2.5.0d Patch Notes

Completed 14 ChallengesLewsTherin wrote:
No words about the dramatic FPS performance with AMD video cards after with patch 2.5?

Just admitting there is a problem and say "yes, we are looking into that" would be sufficient... :-|

I hear ya bud, we've been left with the short end of the stick for to long.
Meta is for Sheep.
I don't know what's up with these patches but goddam... after c I had major performance drops (I'm talking about going to sub 10 fps in breaches, servers randomly lagging and what naught). Now after D had the game crash 2 times while in the uber lab and I ended up losing the f...ing keys. I mean I know Path of Exile is a work in progress but this is ridiculous and will end up with me breaking my keyboard and uninstalling the goddam game.
Again... Disconnected. Failed to join instance. 3 fucking keys and a waste of time in the uber lab. I broke my fucking keyboard... Fuck this shit.
And nothing about the lag in europe
what type of improvements to the default loot filter?
Fix AMD performance issues pl0x
Breach: Firestorm necromancer, Critfall trapper
When will you fix memory leaks problem?
Fixed a bug where Rogue Exiles possessed by a Tormented Seditionist would not drop maps.

I thought rogue exiles were unable to drop maps.
Completed 10 ChallengesGigaClon wrote:
PsOfOs wrote:
DX11 is crashing like crazy for me in the last half hour i hope you fix it cause it's unplayable

Use the DX9 client?

Man,you are a genious. I could never think of something like that.
Problem solved.
I know this don't fix anything and people still have important problems beside that but DirectX 11 Client is labeled BETA for a reason, they are testing stuff yet, the word BETA is cleary stated on the option screen.

If you have problems with the DX11 version of the game, drop it for the DX9EX or plain DX9 version until it is fixed.

BETAS are BETAS, they mean it is not ready completely and problems are to be expected while support is not priority.

Graphics corruption on DX9 would be a real problem, but on DX11 it only means they still have to iron out bugs...

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