2.6.0m Patch Notes

2.6.0m Patch Notes
  • Added a countdown for the start of The Fall of Oriath Beta.
  • Added support for upcoming races.

Last bumped on Jun 5, 2017 8:54:41 PM
Good stuff!
what up cuzz
yay beta!
Can't wait!
countdown hype ;)
cya Deathtiny

level fast, die young and leave a nice looking corpse!
Fornicate You, Fornicate You, Fornicate You very fornicating much, GGG, for pouring sopping wet feces over
the 99.99% of YOUR solo playerbase that want to get just ONE (1) character to level 100... with YOUR
mother-fornicating continuous XP nerfs and your feces-spewingly designed high tier maps!

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