[3.0] |The Endgame Incinerator| - Chieftain - Under 100C - INCINERATE THE SHAPER

This is an endgame viable(in softcore) incinerate totem build. It can kill all T15 map bosses, uber atziri, the vaal temple trio, all guardians, and the shaper. It's hard to do some of the highest content deathless, but it is possible with sufficient skill.

Content this build can clear:
* Uber lab
* Regular Atziri
* Every T15 boss in rare corrupted maps. This build handles this content easily.
* Vaal temple. This is also easily handled.
* Every guardian. You do have to roll reasonable mods though. Confirmed in 2.4.1.
* Uber atziri (ugly run, but more skilled play could do it deathless)
* SHAPER. (2.4.0, but you actually maintain your dps better if your totems don't taunt)

The clear speed is between 5 and 10 minutes for a T15 map.

For 3.0

This section contains path of building links. It is a much more effective way to share and plan builds.

This is what I'm currently thinking for 3.0: https://pastebin.com/tp0iaLgW

The goal of these changes is to take vaal pact. It more than doubles our leech total(shaper dps is over 100k per totem so leech is over 2k life per second). I consider the gear here to be fairly achievable, especially if you drop the karui ward and replace it with a rare amulet.

For bandits, kill all.

If you don't like vaal pact though, you can trade it in for more life and damage: https://pastebin.com/9vz1NTca

NOTE: these trees use a +1 tabula but it's a luxury for the build, you'll be just fine without it and the other gear is fairly cheap to get equivalent of if you self level your gems.

For 2.6

This build only received buffs in 2.5 and no changes in 2.6 so it will still work. Consider Tukohama's Fortress instead of a second wand.

* Solid clear speed for not much investment, even in parties
* Can run any individual map mod and all but the very worst combinations(twinned gmp core eater of souls is not a good idea).
* Incinerate totems demolish the screen with up to 600k dps(RF and elemental overload up, incinerate at full power, 50%+ fire penetration)
* Tabula friendly
* Rarely takes hits thanks to totem taunts.

* Leveling is not the best experience before Siosa.
* Life is on the low side, you can take the small hits but not the crazy one shots.
* Some people don't enjoy totems.

How it works
* Incinerate is linked to spell totem and damage boosting supports. No LMP/GMP.
* Additional projectiles are provided by the unique rain of splinters jewel.
* Projectile speed is provided by gear.
* The spire of stone jewel keeps your totems from getting stunned out of max stacks.
* Your totems are immune to fire damage, have 1% leech and half your armor so they are pretty tanky.
* Your totems easily hit the leech rate cap of 20%(chieftain totems leech 1% of damage to you). With an extra 5% life regen from the tree, you can sustain RF at just 76 fire res.
* Your totems taunt enemies constantly, you are largely ignored.

Tactics vs bosses
Drop your totems, let them taunt enemies. Use ice spear or orb of storms to get elemental overload going from a distance. Cast RF if you're in control of the fight(not running for dear life) and the mods aren't too rough on your ability to combat the degen. Keep your totems up, keep the boss taunted, keep your buffs up until it dies.

If you fight the Shaper, it is especially important to keep all buffs up as much as possible and keep your totems on him in melee range. He is manageable while punching your totems but completely unmanageable if he's throwing the yellow orbs and forcing you to constantly resummon(and lose stacks).


My Gear(used to down shaper)

None of these items(besides gems which I leveled and corrupted myself) are more than a few chaos. The +1 tabula is expensive early in a league but it's not necessary for the build and you can get it later in the league for 50-60C.

Each piece of gear is important. No piece of gear is build defining. Any unique here could be replaced by a rare and the build would still work, just with slightly lower damage and/or clear speed depending on the piece.

* I use dual wands for raw damage and projectile speed. You could do it with a staff as well.
* Quality on incinerate is important, it gives a lot of projectile speed!
* I use karui ward for the additional projectile speed. These could potentially be replaced with rares but projectile speed means clear speed so it's pretty valuable.
* Essence worm is obvious
* Ideally you want a helm enchant with projectile speed for incinerate, I don't have this.
* I don't really think glove enchants matter for this build.
* Resist penetration if you haven't killed recently on boots is AMAZING for this build. You never kill, therefore the buff is always up. My fire penetration is at 58% and I could get another 4% with the uber lab version of that enchant.
* It's important to have remove ignite on your panic flask(the instant one). This is because you sometimes turn on RF for tougher enemies and need to be able to disable it if things get dicey.

Skill setup

* Incinerate - Spell Totem - Fire Penetration - Faster Casting - Controlled Destruction - Elemental Focus: Damage :).
* Molten Shell: Gives your totems some armour.
* RF: This is sustainable against bosses because your totems leech to you.
* Lightning Golem: Cast speed is nice.
* Ice Spear - Increased Critical Strikes - Faster Casting: Elemental overload proc
* Orb of Storms - Increased Critical Strikes - Faster Casting: Elemental overload proc
* CwDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration: Because why not?
* Lightning Warp - Less Duration - Faster Casting - Rapid Decay: Movement.
* Anger: Damage :).

Tooltip targets
Incinerate tooltip is generally pretty easy to read. The actual dps at max stacks with two totems is directly proportional to the tooltip. This ratio is 2 totems * 2.5x damage at max stacks * 1.16 increased damage taken by enemies near your totems = 5.8. Fire penetration will basically be cancelled out by enemy resists against enemies that matter so just figure your effective dps is about 6x your tooltip if both totems are out for a second or two.

I would aim for a level 90 tooltip around 20-30k dps pre-buffs. At 20k dps you'll have ~120k at max stacks with both totems, ~170k when elemental overload is up too, and ~265k when RF is up on top of that. At 30k tooltip(what I have), you're looking at 50% more on all those numbers. You can also boost this further with atziri's promise. This is enough to kill both vaals in the apex before they submerge(each gets 1 totem) and quickly dispatches all but the hardest end game content.

Life targets
I have 4.7k life at level 90. It is enough for my purposes as I don't care about leveling past 90. I think anything 4.5k+ is good enough with this build if you don't mind the inevitable one shot deaths.

What to be careful of

* The guardians are dangerous, you can kill them, but not with hard mods(minotaur and hydra are the hardest on this build). You can't mow them down in five seconds, you have to be able to dodge them and keep your totems up for dps and distraction.
* Crazy mod combos in tier 15 maps can kill you. The build can handle any mod individually, and handle harder mods than most builds, but things that are just generally crazy dangerous like multiproj twinned core malachai can make you wipe.
* Very high damage bosses that saturate the screen with damaging skills will kill you because your hp is low and taunt only helps if the totem eats the damage for you.


If they hadn't nerfed incinerate, this build would be off the hook :).
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Would throwing a Deafening essence of Misery or Woe on a bow(and hoping for proj speed) and using drillneck be a viable option? Otherwise I'm loving the build. I plan on changing from my +1 tabula to a 6L brass dome.. although lioneye's vision sounds fun too.
Added shaper kill. :)

The_Klous wrote:
Would throwing a Deafening essence of Misery or Woe on a bow(and hoping for proj speed) and using drillneck be a viable option? Otherwise I'm loving the build. I plan on changing from my +1 tabula to a 6L brass dome.. although lioneye's vision sounds fun too.

Since every piece of gear is important and no piece of gear is critical to making the build work, I'm sure that if you had a good spell roll on a bow with projectile speed and drillneck it would be perfectly serviceable. I don't think it would be better than well rolled wands though. For the chest, the most important thing is that it's a 6L with the right colors. The +1 gem level from tabula is only like a 10% damage increase. If you can get the colors needed on brass dome or lioneye's vision you may as well go for it. The brass dome in particular would be a great buff to survivability. It's pretty hard to roll 4 blue on a pure str chest though...
And what about "Deal with the Bandits" quest?
Icih3 wrote:
And what about "Deal with the Bandits" quest?

I'm guessing Oak/Alira or Kill/Kill?
Up for the build, been doing a very similar one and can only recommend.

My version is heavier on life, reaches 7.1k life on lv94 with my gear (see below; that collection will still be relatively inexpensive but does require cca 10exa in a league).




With pre-buff tooltip dps will still be ~26k with deter, ~30k with anger; the 7k+ lifepool makes surviving stuff easier.

I'd recommend going wands and use frenzy along spears to anyone doing it, very good damage booster!

Fun build/char, well written guide!
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Icih3 wrote:
And what about "Deal with the Bandits" quest?

Added them to the skill tree section. It's Oak/Alira/kill ideally.
would vote for build of the week as it downs shaper with 100 chaos. No need 300 ex dupe bow.

Nice build.
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Looking at your skill tree... how about going the inner route from Barbarism to Sanctity (passing by the Arsonist ring) rather than the outer route from Devotion to Barbarism?

This will be one more passive skill point but two more passives will get you another socket (rather than the three passives you had to invest to get the socket at MoM, so it's on par again). Then you may refund three of the spell damage nodes at the witch start (38%) and take Arsonist instead for 40% fire damage and 1% life regeneration.You can take the spell damage nodes at the Witch start later or maybe invest into Totemic Mastery to which you have also access now... and Combat Stamina is available to you as well.

Just my two cents.
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There are defintiely some minor tweaks that can be made on the tree. That one actually loses 8% damage increases because it's 6 points on the inner route compared to 5 on the outer(and you only get 1 back for the jewel socket change) but it does allow taking some of the totem cluster(more interesting than the fire one because it has cast speed and this build tends to benefit a lot from cast speed). I'm not sure if it would actually be better though and I can't spare the int for it on my character. Your suggestion did make me notice that I could trade the four witch starting nodes for shamanistic fury though, and that gives an extra 10 strength and 15% totem placement speed :).
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