2.5.0d Patch Notes

Wait, hungry abyss making generic leech being summed from all other types of damage was a bug?

I thought it was intended and I never got to try it even :(

also what unobtainable cards? now im curious :p
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Everytime I restart the game, it's in windowed mode and low resolution. Still not fixed.
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Plz look into the constant server lag. I have never seen this much lag from nothing as now. I mean 4 breach monsters instant lags..... What about aquireing a super server instead of only using one for release???????
They just stated that GGG is getting more servers due traffic.
Can we please get a fix for the SRS aura thing, I'm running 8-9 auras on a necromancer, don't know if it's commander of darkness that's makes it lag or what it is, but as soon as the SRS gets in or out of aura range we get server lag :( to the point where you can't really play the game.

Just thing its stupid that you can't play SRS with auras, but it kinda depends on the time of day, it's ok when there aren't that much traffic on the server :)
No words about the dramatic FPS performance with AMD video cards after with patch 2.5?

Just admitting there is a problem and say "yes, we are looking into that" would be sufficient... :-|
So, you don't fix the spikes problem during casting Raging Spirits? Come on GGG. It's really unplayable.
No fix for nothing I guess. Been about a month and still can not play.

whats the problem??

dx9 fixes will be nice, ty
And did you fix the server lag?
What about

*Game not utilizing all cores
*Huge framedrops not related to GPU load
*Memory leaks
*Loot ofscreen

To name some, who cares about Sunder, really that no one uses...Get you priorities in order!
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