[3.7] Frosty Duelist - Dual Wielding Frost Blades

hi , tahks a lot for the answer.
Hey, may i ask you why u go for nodes where u need a shield equipped ? :) do you wear a shield in this build ?

Greez Rob

No shield, mistake on the poedb version of the tree (I threw that real quick for someone the other day when poeplanner was down. poeplanner version is correct, sorry about that.
wild it be good to use bleed insted of elementage weapon dmg?
patkari wrote:
wild it be good to use bleed insted of elementage weapon dmg?

unfortunately cold damage cant make enemies bleed (my char in 2.6 started as gladiator just so I could and then I sat there wondering why aren't they bleeding?)
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ok thks
Can u add video of gameplay?)
GGG, сделайте уже торговлю автоматизированной-хватит лениться.Блевать тянет с торговли.Скоро кто-нибудь переплюнет выпуск реюзабельного контента каждые 3 месяца/на 2 недели игры.
gera23ret wrote:
Can u add video of gameplay?)

I'm probably not the most exciting to watch :) but I'll work out how to do it, the geforce drivers
I installed the other day said it will record it so will try that :)
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Updated with stuff from level 93

1st problem thats how u get enough 40 dex for your "fight for survial "
2nd thats why dont u use vaal pack ... u just have to spend 4 point - with vaal pack u can facetank almost guardian because for 1 hit , u cant leech 1667 hp and your attack rate is more than 9.0 , thats mean u always on full life and u need only 1 point to life and mana leech - thats enough for leech !
3rd is iron reflecxes give u total 9k armour = 41% physical dmg reduction + instance fortify + flash = never get 1 hit from boss and u dont need to use warlords mark , maybe replace it by purity of ice for less reflect damage or any things...
and i got an idea with shock , thats give u a huge damage boost

i spend 1 socket for this gem to add lightning damage to attack = your lightning damage can shock
u can get 10% in the bottom right from passive tree( loose 4% ele, not too much haaha) + 10% from boot enchanted and may be change 1 of your ring to "the taming,prismatic ring" = total 30% chance to shock !
attack rate is 9.0 + 30% shock + shock duration is 2s , thats mean ur attack damage always shock .
after all of my changed , my full buffed dps is 1,5M at Lvl90 ^^
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