New Microtransactions, Patch Notes and Manifesto

Nice mtx... Also now you can make a Japanese Pornstar Build^^ With tentacle caustic arrow.

Can we somewhere make wishes for future skill mtx? I would like one for: flame surge, fire trap, lightning trap, shieldcharge, leapslam, wildstrike... and most of all a mtx for every golem, or the ability to put a pet on a golem, so that the golem becomes the pet... I hope someone understand me, and yeah then there should be an attack animation added to all pets...
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Qarl wrote:
yuridagreat wrote:
Kinda confusing that the Tentacle Caustic Arrow in game store window is called: Ethereal caustic arrow.

We'll be correcting that in a hotfix soon.

Im always so impressed by how fast you guys respond. Thanks for making such a great game!
WTB a gore Explosive arrow
Still no MTX stah improvements??? But yet more MTXs I will buy!
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Noice! Still waiting for Bloody Lacerate effect.. U guys have done it for Reave, surely lacerate would be easy enough to do? :P
Still no Gloom wings/Set? :(
The "Lightning" armour set would be better named something else, like "Arcano-Technic" armour or something. It doesn't convey "lightning" to me, especially not the helmet. ='[.]'=
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Please bring "Spectral Wolf" (from Rigwald / Rigwald's Crest unique Two-Stone Ring) as a skin MTX for Raise Zombie. (Probably improve their moves a bit and make them look more dynamic)

When will the "Wolf Hood Helmet Skin" be released?
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Schiriki wrote:
Please bring "Spectral Wolf" (from Rigwald / Rigwald's Crest unique Two-Stone Ring) as a skin MTX for Raise Zombie.

yes please.

still waiting for my alternate "non-death" animation MTX :)
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