2.5.0c Patch Notes

I am also having huge performance issues after the patch. Essentially the game freezes/pauses often now. It especially happens with large packs of mobs spawning like when opening a strongbox, and when my skills hit a large amount of enemies...

Not sure what to do at this point.
m1nx wrote:
When i start the game in dx11 mode the game change from fullscreen to windowed, this bug is not fixed :(

Same here. This is the most annoying thing ever. Really turns me off from playing this game until it's fixed. Every patch that's released, I hope this bug is somehow gone...nope.
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click inside the game window - 22 fps ingame
click outside the game window - 180 fps ingame

someone mistook background processes =)))))))
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I also get frequent crashes when things got hairy (lot of mobs, spells etc)
i7, amd radeon r9 380, win7, was running it perfectly on directx11

Been playing for 3 hours no crash since then...
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Megerko wrote:
click inside the game window - 22 fps ingame
click outside the game window - 180 fps ingame

someone mistook background processes =)))))))

Do you have G-Sync? If you do, restart your G-Sync monitor (unplug power and replug). Start the game again and it should be fixed.
Something I don't quite get being a coder myself who also utilizes >=DX9 in my work is how you can make DX9Ex worse then regular DX9

Maybe you've got too many long running code paths in the handler events or something, but I'm not willing to risk my HC character to a buggy as crap DX11 renderer. And DX9Ex is by design supposed to be faster and safer then regular 9, and yet running 9Ex makes me lose about half of my frame rate on average and drop to potato levels during breaches (sub 20 fps)

Going back to regular 9 is apparently the dream now fulfilled, since even in a full breach with over 100 npc's firing crap I stay at a constant >60 fps.

Please fix 9Ex to not be worse then regular 9 if you are going to make it the default render engine.

fix "breach" and him monsters
Something really broke after this patch. When using Dx 11 i'm getting the same performance that i used to get with Dx 9. It feels like i were using the 32 bit client.

I think i may have found how to fix this. I went back to Dx 9, logged in, waited for everything to load; logged out, switched to Dx 9ex, restarted, logged back in; logged out again and switched to Dx 11, restarted, logged in and it seems to be working properly now with no fps drops.
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