2.5.4 Patch Notes

Cool.... I can't even play now because I just lag out as soon as I start combat.
How to bring back my Standard hideout..I was building it for a month..
Embrace the Great Power of Hillock.
right at the moment its lagging like hell, click on anything and it takes seconds do do that. Thank you for the wonderful patch!
Completed 1 ChallengeFreshour wrote:
Cool.... I can't even play now because I just lag out as soon as I start combat.

Yeah, same to me.
Screen freez and disconnects! Great work GGG!

Let me express it nice ... Patch server and gameserver on one line or on one system? Bloody stupid decision!
Sorry, my english is not nativ! ;-)
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the program has encountered a serious error and needs to close....on wine

thanks a lot
Odd just when i tried to log i got a new extra patch of 500mb.
Qarl wrote:
Added client support for the Thai language.

Glad to hear you're not thaid up with that anymore. :)
Nothing new with the performance issue some users have since 2.5.2 ?
I guess i'll switch the game to potato mode for the legacy league to see if can have a playable game again.
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Completed 32 Challengeslinkstatic wrote:
What issues with the effect o.O No issues so far, the previous one fixed it goood.

You can search the forum for the issues that others were having.
But to quote a few ones that I had:
1) for a few minutes after launching the game, the effect would make my character invisible (except for its head and hands, which would be visible, but not wearing helmet nor gloves).
2) the character effect would add a translucent golden glass effect on top of the phase run + quartz flask bug that makes you permanently invisible. This one actually wasn't bad, I kinda liked it.

Completed 24 Challengessnarc wrote:
What did they change about Legacy character effect? (Screenshot anyone?)

The effect was also getting cut in half while standing in hideout. https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/5vgcww/uhhthis_is_the_fix/
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EDIT: Working now. May have been my sh**ty IP.
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