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[2.5] Trypanon elemental Warchief Inquisitor

Hey all,

I feel like this character is likely my best shot at taking down Shaper, though I just tried Minotaur and didn't manage to kill the boss. Basically the falling ceiling killed me, almost in one shot, or the pop up from burrowing minotaur one shotted me. Looking for some advice here please. Stats:

Lv: 91
Life: 5371
Mana: 94/678 (unreserved/total)
Movement speed: 50%
6L Warchief dps when totem is active: 79.9k with inc aoe; 123k with conc effect
Totem attack time: 0.69sec
Chance to hit: 88%
Accuracy rating: 2372
Crit multiplier: 590%

Recently swapped out Brass Dome for Belly, giving me more life but a lot less armor. I can't afford a Kaom's right now but would love to see if it works better. Gear:

I also have 3 spare points that I recently put towards making totems have more resists and life. Tree:

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