[3.7] Frosty Duelist - Dual Wielding Frost Blades

Hi Sorry forgot to update it, it should have been useable until about act 7-8 but anyway I've dropped a quick one in.
Did anyone test Rage support gem? according to POB, replacing multistrike or Ruthless with Rage give more damage and allows to run Berserk skill. but without multistike attack speed is kina low. thoughts?
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Playing a bit modified tree, went JUGG with claws and so far (tier 5maps) i'm destroying the content with almost no gear with this build...

I replaced the multistrike with
for my 6L tabula..

Let's see how it goes when i get some gear and higher tier maps.
Re multistrike. I theorycrafted with my Synthesis character without the synthesis ring etc (mark of the elder) and it all looked good. When POB updated gem info it dropped about 1M dps but was still higher than before. I hadn't looked at multistrike because it is always such a main part :) but yesterday I finally realised that it was multistrike that caused the drop.

I am playing with dropped multistrike, ruthless in permanent and swap ancestral for fortify when needed. Waiting to see how it performs on higher levels
(Faster attacks doesn't give as much dps but still more than multistrike so if I feel it is too slow that will try that instead of multistrike).

I'm haven't been keen on damage on full life becuase blood rage etc but personal preference, it is really strong. Tempted to try it with the slayer :)

I dismissed rage because I am not a berserrker :) for my setup POB says I need 20 rage to match above, How do you feel about rage generation? is higher than that realistic?

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WildWombat wrote:

I dismissed rage because I am not a berserrker :) for my setup POB says I need 20 rage to match above, How do you feel about rage generation? is higher than that realistic?

i leveled with Rage, because it's just free flat phys and no need to change weapons as often + bonus from rage buff itself. Now i'm in white/yellow maps, and keep 20+ rage is very easy. it take about 10 seconds to generate 50 rage, and you keep it for whole map, you can pop Berserk skill on boss for More damage, attack speed and less damage taken. seems like very good gem, if you don't mind a little slow ramp up.

also, if i'm slayer and pick full Leech side, could i pick Damage on Full life, instead of Hypotermia?

also also, why'd we need rare chest with lvl 1 maim? Maim support works only on phys damage, which we don't have any.

also also also, if we link Hatred, Herald of Purity and War banner to Enlightn level3, we also could fit Precision aura for extra crit chance and accuracy, which make easier to gear up.

Thanks will have to try rage :)

Yeah, I think it would take the leech to make damage on full life worthwhile without it I feel my life is not quite full too often. Interested to see how you find it (playing with slayer options to see what is best :) )

for maim we still get the deal more physical damage as it gets calculated before the conversion but lose the enemies take increased physical damage as that is after the conversion :)

doesn't that get into negative mana? (50+25+25+10)=110 x.92 = 101.2? enlighten 4 would get it but it needs a lot of intelligence. Personally I dont like 2 heralds (down to 6-8%) mana without putting more points into mana leech etc which outweighs some of the benefits but really personal preference.
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WildWombat wrote:

doesn't that get into negative mana? (50+25+25+10)=110 x.92 = 101.2?

Yea, i was mistaken. i meant pick Precision instead of War Banner, i also calculated wrong, because i used my level 11 Precision, which reserve 110 mana, instead of 186 at level 20. which is good trade, imo. War banner give us 20% accuracy, Precision give us 444 flat accuacy at level 11, +50% increaced crit chance ( 59% at level 20 ), and we already have a lot of increased accuracy on tree. i have 36.8% crit chance, 2981 accuracy rating with Banner and 15% ( 80 mana ) unreserved mana. With Precision i have 40.8% crit, 3906 accuracy, but only 4% ( 24 mana ) unreserved mana, which will require either more mana pool ( 48 mana on level 90 ) or Enlighten level 2 or 3, to not get mana starved.

For my current tree and gear Precision lvl7 give same amount accuracy as War Banner lvl 20. but also give 46% increased crit chance and reserve only 76 mana.
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so guys first post in the forum - TLDR:

first of all i want to thank WildWombat for making this great build and the guide for it. THANK YOU!
My first experience with PoE was around 3.2 I guess (few years back, don't remember exact) so i went out & search for a build (guide) that suits my likes. I found this great build and (there wasn't act by act guide back then) start playing.......and it was awful. I mean: i follow the passive tree but was (and still am) completely noob - i thought that skill gems that was used in the build were to ....idk?....world drop?...soooooo
i was getting a frosty duelist build tree with the funkiest skill gems combo.
few years fast forward in time and we're 2019, synthesis league starting, i'm still a completely utter noob but now the build has a act by act guide i can folow (mostly).....for the first time i can complete the first labyrinth.....i'm not sure if you can perceive my joy, it was awesome. Now is the time to say i always liked games like PoE or Diablo but never was good at either of them (nor will be ;D ). i folow the "act by act" guide, didn't mind that i wasn't getting the best equipment but it was all fun and joy and am (was?) looking forwward to see what the end game is. Still a complete nooob, still reading a lot about the mechanics (not that i understand it completely but....) and stuffs and mostly: enjoying the game!

So mostly i'm about enjoying games (in general) and thus i have a questions in regards of
Sorry but with feeling weird, and most importantly being bored after 29 frost blades characters I am going to abandon this guide.

what will be the fate of this excellent guide?

sorry for the long post (i wraped it in spoiler) but i thought i should express my thoughts
Linked below is my current build, I was wondering if anyone knew how to make it do more damage. When I compare my current build to the one on POB I do alot less damage.

I know you are not playing the build anymore, but I see you got a Slayer to 80 and a Champion to 90, any thoughts on whether Slayer should be preferable to Champion now in 3.7? Or not tested enough
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