[2.5] InVaaluable Value Berserker - Life Blade Flurry/End-Game Farmer

This build began in Essence League with some leftover gear as an assassin I had respecced out of a ranged crit life build. Using an Abyssus with dual Scourge claws, I was a glass cannon, even though I was mitigating with flasks and a 6L Lightning Coil. It was fun for a while but never actually gained a level after 89ish.

Now in Breach, I wanted to take what I learned and balance DPS with survivability to create the ultimate blade flurry machine. I think I’ve been successful so far and I wanted to share my current build – the InVaaluable Value Berserker. The clever name comes from 2 key points –
1) No Vaal Pact – Vaal Pact is great if you use CI, not so great if you’re a life build trying to do lab traps or run blood rage. While the tree provides 100% life leech and 40% more damage as berserker, the Bloodseeker unique claw refills your life pool immediately. The only thing that has killed me lately has been reductions to attack speed so I could not leech life back or a one-hit mechanism.
2) Value – This build is a value build because it requires a single unique that can be had for a chaos or two (or less). While it certainly improves with flat physical damage from gear, it’s not necessary. Also, a 6L is great but definitely not required.

So far, the build doesn't disappoint. It obliterates Atziri and can facetank Uber Izaro with full buffs(I haven't been stupid to see what he 'could' do, but I also didn't worry about moving away from his attacks). I've killed everything in the game except for Chayula (haven't tried) and the Shaper (tried once, was rusty and my skills were lacking). So far, this build has survivability comparable to the 2.4 CI Pathfinder Blade Vortex of using a Vinktar's.

Pros and Cons

-Quick clear speed with IAOE and more DPS when you swap in CE
-Instant leech gives you full life due to the DPS
-Kills bosses quickly
-Can do all but 1 map mods including double reflect if you're careful you should not do double reflect (have tried, it was bad) or "Cannot leech" maps (haven't tried)

-Have to be careful with traps and one-shots due to Abyssus
-Temporal Chains slows your attacks and therefore your instant leech - must have flask to remove chill/freeze
-Have yet to kill shaper - only one try so far but it was mostly my gameplay

Skill Tree and Bandits

The skill tree focuses on dual wielding one-handed weapons. Sword nodes are located in a favorable position so most of my damage output comes from the sword in my mainhand (300 pDPS w/ 1.97 APS). Also, I’ve hit every life node within range and used 7% on all my gems. Without spectacular gear, I am sitting just under 7300 life and unbuffed tooltip average attack damage of about 4000 at a speed of 0.13, or about 8 attacks per second.
I recently revamped the tree to remove the Hematophagy cluster on the bottom and add the Dirty Technique cluster. I also changed leech nodes to less % leech as my dps increases. Eventually, the Razor’s Edge sword nodes may be swapped out for something else as well.

Basic Tree

Updated 12/23/16 - Spec'd out of duality to get blade master:

For bandits, I decided to go Oak – Kratyn – Kill. My thought on Cruel was the faster that I can attack, the faster I can refill my life.


Basic Gear

I’ve done my best to stack life first, resist next, then damage. Flat physical is great using a fast attack such as blade flurry. The sword isn't exactly starter gear but is something to build up to.

Abyssus Setup

I bought a high armor chest and switched the tree a bit to get more physical mitigation to wear Abyssus. Abyssus tree: https://goo.gl/hX592Q


Currently, my main links are:
Blade Flurry - Faster Attacks - Melee Physical Damage - Weapon Elemental Damage - Added Fire - IAOE/Conc Eff

For physical reflect maps, swap in Physical to Lightning for IAOE/CE and Weapon Elemental Damage for Melee Physical Damage. For elemental reflect, just don't turn on your buffs or even take out Added Fire Damage.

If you don't have a Voidheart, swap Added Chaos Damage for Poison.

Other skills are as you feel comfortable. I recommend a CWDT w/ Temporal Chains or Vulnerability for the extra bleed/poison/physical damage, a movement gem (Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic - Fortify), Hatred, Herald of Ash, and Ancestral Warchief for the buff and the extra damage he brings. Your CWDT could also use Warlord's mark for endurance charges but that will only affect clearing maps, not boss killing. The WM leech component doesn't factor in because of the already high leech from Berserker ascendancy.



Corrupted Excavation - no single bad mod, just many inconvenient ones
--Boss https://youtu.be/69kc0FdEYp4
--Breach https://youtu.be/1vao9oQ2Yco

Atziri - https://youtu.be/Qh12rEivUQY

Core Map -
--Mini boss https://youtu.be/tZFHZOTBBEk
--Mini boss https://youtu.be/Ap-Y0LX8eo8
--Breach https://youtu.be/YtDFO6_vFyw
--Malachai - A demonstration of bad skill, but the build melts him https://youtu.be/B_mj_y2yohs

Colosseum Boss with Temp Chain, Vulnerability, Extra Damage mods

Uber Izarro -

With Abyssus

Abyss Map Boss Melts - https://youtu.be/0EjFIDhELJY

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What about leveling??
Completed 12 ChallengesPsywar_pt wrote:
What about leveling??

I leveled as cyclone because I intended to do a 2h cyclone build but changed my mind at about 65.
Added some videos and I got myself a Voidheart. I haven't modified the tree yet but plan to experiment tomorrow and the next couple of days.
If anyone has ideas about how to better optimize the tree, please let me know. All inputs are appreciated!
Updated this post to show Voidheart-friendly tree.
Let's go, it will be my next caracter in HC breach league.

Ty for the work!
Post updated again - added Core map video showing Breach survivability (-max resist, elem weakness) and boss ownage - ownage if you ignore me standing in a Malachai slam.
I wonder why you don't substitute vuln cwdt with Witchfire brew, than work in enduring cry and 4 endurance charges. You could respec for more, it would probably smooth out that spike dmg a bit.

I like the build thou it's prob something i would do next character
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If anyone has ideas about how to better optimize the tree, please let me know. All inputs are appreciated!

My skilltree looks similar to yours. You can save a passive point by not picking the route above "born to fight". Just go right from the RT Keystone. If you need intelligence you can take the +30 node on this way...

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