[3.0] |The Endgame Incinerator| - Chieftain - Under 100C - INCINERATE THE SHAPER

Hi, played this build last in Breach League and wanted to give it another try. Playing it with Tukohama and since we have Blood Magic with it anyway, I modified the Tree a bit to grab the juicy life and Totem nodes at BM.
In general a lot more life for a bit less cast speed but I'm very satisfied with it (~6K Life lvl 90+). DPS is around 10-15% higher per Totem then OP Build but its more costly (around 10-12 EX in my case).

Here are the links if anyone is interested

Path of Building:

PoE Planner:

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Anyone know if its still viable? I want to try it.
WalPsytrance wrote:
Anyone know if its still viable? I want to try it.
Definitely, no real changes. Tree has changed a few times, so you'll likely want to plan the build before you start.

I like it a lot as a league starter, and did that for Bestiary. All you really need is tabula, 20 qual incinerate, 1 alc necklace, and a wand with projectile speed. And rain of splinters. You can do vaal'ed red maps for completion very cheap. If you overcap for ele weakness you can really do any mod. As the OP said absurdly rippy map combos could be too much on some bosses, but through T15 you should get completion even if you die 1-2 times.

BaelAgin is my bestiary incinerate totem character, should be set to public. I went blood magic with extra regen, but there are lots of options. I've done MoM before and though it can be annoying to manage, its likely the best at not being one-shot.

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