Today we have released the third episode of season six of Build of the Week. This week's character is a level 93 Ascendant Scion that devastates enemies with powerful Damage over Time effects. This results in a less burst-damage-oriented build that may have a slightly slower clearspeed than others, but is extremely reliable and sustainable. It's an excellent choice for solo play.

We present you the Mistress of Agony!

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Interesting ED build. Lol scions.
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The video notes that the order you cast starts with the wither totem and then the other spells. As a result it gets a slower clear speed.

Having played a similar build in the past, you don't need to place the wither totem for regular packs. You just cast Contagion and Essence drain and you're done. You only really benefit placing the totem when you have a very high HP target. This makes the clear speed much faster than wasting .5 to 1 second per pack placing a totem that barely does anything on a target that will die in half a second anyway.

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i think its too mainstream to be on botw >.< and i was afraid to summit my build thinking like this
I thought botw was supposed to highlight interesting builds? This is as standard as it gets, no interesting mechanics brought out at all.
Byrr wrote:
I thought botw was supposed to highlight interesting builds? This is as standard as it gets, no interesting mechanics brought out at all.

I'm going to echo this one. I wouldn't call using three skills that were INTENDED to be used in the manner shown as BotW worthy. At least run as a true Occultist and get the chaos explosions from the cursed enemies 0.o

Then again, I do think this build accurately sums up the current state of PoE. Simple straightforward bite and kite (DoT/hit and run) method is usually the most reliable way to get through most content of the game, where builds that actually spark the "oh that's awesome" reaction will generally run into a brick wall at some point.

I have to say, this season's BotW has been pretty disappointing so far. All three have been DoT focused in some form or fashion.
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Mtx looks good :p
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I like.

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