South East Asia PoE Community!

Hi, SG player here. Kinda new, started about 2 weeks back. Would be glad to receive any help/advice!

Legacy SC
ign: xKeare
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Msian here looking for supportive guilds/friends. I've been playing for about a month now and restarted my character twice lol.

Legacy SC :)
Msian here, Will be playing for Harbinger Challenge league, SG gateway, anyone interested in playing tgt feel free to pm me :)
White siege axes and slaughter knifes :

Gems and items :
Looking for people to play with in SEA region,

IGN : WinstonLoke
harbinger sc
malaysian here also,been playing for a while,looking for a guild to see people chit chat XD (my ENG so BAD)

SG gateway

Malaysian here.

IGN : AhJibKor

any discord in SEA?
IGN : SaltyPIX

HC leagues
"Abandon all hope, ye who enter." ಠ_ಠ
IGN: GigglyBear
Level: 70
From Malaysia! I usually playing with my friends IGN: TeslaHerbinger and Gratizu. Just add us XD
Hello dear exiles,

I recently play on SG/Japan servers, searching a guild/people to regularly play together.

I play PoE since a couple months after the closed beta, still like and decided to play this league a bit more than usual.

So far I have a:

lvl 93 Maurader/Berserker/Critical hit + Vaal pact + Dark Pact,
lvl 89 Duelist/Slayer/Blood magic + cyclone (phys)

Mostly do Beachhead T15 Rotations, Master rotations, Lab runs recently.

My Account ID: fastcatz
My IGN: JustMeLabrunnerCyclone

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IGN : Lastroll
Hardcore Harbringer league

Hey guys im looking for SEA/Singapore gateway player to do The Beachhead map rotation or just high lvl mapping. Please add me in the game if you interest, because hard to find SEA/singapore gateway player to do rotation in trade/global channel XD

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