Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath

Good job GGG! You are the best!
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I just cannot wait!
cannot wait!

I got two questions regarding the new Lethargy Jewel.

1. Will the Splash-Damage scale with AoE modifiers?
2. Will the Splash-Damage work with damage conversion - or if you wear Pyre you will deal no splash damage at all?

Ty for the answers!
The hype is real
HI there

Regarding how 1 single playthrough will change the POE experience from head to toes, and after thinking about how labs and bandits rewards will transfer through udpate, i wonder but can't get a point about how existing characters will survive this update... If anyone has any clue....
As a new player interested in 3.0, is there going to be a new talent tree in 3.0? If I find nice build to play with in 2.6, will that build still be relevant when 3.0 hits?

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