2.6.0m Patch Notes

Is there a race that will be able to stay connected to the server when using portals? I want to be that one
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Numma numma!
hey guys!
Oh yea. The countdown begins!
IGN: StriderX (Delve)
Countdownnnn! I know it shouldn't have such a big effect.. But... Hype!
Countdown & races, nice.
What can change the nature of a man?
I will win the race to the beer fridge :}
It should be called The Fall of PoE.

It will be epic, that much is sure.

You're going to trash a large chunk of the player base builds in one fail swoop. Good going, lol.

Every corporate game company does it, PoE is no exception.

Diablo II Refugee -> PoE Refugee -> Grim Dawn & Wolcen Supporter
countdown FeelsGoodMan
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