2.5.0c Patch Notes

This page is very slow to load for me, several of the servers have some nasty spikes at times and the click-response is consistently terrible on my end. It seems something has gone awry with this patch or something is clogging up performance. It doesn't seem to be on my end.
I appear to be living in "Romance Standard Time". That has to be good! :)
Primordial Eminence Viridian Jewel is not working on Chaos Golem.
Fixed an issue where Izaro had a small immunity window after you have killed him since you can't leech of his dead state and he could kill you...oh wait(LOL) its funny in a normal, cruel and merciless....uber not so much
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It's getting really worse currently and everything began with this patch. I.e. after open a breach or a strongbox it feels on lockstep like the server is hanging sometimes. Latency has really high spikes open a breach or also, if a group of warbands or several exiles or a very large group of monsters come across. I also had this in a group with other players and everone experienced the same lags as I did.

No issue on predictive but de-sync to hell in breaches. And it only happens on triggers that from it's nature would need a lot server performance for a short amount of time (like breaches, strongboxes with a huge amount of monsters, etc). Sometimes it feels in locksteps like everything is going in slow motion - just for the time the breach is open, once it's closed - everything works smooth again. And not with every breach.

As I first though it might has someting to do with preload, I tested a lot with --waitforpreload, --noasync and also no special settings, nothing helps.

Also it seems it only gets really of an issue in the peak times, when the most amount of players are playing.

Please fix this because sometimes it's getting unpayable atm. And I'm not playing on a toaster (i7 4770k, 16GB, 980Ti), and before this patch in the complete first week I had zero issues with those lagspikes.

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Qarl wrote:
2.5.0c Patch Notes
  • Fixed an issue where masters could teleport onto items, preventing players from reaching them.

This is still happening. I just want to push the bastard out of the way :(

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