What is Desync? (A thorough explanation)

Reading on steam about people quitting because of desync and was directed to this thread. Really great OP so I am 'bumping'.

I am relatively new and playing a flickerstrike shadow as my first serious build (Yep!). Now almost through act 2 cruel. I am having a blast! Flicker/frenzy mayhem and then throw in desync and you will never know where you end up and how many times you will have to rekill the same monsters...or randomly die trying to whirling blades out of a shitstorm...twice.

Honestly this is the best fun I have ever had in an action RPG. I am more of a strategy games player but I am addicted to this game, because, in part, it allows for character crafting and tactics like nothing else in the genre. The compromise is that with builds like mine you die a bit....while having amazing good fun!

lighten up and enjoy the game for what it is despite the resultant technical issues. I have died a few times (not too many) and desync was a contributor maybe 10% of the time.
The problem is only very rarely death by desync, you can often escape/flask through stuff even when seriously desynced. The point is just that it's needlessly annoying.

Have you faced the searing bond nemesis mod yet? It just blows my mind how they can apparently effortlessly make the bond visual update on your client to the actual server mob position every 0.2 seconds, while the mob itself is way off. There is no need to talk about bandwith limits or anything if trap projectiles, arc and many more skills always use your correct position as origin, if GGG can apparently afford to have ground effects of skills update correctly when the skills themselves are shown way off...

I just don't get it. Can somebody explain to me why, if you actually communicate every attack, every projectile between server and client, you cannot simply send the coordinates of the attacker/caster with those? Nobody asks for a full sync every 0.2 seconds, just making sure the player and the mob positions (that's 2 floats... I mean, really, bandwith is your excuse here?) get an occasional sync would be enough. 99% of desync is related to mob/player positioning (and you feel that a lot when you play a Searing Bond char), just keeping positions relatively synced would fix basically all the desync related problems. It's just ridiculous to have an obviously desynced mob chase you for 10 seconds, where you can clearly tell he must be desynced, but your client just refuses to get a clue where the mob actually is.

Not to mention the amount of times where i do /oos, the game syncs up and a mob is standing right inside my searing bond aoe and doesn't get damaged (as in, is still desynced). Seriously?
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The desync in this game is much worse than in any other game I have played - even if they ARE doing the forced sync every few seconds I have never lagged in those games, this is the first one in a while I have ran into it with besides ArmA 3 on multiplayer which is a bit different and more large scale than this game. I have 1 player, and 10 monsters on screen, not sure how the mechanics work for mobs off screen but still the desync is way too high for a player-instanced dungeon with a few monsters.

I cannot count how many times in the past few days I have died due to being teleported back INTO mobs, or sometimes just randomly teleporting to spots I wasn't even walking towards. Playing any difficulty that saps EXP on death makes the entire gameplay very frustrating to the point where my friends and I have to take breaks every now and then just because of how pissed we are at deync. I don't know if there is a fix, but like I said most other games have either found it or somehow made it more manageable. Telling your players to do a manual sync every time we get desync'd is bull, and according to the post previous to mine it doesn't even fully work.
Slow the game down by 5%... everything moves fast...
yep but as long as ggg will verifying patch on local network they'll don't know the real problem with fast mobs. And honestly, I think ggg know this and they don't care if you'll die about desynch or another way. If i was Chris I'll remove devourer (for desynch they generate, kick before appearing), box (for the same) quick cause it's just really bullshit and grotesque.

How mutch fusing is need to link D3 netcode and poe game.

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