2.6.0g Patch Notes

Galadedrid wrote:
Multithreading still causes crashes (and game simply closing without error message) on map transition, particularly from map -> hideout, but can also occur the other way round - though less frequently.

This exactly - i crashed 4 times today in 1,5 hours every time Map > Hideout
Gets me angry every time so i stopped playing for today :(
Turned Multithreading on and the game crashed. Turned it off again and no more crashes...
I still have problem with the HUD/UI :(
Still unstable as heck, basically everything can cause a crash now.
I want to say that prior to this patch, I actually had no issues with Path of Exile other than the usual lag which is with my location (there's a thread on reddit somewhere). Now I frequently get a Path of Exile has stopped Responding whenever I engage in party play. If I don't play in parties, I usually end up fine, but that means I can't do master missions with others.
Could we switch the exalt droprate with the rate of crashes?

Legacy league crash count: 38
Legacy league exalt count: 4
I want to get back daggers stats. What the fuck it is? [Removed by Support]. First at all is damp builds from closed betta with 1 000 000 dps, I tolerated it. Now fuck shit is daggers. I want to get answer to my fucken question. I want to back daggers stats. Shadow is a creep after all this shit.
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Devs there is a bug that got silently in the fixing of skills, somewhere between the patches in the last two Weeks. I got the Support Gem: Cast when Damage Taken Support and linked with Immortal Call, Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance Support and Flame Golem. After one of these last patches the Spell lock on Immortal Call lifted and deployed on Flame Golem instead, now when i take Damage it doesnt cast Flame Golem or Immortal Call, please fix that as soon as possible. Thank you


Sorry redact that above made a tiny little Mistake with the Spell Restriction there. The Devil is always in the Details.
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amazing :)
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