(3.12) Queenliness Wanderfinder | (∩^ᗜ ^)⊃━ - - -☆゚.* | All Content (Power Siphon Kinetic Blast)

Woops sorry and done xD

The only thing i can spot, that would inc. your tooltip is, you can use a static electricity jewel above herbalism.

You still got heartseeker to get, yet all in all got the most of them dps nodes.

I really have no clue about your tooltip, i got 20 k kinetic blast with a white wand in hideout.
Are you sure about your tooltip? Also the tooltip shown in the stats is with all charges.
I got 37k in hideout with aura and herald up.
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So in the lvling section you said oak -kraitlyn - kill all but in the comments you replied to other people oak-kraitlyn-alira. So should one take the power charge from alira or not?
Also what about druidic rite on the tree for 20% flask duration and charges gained for 2 points?
Could you also link your jewels in the "My Gear" section.
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Sorry for the Confusion, recent changes and optimizing the build lead to the change to kill all in merciless.

I have to play really retarded to empty my flask, so druidic rite is not really necessary.
The Passive tree in general runs quite dry on points in the very late game.

Good point on jewels, i will update the Guide, sorry for those mistakes i'm currently short on time.


Static Electricity is placed above Fervour
I'm thinking about doing this build. I've been searching for wands on poetrade and how much eDPS and crit the wand need to have to be good? I'm searching one with add light dmg / crit chance and attack speed.
kazeshinii wrote:
...? I'm searching one with add light dmg / crit chance and attack speed...

There you go, just make sure that the Added Lightning is high as possible.
Look for one similar to mine, you can start with a Twyzel and later switch to a Rare wand
Hi, what would you remove in a 105~ points passive tree ?
blaupe wrote:
Hi, what would you remove in a 105~ points passive tree ?

Good question. Although a lot of DPS is there, i would take the Wand nodes / Throat Seeker at the End.
You should still have plenty of DPS left to clear content.

Yet depending on your gear / content you play, you can invest more into DPS instead of Life if you feel comfortable.
Toma_Hawk wrote:

thanks for the answer, looking forward to reach maps with your build
Nice build bro, i love the mechanic from Kinetic blast and your guide ist very Cheap and beginner freindly i hope you will do more guides <3

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