South East Asia PoE Community!

Refer to this post for update!

Anyone from the SEA region? :D Very quiet towns on SG Gateway :P

Thanks to AnimaSolo for providing this list. I'll be updating the list as more people post here :D

Please state where you are from and whether you play SC or HC :D

NEW LIST Updated 2nd Feb 2014

Standard League

Ezendor 89, Ranger
Zangief__ 78, Marauder
PewPepewPepepewPepepeew 71, Marauder
maramara_fruituser 81, Marauder
DavidTheExile 83, Marauder (also ZammyLetGo 41, Scion)
Shereeana 80, Witch
HalcyonMirage 81, Class unknown (also Azraeline 73, & Wingale 70)
JanieJoyce 58, Ranger
HelloKiraa 89, Marauder
BeyondGodControl 84, Shadow
VinzMelee 91, Ranger
danmakutanky 74, Ranger
Besheba 83, Witch
SlashGazer 82, Duelist (also BoomGazer 87, Marauder and ChargeGazer 85, Witch)
CheesyMatt 74, Duelist

Domination League

Berserkrieg 31
V_nz 89, Templar
Doomnezau 89, Shadow
Visibleinvisiblewoman 67, Scion (also Creepydudeinthedark 67, Shadow)
BlockGazer 73, Templar
Totemmushi 68, Scion (also Blondemushi 61, Scion, Crazymushi 57, Scion, Wushimushi 58, Marauder)

Nemesis League
LOMOKOKO Unknow, Unknown


Ezendor/Ericaa - MY
Nononononono/Hssiss - MY
Sclira - MY
CoReCriT/CoReTemplar/CoReRoRo - MY
thisischisin/mr_siao - SG
ObjectTemplar/LightningDagger/DestinedRanger/GodScapeGoat - MY
Spiderling - MY
Animatus - MY
PuppyReaper - MY
Samzlar/Samzezplay/Samzdapaleo - SG
LanceGTO - MY
froggyGG - SG
Eeeks - SG

Invalesco - SG
KingKenKen - SG
dentagram - MY
binjai - MY
HamstaBaby / HamstaBabie - MY
IGN : Ericaa
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MY player here reporting in!

I've been seeing a lot of players who speak Manglish and i suspect they're either from MY/SG lol
Hi I'm a bot and I would just like to say that MY and SG are awesome :D
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peterjohn04 wrote:
Thanks for invitation.
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WTF? Go away you.
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My Rain of Arrows Evasion build guide!
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1. I've just reported our spammer. Let's hope support axes them. (Preferably with a real axe!)

2. I'm aware of an Indian female player from Malaysia (Perak) who is very keen and has been involved with CB and now OB since mid 2011. I doubt that she would be a prominent member of the community as she is extremely shy.

There is a nurse from Penang who has also expressed interest.
From Penang reporting in :)

Got a couple of friends from Penang too that we hang out.
MY player here.. but just an alternate account though.. ^^ i don't stay on SG gateway.. its a bit weird but i found that i keep on getting Disconnected on that gateway >.<
~Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should~
MY player here :) from KL
IGN : Sixthus (essence)

Singapore player here.
I have never played Diablo 2 or Diablo 3...

I have played FATE and it's successors, though, and I'm told it's similar to Diablo.
Singapore player here ^^ Playing Hardcore tho, can't seem to find other hardcore SG players so I usually play solo.
Mandalawand_I lvl 78 (HC inactive) Or MandalaFP_I lvl 68 (HC inactive) Or MandalaMace lvl 58 (HC RIP) Or HealieK_I lvl 87 (HC active)
Singaporean HardCore PoE Player.
Contact me on either of the characters:) Prefarably the active one as I''m currently playing that!

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