Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath

Tanuktolan wrote:
I'm a new player. But will this mean i can keep on playing the character i am making now or do i need to create a new one once Fall of Oriath has landed?

Thats a good question and not easy to answer. I think a total restart for all players with new characters would be to hard. Just think about a char over 80 or 90 levels, this would hurt see him just warp into the void (or the exiles retirement home).

The fairest solution (I had no better idea - sorry!) to all, would be to let everyone, after finishing act 4, enter act 5 and the following acts. For highlevel chars this would be more like a garden walk and only endgame would (maybe) a challenge. I know this suggestion sounds not perfect at all - what do you think?

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how does one get beta access though.. i participated in the poe closed beta originally it was so awesome! what a cool feeling!
Yes please any information on where to sign up for this / buy the supporter pack for it?
Quick question.
I was thinking to start a beta char but my concern is that after the final release I have to start again with a new hero, or the one from beta will go on further on the full version?

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