[2.6] AFK Gone Cheap - AFK up to T16 boss || Video Build Guide! || T16 minotaur one shot video!

--- AFK Gone Cheap - AFK up to T16 - also great clear speed ---

Footage from 2.6 and earlier

*****|| - AFK GONE META montage - ||*****
Bit more expensive with 1 shot on minotaur and AFK minotaur and phoenix.

*****|| - WATCH THE MONTAGE VIDEO - ||*****
From 3.49 in the clip u have a fast guide of what is important to the build

*****|| - WATCH THE BUILD GUIDE VIDEO - ||*****

8 In depth video clips. Check it out! Added 2017-04-11

Choosing clearing setup:

Vaal righteous fire:

Vaal molten shell:

Reaching high life and avoiding one-shots:

The Minotaur and Phoenix AFK Setups:

Leveling and endgame: Damage issues:

Pricing variation and crafting:

Off colouring:

Big thanks to Chilifreak, the producer and creator of those videos!

2.5 FIX

Replace fire pen in 6l blade vortex setup with chance to ignite. Everything else can be the same.

2.6 FIX

As you only can have 1 kind of blade vortex at time from now on, you should drop the blade vortex CWDT in your helm or your blade vortex (BV) setup in chest.

If you drop your BV in chest, my recommendation is to replace it with incinerate setup mentioned in the "test of what active setup to use in chestplate".

3.0 Fix

Ignite has been heavily nerfed, so now we have to rely on something else as fireburst ignites will do low damage. For active setups I will use magma orb or dark pact, working on both currently. The fireburst sceptre will no longer be necessary, but may be kept, or changed for rare sceptre or daryani's catalyst.

I have killed all guardians deathless with magma orb and also killed shaper with deaths.

Here is a magma orb tree:

Magma orb links are: magma orb+echo+controlled destruction+immolate+faster projectiles/slower projectiles/GMP+fire pen/arcane surge.

For more info I have to try the build myself some more, however I have tested magma orb a bit and it rocks.

The guide from 2.6 and earlier:

Q&A - Questions and Answers

Any leveling tips ? I've never done a marauder before
Raskofshadows wrote: "Level to 16 and then facebreakers shield charge till 28 and then ancestral warchief till 68."
Flame totem is also an alternative if you like the safe playstyle.

What about bandits?
Normal: Save Oak[ (for life)
Cruel: Kill all
Merciless: Kill all

Is this build still under 1 exalted orb?


In essence league:
Right now as I write this on poe.trade:

1ex costs you 71c

Eye of innoscense:

Razor of the seventh sun:

Essence of hysteria:
8c x 2 = 16c

Random 5L chestplate:
1 alteration orb
sum: 69c, that is still under 1 ex

The question is however, does it really matter if it costs 1 ex + 15c? ;)

In the previous patch when I did Mjölner goes phone compatible, the gear you needed costed 30ex+ just to be able to go AFK. This was maybe achieveable by less than 1% of the league players.

Now with costs around 1 ex, about every league player that reaches endgame on its first league char can do this build. The prices have "skyrocketed" only means that it has gone from extremely cheap to reasonable :)

What about atziri/uber atziri? And lab/uber lab?


I can AFK uber Itzario as shown in the video, so np ;) The traps however I do not like too much.

Havent tried atziri or uber atziri. They should work as long as you dont get one shot. My previous AFK build afked normal atziri, this one I don't know as I havent tried.
You might wanna avoid mirror atziri, but also maybe you can hit the mirror as you leech 100% of your damage when you've taken a savage hit. I don't really know. Might be something for you to try out ;)

The Taming is pretty expensive. Seems like this can significantly boost your build, but otherwise, what's the alternative?

The Taming is the item you get last of everything, when you have decided that you love this build so much that you want to invest that last bit, to get faster boss kills and somewhat faster rare mob kills. The rat cage is also a fun item that combined with vaal molten shell speeds up boss kills when switching it in.

So I would start by getting cheap resistance rings. If you then like the build and want somewhat faster boss kills, get taming :)

One alternative is eg. doedre's daming and getting one second curse: elemental weakness linked to CWDT. Moku's embrace is one alternative with high ignite chance roll. If you want rare rings, unset rings are good as you can put eg. anger aura in one as you mana pool allows it. So there is no best replacement ring, which ones to get you decide :)

What about guardian? And shaper...

Havent acutally tried any guardian more than the minotaur. Of what I have seen when it comes to shaper fights with these kind of builds is that it should go down if you are good with the mechanics. You can even load up your vms for the fight several times. Also saw one on reddit who did a takedown with vms, with a build with similar aspects, but on a 4l bladevortex.

On top of that I have instant leech and poe cloaked in savagery (100% of damage leeched).

But this is just speculation. You could always invest in finding out ;).

When it comes to the other guardians, I havent seen anything that scares me off. Maybe phoenix will be hard, but at the same time if it activates savage hits, it should be safe (non AFK of course).

What about Atziri and others ignite immunes?. How can you deal with them?


I just kill without going AFK. She will make savage hits with leeches me back to full life in an instant. The razor of the seventh sun only really matters on small hitters and not so much on big hitters like atziri. That is piece of cake. Uber I have yet to try, but should work as long as I dont get one shot by her lightning things.

What gives the Helmet - "socketed gems have 50% chance to ignite" and the sceptre - "10% chance to cast level 20 burst on hit"?

Both mods are creating by crafting with the "essence of hysteria" in helmet and scepters.

You chose elemental focus for the scepter. Why didn't u choose to use Fire penetration so that the Fire Blast can ignite?


I think that my reasoning was that I wanted as fast clearing speed as possible on white, blue and rare mobs, and my flammability curse applies on every pack giving them -29% fire resistance. Which means that lvl 20 firepen gives 29% more dmg on 0% resistance mobs. On mobs that have 80% fire resistance, it will do 79% more damage. I thought therefore that elemental focus 49% more damage would help me more. As I have no usage of the ignites as I have emberwake the damage of them, it doesn't matter which one I choose.

However non emberwake/taming users can try elemental proliferation or firepen as you will gain more from that.

Are there any other spells which can link to the higher CWDT set up instead of Artict Armour?


Higher lvls of any of the spells you have in low lvl, for eg. glacial cascade, blade vortex, ball lightning, firestorm. Firespells will do the most damage (as avatar of fire removes half of the damage of all other damage types). There is one risk though, that the spell won't activate when you need it the most (as using the same spell will mean that they will share the sam cooldown).

If you feel that it's a waste to use two of the same spells (as they share the same cooldown) you could use skills like fire skills like fireball, magma orb, flame surge.

How to level maruader

Raskofshadows gave us great tips which I will repost here:

Level to 16 and then use facebreakers with the skill gem shield charge till your reach level 28. Then use ancestral warchief till 68.

To improve the results of anchestral warchief Raskofshadows got the following items:

At level 9 - Meginord's Girdle

At level 19 Skirmish Two-Point Arrow Quiver - this makes it so you can use 2 warchief totems

At level 35 The Three Dragons - 30+ to all resists, but has weird mods your choice
At level 60 - Equip Abyssus Ezomyte Burgonet

At level 16 Mokou's Embrace - If you can't afford taming
At level 16 Emberwake
Could also use Pyre Sapphire Ring at level 11 then once level 16 equipt the rings above

At lvl 8 - Ignomon

My own, ChrispieD's comments

As amulet you can also get rare amulets with added physical damage or unique amulets like:

At level 24 - Karui Charge Jade Amulet
At level 55 - Bloodgrip Coral Amulet

When it comes to rings, I would recommend rare rings with physical damage or:
At level 30 - The Warden's Brand
It gives a very high physical damage base to facebreakers, with an attack speed downside that is covered partly by Karui Charge Jade Amulet or the support gem faster attacks.

Skill tree


Conversion from ancestral warchief at lvl 68 tree:

Endgame tree at lvl 89

Abberath's Hooves tree (AFK GONE META) at lvl 92:



Prioritize max roll 7% increased life on all your jewels before anything else. If resists are missing you get that as well. Damage that helps our build is spell damage, area damage, elemental damage, fire damage and increased damage, where the last four double dip. Chance to ignite on the jewels is also very useful.

In the top left jewel slot after the elemental nodes, next to whispers of doom, an 8% anatomical knowledge unique jewel can be plased as it gives a a bit more life than a rare life jewel.

Example on a rare jewel search on poe.trade:

My Gear


My Gear - Abberath's version


Note: the 4 off colour belly of the beast used for vaal RF can be replaced with a more budget friendly 5 linked es chest or hybrid es chest (any ilvl), crafted with deafening essence of greed. I lose about 200 hp with it, which is allright. To not have to off colour the abberath's I mention an alternative setup under the title "My Links - Abberath's version".

Vaal RF Gear and weapon switch:

Flasks on guadrians Vaal RF:

My Links - Abberath's version


If you don't want to run 4 off colour abberath's hooves (bit expensive), there is an alternative setup. Put blasphemy+flammability+elemental weakness in razor of the seventh sun (3 blue with vorici) and blasphemy+flammability+elemental weakness in the same order in the doryani's catalyst in off hand that corresponds the place of razor of the seventh sun, so the blasphemy works with the weapon switch. Keep the increased area of effect in abberath's and add a 3 link high level CWDT setup. Put cyclone+fortify in gloves and a 2 link high level CWDT setup. Best of luck!


Razor of the seventh sun:

Fireburst sceptre:



Abberath's hooves:

My setup in off hand dual doryani's:


Vaal RF links in extra 5L chestplate:

My active gem setup in chest

Avatar of fire blade vortex:



Non AoF 6L Blade vortex








Gear upgrades


OUTDATED. THE EXPENSIVE VERSION OF THE BUILD FROM PATCH 2.6 IS "AFK GONE META" or as we also call it, the abberath's hooves version of the build.



My recommended choice, gives a lot of life and lets us keep our active skill gem setup. Gives me 7k life with my skill tree (from 6.3k from tabula).

Recommended for afking or maybe in combination with abberath's hooves. Overall slower clear speed if no active setup, but better protection against one shots.

Rat's cage is only for the lolz. As it lags too much, I rarely or never use it. Vaal RF is probably more useful now when I think about it. It is however very fun to watch minotaur go down with one skill :). Not that I only put this one on just in the boss fight, not in the entire map.

Brass dome is not recommended, however you are free to try it. The armour won't protect us from one shots at all without wasteful tree investment, and even then, the effect is useless if you ask me. When it comes to the crits it might be useful if you run a lot of crit multi maps. If that is not the case, indomitable from the tree reduced the crit multi of mobs from 130 to 110. Enfeeble takes care of the rest. So, I would say no to brass dome.


On a budget 2 moku's embrace

or maybe

for boss kills.

For faster boss kills but overall slower clear speed, upgrade to:

Example setup on how to take down guardians


We have Vega06 to thank for sharing the following text, which is a direct citation of him/her.

As some of You asked, I'm going to write couple of tips how to success with ANY T15 mods [even refl.] and T16.

At first : You need to have 6 more sockets.


You need second pair of weapons [+1ex on std, cuz of 60C for Hysteria]. One for mob clearing and second for boss kills. [You swap them via X button before boss fight]
It should look like this [Check gems, they are important]:
Hands for mobclearing.

Hands for boss kills.

~Okay, got that, what's next?

You need all gems to be level ~19-20.
Expections -> Must have 20/20 Molten Shell and 0/20 or 0/21 Anger. [ Great dps improvement ]
So You lose next couple of C, even an Ex.
~And that's it?

Phew. No, it's just a beggining.
For mob clearing i recommend spark, cuz with good gems it spreads very fast [ignite] and you see all the mobs even in dark corners. My cheap 6L for it. [ Took it in tabula's price ]

For boss kills, we need Kaom's. Normal 1 ex Kaom's work well. I have 8450 hp with it.

~Okay, but 8450hp is not enough for Mino / Mala hit with some nasty map mods, like +100% cold etc.

For that, we have to increase our EHP pool to 11-12k. Its easy to do it. If you have already checked gems in boss killing weapons we get fortify for 11s each 4s [ hit cannot be evaded ] and we use Molten Shell for additional armour and dmg prevent pool + we use a flask
I use flask when i feel dangerous, like mino's stacked falling rocks, it gives u some time to run from these circles.
By using Vigilant Strike while its on cooldown we can do additional ignites with our normal hits [ I recommend that on T15's] In T16's we use molten shell each time it breaks, so its skill cast each 1-2s.

~Where comes dps from then?

I assume that You are already well geared boy, and You own

Mechanics of these rings are explained in build guide.
We have to maximize our ignite chance then. I have 54% flat ignite chance. Its 16% more than in build tree probably. You can get it by jewels. They should be maxed in life too ofc. [Don't know how to link em from tree, anyways 7% Max HP + 2/3 % chance for ignite] They are farily cheap, 5c to 20c for each on standard actually.
If You already maximized your ignite chance You have 104-105% chance to ignite at helmet skills. It gets mino and chimera with max 300 ignites in about 15 sec from fight start.
With that amount of ignites we get our dmg up to x2.2 ~ approx [it scales before tree does, sadly]. Anger gives each spell good dmg boost, and each molten shell blows for a fair amount of dmg. While we have 300 ignites and 100% ignite chance on BW / Firestorm , we get Fire Burst from Opal Spectre each ~0.5-1.0s, it hits approx for 15k.

~What about map mods?

You can run any map mod but. Ele ref is annoying, boss is easy cuz you savage hit yourself with fire burst. But some mobs may cause you get injured, if i vaal ele ref i just get 2 more hp flask instead of Atziri's Promise and instant heal one.
Which mod i avoid? 90% chance to avoid status aliments. It means your ignite chance is 90% decreased. 54% -> 5,4 etc. It slows you dps a lot.

~T16's , T15's. What about shaper , atziri , lab?

I'm not Atziri viable. She's ignite proof. I just left a map after dealing 5% dmg to her...
Shaper is not that hard, You just have to avoid lazor and know a basics of his attacks.
If You get 5x HP flask, you can do lab. I just don't. You cannot survive at traps with Vaal Pact.

My notes :
You will die at Chimera a lot, until You get more HP flask with youself [His smoke shrouds]
Until You have less than 10k EHP do not facetank mino for longer than 30s. [4 stacks of falling rocks can snipe You]
Hydra is easy, but she is trying to evade You. You have to follow her and facetank hits with Molten Shell.
I use Kaom's on first phase of malachai to survive, then I switch to normal plate for spark, to kill his hearts from distance.
Twinned bosses are easier. Why? Cuz they give You more things to heal, and 2x 9k Hit is still 2x9K not 1x18K. You won't die while You ignite faster. [CWDT's]
And remember, always move in hard bosses. Avoid 1/2 hits etc, cuz You might get killed by bleed, posion , ignite , anything. [ DoT can take You down to 80% hp and You are already Instakill-able]
My actual gear:

I'm tired a bit, if i miss something or You have questions feel free to PM me in game. [Skomma] or PM here / Forum.
I will try to answer to everyone.
My profile and characters are public, You can check my equipment and tree. [very similar to build one]
Sorry for my english if i've made mistakes. [You can PM me where i did so i'll change it]

Example of more budget focused Gear

Thank you "Kilsum" for posting your gear example!

Test of what active setup to use in chestplate

EDIT: A bit outdated. Watch the clearing video in the "in depth video" section of the guide for footage from each clearing setup.

Just decided to test active BV vs Incinerate vs Spark again, however (this is a big but), I did keep avatar of fire since I can't respec this char without losing my whole total tree respec.

Important note, this is in not way a scientific study, just a quick comparison. I would recommend you all to test for yourself which setup you like the most with tabula, to then decide if you are in doubt.

Description of how I did it:


I also did moku's embrace vs taming. I cleared in normal pace, with my normal technique. If something extraordenary like a 20 sec screen freeze happened, I paused the timer right in beginning and then put it on when it was over. I picked up items as normally. Big backtrackings or things that I didn't account for in the timer was noted down.

The map of choice was T11 chateau map, mainly because I had 6 of them so I could do the comparison. This map shows the positivity from the increased whirling speed from moku's in a bad way since it has lots of obsticles. I didn't feel that the room layout was bad however for spark as it bounces more.

The test:


Spark + Gmp+echo+ele prolif+chance to ignite+faster proj
3:30 - 20 left
Incinerate+GMP+Faster proj.-Faster cast - Chance to ignite+Ele prolif
2:40 11 left
- Had a bit of backtracking, maybe lost 15 secs
BV+added fire+echo+contr destr+chance to ignite+inc aoe
2:45 17 left

Dual moku's
BV+added fire+echo+contr destr+chance to ignite+inc aoe
2:40 22 left
with maybe 10 secs backtracking

Incinerate+GMP+Faster proj.-Faster cast - Chance to ignite+Ele prolif
2:45 11 left
maybe 15 secs backtracking + rare that made screenfreeze for 10 secs
2x slower boss kill than bv moku
elemental prolif here was stupid, clear speed should have been a bit higher

BV+added fire+echo+contr destr+chance to ignite+inc aoe
3:45 - 34 left
Had a screen freeze for maybe 15 secs so I stopped the timer right away
Also had smaller screen freezes maybe 3-4 times. Would have probably shaved off 20 secs if it wasn't for the lag. Maybe 3x the boss kill time of bv moku's.
elemental prolif here was stupid, clear speed should have been a bit higher

My own thoughts:

Before the results I want to tell my personal experience. When it comes to boss killing with taming, bv (without concentrated effect) was a bit faster (maybe 20-50%) than spark and incinerate, which were about equal. With moku's embrace, bv (without conc. effect) was maybe 100% faster than incinerate, and incinerate was maybe 50% faster than spark. I was standing on boss during the whole battle so all my CWDT spells would hit it including BV.

When it comes to map clearing with taming spark with taming felt pretty good as I didn't have to run after single targets. But it also lagged a lot, which brought down the experience. Incinerate also felt even better than spark. Blade vortex felt the fastest, but wasn't. If accounting the backtracking, incinerate was maybe 15 secs faster. Spark was the slowest, ca 40% slower than incinerate. This is with avatar of fire however.

One very important thing with moku's and spark and incinerate that I kept elemental proliferation on, which actually reduced their damage and gave them notiong back. This means that spark and incinerate would have preformed a good bit better than they did in this part of the test.
When it comes to moku's clearing, as dmg reduced with spark a lot, the lag became inbearable.

If there would have been flame bearers in the map, it would have been 4-5 occations where I could have died due to screen freeze. Incinerate felt just as good as before. Blade vortex felt a bit better.

Want to give special thanks to everyone keeping this forum thread alive and helping out new players in need. You all show that there are many ways to play this build, but we all still share the same con, LaaAaAAaaaAAAaaaAaaAAAaG ;)
IGN :ChrispieD, FreeZedByPulse, StruckByTunder
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Any leveling tips ? I've never done a marauder before.
whats about bandits ?
[2.2]Facebreaker Ice Crash - Berserker - /1403319
[2.4]Ancestral Warchief over 2m dps - Berserker - /1694250
[2.4]Chaos Vortex - Berserker - /1714809
[2.4]Most OP Ancestral Warchief Build - All Maps All Mods - Starforge - /1729700
Any leveling tips ? I've never done a marauder before.

level to 16 and then facebreakers shield charge till 28 and then ancestral warchief till 68.
Completed 36 Challengesguggelhupf wrote:
whats about bandits ?

Probs oak, kill, kill, this is a life based build and it doesn't focus on crit.
Any leveling tips ? I've never done a marauder before.

level to 16 and then facebreakers shield charge till 28 and then ancestral warchief till 68.

Sounds like a good way of doing it. I lvled last time 2 years ago with my mara, probably with facebreakers.

Completed 36 Challengesguggelhupf wrote:
whats about bandits ?

Probs oak, kill, kill, this is a life based build and it doesn't focus on crit.

Correct. If u want faster attack speed for whirling blades you can get it in cruel, but I don't recommend it as you can get it on your jewels.
IGN :ChrispieD, FreeZedByPulse, StruckByTunder
Really good job on the build, but how tanky is it really? Only 7k life means you will get one shotted to a lot of stuff especially with nasty map mods I think.

I was going to try this in EHC but I can't imagine it will survive the really big hitters.
my evasion is so high i only insta rip sometimes
Bug Fixes:
People were using cyclone for actual melee builds, so we nerfed it and made blade vortex. Also, we went ahead and made cyclone great for CoC casters while we were at it.
Really good job on the build, but how tanky is it really? Only 7k life means you will get one shotted to a lot of stuff especially with nasty map mods I think.

I was going to try this in EHC but I can't imagine it will survive the really big hitters.

I never recommend my builds for HC. This one is dangerous for a couple of reasons. One is that it has less hp that 10k, which always is risky. Second, since you have lots of effects on screen, bearers are hard to see. I have a red-green colour vision defect, but I think people with normal colour vision will have a hard time as well.

But if you look at many of the hc builds, it's not unusual to have 6k ish life. Though you also see these builds rip sooner or later.

Also note, that if you would lose connection and the game doesn't log you out instantly the build should save you from dying for those reasons.
IGN :ChrispieD, FreeZedByPulse, StruckByTunder
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The prices for the unique's and essences have gone up quite a bit - meaning its no longer a under 1ex build.
What about atziri/uber atziri? And lab/uber lab?

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