South East Asia PoE Community!

Sg player here. Started about one week ago with Ranger. Now strolling through act3 merciless.
IGN: OneEyed

Looking for new friends to play with and learn. Standard Breach League.
Damn, I forgot all about this thread I started donkey ages ago, cleared the list of players and probably gonna update it soon!
IGN : Ericaa
My Store! /108685
My Rain of Arrows Evasion build guide!
Hi . I just started playing PoE few days ago. I need advice and some friends to play with. Used to play D3 a lot but its getting very boring. I need some friends that can help and give me some advice please. Would realy appreciate it. I play on EU server i think as ia am from south africa and same time zone as EU
Ign: MakeTheEarthShatter
League: Legacy HC
Lvl: 84

Getting boring with no one to interact with except Zana :(
I'm looking for someone in the Philippines to play with. Just starting out and new to the game.

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