Mathil build list v2

Whoop Whoop, after lots of tweaking I made it. Reached the 8 million Shaper dps on Barrage with Chin Sol :-)

Lvl 98
6.2k hp
8.03 million Barrage Shaper dps



Respecced a ST raider to Ice Shot/Barrage, still adjusting gear/tree but seems alright for now, can't do endgame til SP gateway is fixed sadly

All recycled gear from other toons/on stash

Level 93, 5560 hp (151% on tree)
1.3m dps vs Shaper with frenzy/power charges, frostbomb and proj weakness.
3m dps activating Dying Sun + Atziri's + Diamond + Silver flask, excited to try Guardians/Shaper, 4m adding +2 barrage helm!


Some upgrades already! 2m dps without flasks now, ran a Mino before getting those upgrades and even without using frostbomb/proj weakness dps was pretty nuts
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Hi guys, using the Ice Shot build with everything socketed correctly but when I kill mobs, a number of times mobs don't die off when 0 hp. Have to hit a few more times for them to die. There's no totem or rare mobs with affixes regarding to this matter. Is kind of fustrating really seeing a bunch of 0 hp mobs regen back their health. Anyone kind enough to explain this? Or how do I go about it?

ah nvm, figured it out. that stupid glove..
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Where's the "CoCSpin Vortex/Frostbolt berserker" build ? I can't see anymore :(
guys, a little help here, please?

Can anyone say to me why i am so weak at this level?

this is my pob:

what am i doing wrong with the build ice/shot

Well first of all, you are following his Ice shot guide, but you are using Lightning arrow. That is the wrong skill. You gain a couple thousand DPS more by switching to the right skill

Secondly, your Ascendancy, you should go for Way of the Poacher -> Avatar of Slaughter -> Quartz infusion -> Avatar of the Veil

I would also get myself a Diamond flask and I would also respec a couple of nodes to grab Vitality void and the mana leech so that you can drop the mana flask.

Should take these nodes:

If you want I do recommend getting a Thief's Torment as that will make any mana problems stop being a thing like lvling.

Changing that you should be fine.

Edit: It also seems you are missing a couple of skill points. Here you can find a list of all the quests that give passive points LIST

You can type /passives
in the in game chat and it will show you what ones you have completed.
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Thank you for your reply. Gonna try to follow your tips, i was doing lightarrow 'cause it looked more stronger, I was folling the @Fritso build.

Thank you!
Hey mathil or any one more competent that me :P can u check my profile... char name minc_wander. .. wtf im doing wrong... i followed build 100% for the scion ele wander iv 6 link on my barrage but i allmost cant kill any boss over tier 7 with barrage :S help pls
Ice spear maraduer build together with better open mission jeweleries and how to receive quick lvl

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