New Microtransactions, Patch Notes and Manifesto

i want a slightly purple storm call with jaggy bolts(like alot of straight lines, but jagged) :P .. maybe void themed
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Besides alot of new wing types, I'd love to see the summon golem spell golems be made into pets(unchanged). The golems look awesome, and I'd love to run with multiple, even if they are just for looks.
Funny... yesterday i was thinking that a lightning based armor set was missing from the store, and was about to make a reddit post about it. I would expect more though from a lightning set. Don't really like this one. Oh well.
Don't fool yourself exile... your end is just around the corner!
Awesome guys i wanted this as an caustic arrow mtx since i first saw the prophecy trailer but didn't ask for it because i thought you would't make it anyway. Time to play my Occultist again :D
Sweet looking transmogs.

Where is the Piety Ball Lightning MTX PogChamp Would have totally fit this current theme.

*looks at Chris at the bar fan meet up*
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is that "tesla" power amour in fallout4? lol
What do you mean I need to buy more points? :P
A busy day for news.
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