown for when Legacy League will end.

It's the first of June and that doesn't end 'til July 11th.

Helluva countdown.
This is a buff

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still itching for the day i open patch notes and it says "removed lagging ground"
I'm trying to update but it stopped in random moments everytime I've tried...
For now there was no problem with connection/game, everything still works fine, just problem with update POE. Anyone has the same?
Yeap^^ I'm experiencing the same issue.

Update stops on its own and wont let me update:(

EDIT: Update completed eventually, had to re-try 4 or 5 times for it to finish...
Have no idea why though:) :(
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have not been able to play on win 10 since this patch. how can i fix this

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