0.10.1c Patch Notes

hmm, I was mostly convinced you would take out some of the breakables in the new maps.
Awesome, I don't how much you nerfed Piety's lightning ball but I'm glad you guys did.
Hope when 0.10.2 rolls out with big changes, the Duelist will be in one of them.
Only thing that interests me is the dock improvements.
Now we all just truly want to see an increased drop pick up timer. 3-4x longer would be like be amazing.

oh damn i would love that, cause if ppl are from difrent parts of the universe, and some has slower connection-they are screwed cause ninja with better net, gets loot somehow anyway :/
Nivius wrote:
Fixed a bug where Life on Hit was applied twice to non-blocked hits.

well then. melee is worse again...

really guys, how can one play melee effectively ever? its even hard if your going tank.
i could survive nice on my duellist, 1.5k hp merci and so forth, i heal so mutch from attacks.
but now, well i guess im nerfed <.< it wasnt really needed

1.5k hp in act 3 merci is way too low man
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I would like to agreed with what people are saying. Her ball never needed a nerf. If anything its her lightning storm in the Crematorium. I've never noticed the ball ever really doing damage.
The ball hurts like a bitch, but if you're careful you can avoid most of the damage. Did not need a nerf. I hope they don't start nerfing everything to the ground.
IGN: DavidJerk
I don't know what difficulty or classes any of you have played on Piety, but with my level 60 Marauder(at the time). I had 2.5k HP, 75% on all resists, 140 life per second, cleave linked with life gain, and dual strike with life on hit and life leech.

Piety killed me with her lightning ball in 3 hits and 2 hits if I got shocked. There was not even enough time to run away being a melee class. I think the biggest problem with her is getting shocked almost every time she hits you. Her other skills don't hurt nearly as much though.

Also now that life leech got nerfed it will be that much harder for melee classes. Well I hope that melee buff patch comes soon because I hate that I have to be a tank to do melee.

I just hope she is not stupid easy now and Normal/Cruel mode on Piety was really easy.

EDIT: Actually I think I was able to run, but then she would always get me with arc right as I am about out of her attack range XD
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no fix to BSODs for SoundBlaster users :/
plz we need this fix
That's a fair point, I don't play melee classes and it would probably suck for them.
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