[2.6] Fire Nova Mine - Perfect League Starter - Low Budget - FAST - HC Viable

Hi everyone,

I played Fire Nova Mine as Saboteur (Shadow) in Hardcore Essence and reached level 95.
No close calls, and really nice clearspeed.

Also playing FNM this League in HC Legacy.

For anyone interested in my character progression in 2.6

Ok first of all I have to say I am a pleb this league lol.

First char: † @ lvl 78
Felt very confident, did Merc Lab died in 3rd Izaro Phase. You know that feeling when I zaro has like no life left and you tell yourself you can just push through and finish him. Yeah, well don't. Just keep cool and play it slow. I got hit by him and traps at the same time xD

Second char: † @ lvl 44ish

Second char died in cruel Act 1. Now one might think how can you die in cruel act 1 ?
It's easy :D Let me teach you. First you need to discover a shiny unique strongbox of which I forgot the name. But it's a strong box that spawns tormented ghosts. I, clever as I am plant some mines open it and charge back and wait so that all the ghosts jump into one guy for them currenzies.
Now the fun part. That one guy ghosted by 3 or 4 ghosts, flickers to me and hits me three times super fast - and I am dead.The thing is I wasn't even able to be angry because I had to laugh so much.
The guy that got possessed was one of those Necromancers in Prison, he jumped me and delivered his finest Karate. It was hilarious.

Just died at lvl 92 , vaal detonate dead from a beyond boss inside a breach :(
Probably rerolling another build.

My current Gear

UPDATE Build is still viable (clear t1 - t15 fast) without any uniques,
however if you plan to make this build really strong for end game content like Guardians/Shaper you want to get a covenant chest + doedre's damning.

I did a video guide shortly after HC Essence, where I showed the power of the build in some high maps and explained everything.
It is a pretty long video, but there is a timetable in the bottom middle where you can just jump to the parts you are interested in.

This build (at least in its "0-uniques-needed"-version) was not Uber Atziri and Shaper viable since you ran out of Mana in too long fights. The Guardians were also pretty hard. This changed now since we get blood magic by using the covenant chest. We also go crit when we are at a high level so that we can kick Endgame's ass.






IMPORTANT (update xD)
Guys I just noticed that I didn't explain one core mechanic in my guide, since I am so used to do it with every build automatically - PRESS SHIFT WHENEVER YOU LAY DOWN A MINE ! It makes you not run but lay it down immediately. Build would feel unplayable without doing so



FNM got slightly nerfed. As polimeris pointed out we will lose about 13% AoE. This is not as bad as I thought it would be in the beginning.
You will still be doing fine and you will still be able to clear T1 - T15 pretty fast.

The Math behind the 13%
Completed 8 Challengespolimeris wrote:
Pre 2.6 radius with 40% increased radius + 44% from 11 mines : total 84% radius. (achievable with skilltree alone. No gear necessary).

30*1.84 = 55.2 'length unit' final radius

Post 2.6 radius with 6*8% + 2*10% increased Area from tree + 88% from 11 mines: total 156 % increased Area (again, no gear necessary).

base Area of fire nova mine : 30 * 30 * 3.14 = 2826 'area unit'
area of fire nova after increase : 2826 * 2.56 = 7235 'area unit'
Conversion to radius : squareroot( 7235 / 3.14 ) = 48 'length unit' final radius.

Final result:

New fire nova mine will be shorter by 13.2%
A very consequent nerf, but the build remains manageable.

edit: Another way to look at the change.
The new radius will be as if you were only taking 60% increased radius with current value.
We will lose ' 24% increased radius of area ' on the tree, for as many skillpoints.

Covenant Chest

The new version of covenant chest is an awesome item for us now. It can be an 8 link (free added chaos gem + free blood magic gem). So it can boost our damage while also solving any mana issues. We might need to get a bit more life regen though.

Solo Self Found
While the build would be quite good for SSF I wouldn't recommend playing SSF since you really want to get the new covenant chest, which will make this build End Game viable It is also pretty hard to get your hands on the really important helmet enchantment.

HC Essence lvl 95

As you can see my gear is super crappy, but I never had to upgrade it through trading and could safe all my moneys I made for my 2nd build.
UPDATE: Gear is a bit outdated, I will update it with my new gear in Legacy HC League. You will want Covenant Chest and Doedre's Damning Ring. Eventually a dagger for more crit ( but you can't leap slam then anymore ).

Legacy HC - Gear at lvl 77 (before crit)

The links on the gear work out perfectly, so that you can cast everything expcept movement skills on life without reserving life. So make sure to get a 4link that is actually a 3link + 1 link.

Flask Setup

Seething Divine Life Flask of Heat
Seething Divine Life Flask of Staunching
Surgeon's Quicksilver of Adrenaline ( if not crit yet -> Experimenter's Quicksilver of Adrenaline)

Experimenter's Diamond Flask of Warding (Can't get surgeons on diamond flask, if not crit -> perpetual Basalt flask of warding)

Surgeon's Granite Flask of Iron Skin (if not crit -> perpetual granite of iron skin)

-> Detailed Video Guide <-

Endgame Passive Tree 2.6
Starter Build/0 Uniques Needed
Use this if you don't aim for a covenant before you go crit http://www.poeurl.com/7WF
You have covenant but don't go crit until lvl 80ish
Use this build early, if you get your hands on a covenant directly at lvl 50ish. http://poeurl.com/7Wx
Build we respec to when lvl80 ish , covenant and doedre's damning

You can choose between Saboteur and Assassin. As long as you don't want to do shaper/guardians/uber atziri/ uber lab farming I would highly recommend to you to go saboteuer, since FNM feels so much more fluid and better with the utility that comes from it. If you really want to start farming said bosses, you can always respec into Assassin. Assassin will give you more damage, and even so much crit that you probably can take out critchance gem and put controlled destruction back in. But the damage you do with sabo is easily high enough to speed clear t1 - t15.


Normal Lab -> Bomb Specialist
Cruel Lab -> Demolition Specialist
Merci Lab -> Explosives Expert
Uber Lab -> Blinding Assault


Normal Lab -> Unstable Infusion
Cruel Lab -> Deadly Infusion
Merci Lab -> Ambush
Uber Lab -> Assassinate

Oak , Passive, Alira

Gem Setups
Main Setup:

Fire Nova Mine - Minefield Support - Fire Pen - Increased Crit Chance - Elemental Focus - Trap and Mine Damage Support

If you are not crit yet, replace the crit chance gem for a controlled destruction gem.

4 Link:

Leap Slam - Shield Charge - Fortify - Faster Attacks


4 Link:

Summon Stone Golem - Decoy Totem - Blood Magic - Faster Casting


4 Link (with one link not connected -> so 3 link + 1 link)

3L = Vaal Clarity or Vaal Haste* - Increased Duration - Faster Casting
1L = Arctic Armour (dont let anything support AA or it will reserve too much mana)

*clarity or vaal haste: if your life reg is not op yet, go for VC else you can go VH

3 Link:

Enfeeble - Temp Chains - Blasphemy


3 Link:

Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal call - Increased Duration


You can use Fire Nova Mine from level 12 onwards, its really strong for leveling.

Get a +1 Fire Sceptre/Wand (vendor recipe: Magic Wand + Ruby Ring + Alteration) and add Minefield Support ( act 1 after killing brutus) and Elemental Focus ( act 2 after killing Weaver).

Once you have a 4Link you will probably add fire pen. I would even add fire pen as the 3rd link but you won't have it by then since you get it after doing the Library Quest.

With this 4Link Setup you should be able to get to merciless dried lake.

Mana might be a problem, so use clarity and have always the highest Manaflask available to you.Try to get your hands on a vaal clarity as soon as possible and link it with inc duration

Tree 25 Points (Updated for 2.6)

Tree 38 Points (Updated for 2.6)

Tree 70 Points (Updated for 2.6)

Once you are lvl 68+ go get a high level/quality FNM - Gem if you can. The gem shouldn't be too expensive but makes a huge difference in damage ! Don't run around with a level 16-17 FNM if you can somehow avoid it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why cast speed?

Fire Nova Mines profits from cast speed unlike any other mine.
Here is a quote from the Wiki.

"Casting Speed - Fire Nova Mine is one of the only mines that is heavily influenced by player casting speed. As with all traps/mines/totems, Fire Nova Mine uses the casting speed and other stats of the player that placed the mine when it casts its skill. This means that the higher the casting speed modifier that the player has, the shorter the amount of time it takes for Fire Nova Mine to repeat its casts. This makes the support gem Faster Casting Support inventory icon.pngFaster Casting Support a very useful support gem as it causes Fire Nova Mine to hit targets within its specified range with the repeated Nova casts faster, and lowers the potential for enemies to escape the area between Nova casts."

Hey what about "The Consuming Dark" as weapon of choice?

There is double dipping, when you use double consuming dark , you won't notice a huge difference but a quite notable one in damage. However, sacrificing the shield slot, would make us too squishy. We just need the defensive stats from it. Double consuming dark is also very slow - movement wise. You can use whirling blades but you will have to deal moving around with weapons that don't have any local attack speed. So the overall clearspeed will probably be better with the rare sceptre shield charge version.

If you inted to farm the real real endgame bosses like shaper or uber atziri, it might be worth it to go double consuming dark , assassin , full crit with controlled destruction gem instead of critical strike chance gem. This would be the way to deal the ultimative damage, but then you really have to think about how to get your defensives up.

One more thing is that you would have to dual wield CD so that it makes sense. This takes off a lot of survivability - but we can't afford to lose survivability.

Hey what about using Doryani's as a weapon of choice?

I also thought doryani's might be a good choice. So I tested it out on my lvl 95 char who has a 5-10c rare sceptre equipped.


So I know I have an old version of doryani's but it won't make a huge difference. The new one has 20% more elemental damage.

Fire Nova Mine scales insanely well with flat elemental damage to spells. Go get as much as possible of that!

Why I have to wear a crappy unique called "Doedre's Damning" ?

As soon as you switch to crit you need as many spare points as possible, that's the only way crit makes sense - if you go all in on it. Therefore we need the +1 curse somewhere on our equip so we can spec out of the "Whispers of Doom" - Node in the passive tree.

There are 3 possibilities on how to get +1 curse on your gear.

1) Doedres Damning http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Doedre%27s_Damning
Sacrifice one ring slot. In my opinion the best solution since it's not too hard to get res capped anyways. The disadvantage is that you can't equip two diamond rings then, the bit of extra crit could have helped.

2) Wind Scream Boots http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Windscream
Also a very nice solution. It is totally up to personal preference if you use doedre's or wind scream. What I don't like about windscream is that you lose 15% movement speed, which also slows your shield charge.

3) Corrupted amulet with +1 curse implicit

So to be honest. This is by far the best solution, but ... you have to be insanely rich or insanely lucky to corrupt one yourself. This can be done by using a Vaal Orb on a yellow amulet. So you could have a super nice yellow amulet and only lose the implicit stat.

If you use corrupted amulet , keep in mind you won't be able to use voll's vision since it negates the life and liferegen on it. You could still just use another helmet though.

How do we generate Power Charges?

Blast Cascade (skill tree): 15 % chance to gain a power charge when your mine is detonated targeting an enemy

If you want me to check your gear, please make sure to make your character profile visible for others. You can do that, by clicking on your name and go to the bottom right side, there you see "Privacy Settings". Remove the check mark from "Hide character tab"

If you have any questions feel free to post them here or below the Youtube Video but please make sure to read the "Frequently asked questions" section before.

Greetings Kikos

IGN (1MHC): KikosO_O
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what tier of maps did u get to in essence?
Highest Tier was T15. T15 is easy doable , but you cant really do guardians/Shaper/Uberatziri since you will run out of Mana. In the video guide posted I explain it pretty detailed.
IGN (1MHC): KikosO_O
Completed 35 ChallengesKikosLive wrote:
Highest Tier was T15. T15 is easy doable , but you cant really do guardians/Shaper/Uberatziri since you will run out of Mana. In the video guide posted I explain it pretty detailed.

thanks for the answer! I'll watch the video when I get the chance. How was lab w/ the build?
Completed 7 Challengeseirstryder wrote:

thanks for the answer! I'll watch the video when I get the chance. How was lab w/ the build?

Merciless Lab was no problem at all.

You don't really need the last 2 points, so I didn't do Endgame Lab, I think endgame lab wouldn't be a problem, but to be honest , I was too much of a pussy to do all the trials, lol. :D

I am just super bad at dodging traps, so it just wasn't worth those 2 points for me.
IGN (1MHC): KikosO_O
By the way ... for people who wanna play Blade Flurry - I think it is a great league plan to just play fire nova mine in the beginning , make as much currenzy as fast as possible and then just respec to assassin blade flurry as soon as you have the needed items ready.

I myself wanna play blade flurry but i am not sure if BF really shines on a budget, especially given the nerfs in the patch notes.
IGN (1MHC): KikosO_O
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Nice Build, i was just searching for one to start of the new League when i will play PoE again.
I will post my Experience in this Thread when i tested/played it.
Also thanks for sharing!
And dont forget to stay safe! :p

How was the progression from normal to merciless, is it as fast as the maps you ran in the video, or did any of the bosses pose any real threat. Still looking at which class to play and this build is certainly a contender.

Just looking for that one build which can steam roll into merciless to gather the currency.

Thanks for sharing and look forward to a response.
My first build on shadow was a trapper. This one looks awesome as a new league starter, will try it out!
I just did a bit of selffound leveling in standard. Once you get the Fire Nova mine together with Minefield it's very good. (Level 12) I can see this build going really far with just a 4-Link. Great job! Will roll this one with some minor differences in the skill tree. :)
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